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  1. If it was a Frost game it would have been a one score game
  2. Agreed I really think it’s going to be Matt Campbell all arrows seem to be pointing to him. It’s him vs the field right now
  3. Urban is one of a handful of coaches I think can win anywhere
  4. This is why there shouldn’t be a limit on plus 1’s!
  5. If I ever need kool aid I know who to turn to
  6. I think if Urban Meyer was really a legitimate possibility we would be hearing a lot more buzz especially due to the fact he’s actually in Lincoln. Some people say that Trev actually reached out to him, but I’ve also heard Nebraska wasn’t interested
  7. I’ve seen multiple places Fickell has zero interest in Nebraska
  8. We can eliminate Mickey Joesph from the coaching search
  9. I would like to see it who wouldn’t want Urban Meyer?
  10. It’s not happening there has already been talks within the university Nebraska is not interested in him. I think they should be but it’s not happening.
  11. So you think getting players that are getting NIL money full ride scholarships to give a damn is a miracle? That’s your new standard. I for one think we can at least insist on having a coach that can get this players to give a damn or we will just keep firing them until we find one. My god if you can convince these guys to at least play for pride gtfo
  12. And the MJ supporters show themselves. I can tell that because your comment completely missed the point. Please read the actual post before commenting it will save everyone on here time
  13. Well we learned today Mickey Joesph is not the man. To be successful as a replacement coach you have got to be able to rally the troops and get your players believing they are still playing for something. These players gave up great leadership
  14. Yep Frost showing up to practice late blah blah blah. I thought this guy was holding extra practices which one is it, sounds like two different guys to me, can’t believe everything you hear. More fake news if you ask me. Although I’m curious are there more snakes on snake island or in Nebraskas athletic program?
  15. Lots of dumb list on this thread, but it’s one of those threads even the people with a dumb list is thinking that
  16. We can keep the coordinator we have my god we already did that last offseason. 3 games with Whipple and you are saying you want a top notch notch offensive coordinator. See this is why people make fun of us
  17. I’ll give you 100 years Frost would never beat Iowa. He may never loose by more than 10 but he would never beat Iowa, and big ten or not winning with Iowa state is like winning a race when you have a bike going against a car. It’s the big ten sure so instead of bike vs a Lamborghini it’s a bike vs a ford
  18. It’s most likely Matt Campbell. That’s a good get
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