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  1. Yeah if it weren’t for Jeff Sims we would actually be looking great
  2. I seriously felt like Nebraska were the huge winners this week and we didn’t even play
  3. He might be the only person in Iowa who knows how to play football must get
  4. The fact this guy hasn’t committed yet makes me wonder if there are character issues. I blame NIL
  5. I guess we also learned that the big ten refs have no problem with other teams defenses mimicking our cadence
  6. Texas lost and Notre Dame is losing I’m feeling pretty full right now!
  7. Right now I think we can beat Northwestern Michigan state and Purdue. Iowa is a push Wisconsin beats us and I think Maryland looks good but how many times have I seen them look good the first part of the year then completely fall off. We actually match up well with them
  8. Watched them today. I would be shocked if we don’t beat them
  9. Yes these are the type of games where you learn how to win which are huge. We are as a fan base going to get to see how a real rebuild looks
  10. Definitely learned we need to start recruiting top tier running backs again and revolving the offense around them. We seem to be good at going into the portal and picking up wr
  11. It’s like watching Iowa play themselves
  12. I’m starting to wonder if that’s a play call from the sidelines
  13. Is it not normal that my eyes are bleeding right now or is that par for the course after watching this?
  14. Beating the spread by 3 scores is always a good day!! How long has it been since we have done that against a big ten opponent?
  15. Where can I watch this game online for free?
  16. Iowa doesn’t even have their qb anymore
  17. Ok so your argument is would should not run the ball cause we will never be able to beat Michigan even though that’s exactly what Michigan did to us. Your reply didn’t deserve a serious response that’s why you didn’t get one. I shouldn’t have to spell it out to you.
  18. Yeah I think we are statistically the worst team in cfb p 5 schools at the lt position. We got 3 or 4 positions like that. We aren’t going to be competitive until we fix that luckily all we need to do is find a player with p5 talent to fill those positions.
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