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  1. Not a fan of commentators acknowledging point spreads and bad beats on the broadcast, but that’s just my opinion. 

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    2. Enhance


      I think it's the way the sports industry is going, for better or for worse. Sports betting is becoming far less taboo and getting support from leagues like the NFL has been huge.


      Personally, I think it's OK. It adds an extra element of interest to the game even though I personally don't gamble. It also gives broadcasters some additional interesting content to fill time with as opposed to going off on weird tangents.

    3. ColoradoHusk


      Al Michaels has been making vague references to the line or the over/under for years.  I think Musburger would try to sneak them in as well, but he's also a big gambler.  I think they are funny when the game's outcome is decided, except for what "the hotels in the desert care about".

    4. teachercd


      They even show the lines and weather conditions for all the games on ESPN now...I also love when they mention a bad beat (Sadly, I am usually one of the people that they are talking about)

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