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  1. I am never not paying for a moving service again. 

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    2. BigRedBuster


      I'm laughing at this.  Last year, all three kids graduated from college and moved out of state.  We helped all three.  When we moved in November, not one came back to help.  


      This may reflect on their Christmas gifts.  

    3. admo


      But hey, pizza and beer !  




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    4. Toe


      Bought a house and moved in last year. Neighbors helped with some of the larger things, but otherwise it was all done by me. Said to my mom "Remind me to never do this again."


      Did I mention that I stumbled and fell while carting some stuff down the ramp of the U-Haul and busted my foot, and had to do half of the move when I could barely walk, and had to pay for an extra four days of rent at my old place because it took me a lot longer to move than anticipated?



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