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  1. So eventually, all of the P5 teams will be gathered into three(ish) super-conferences that all have a nationwide footprint. Then these super-conferences will partner together to form their own championship division of college football (officially freezing out the G5 teams, who have honestly always been frozen out of any championship discussion anyway). Then, since these super-conferences are so large and it is logistically difficult to shuttle student athletes from coast to coast every week, most of the scheduling will be reorganized into geographic regions/divisions. When this happens, all of the P5 teams will effectively be back into same the geographic conferences that we all started with. Is that where this is all headed?
  2. My 16 year old nephew tore his ACL last fall playing football. He had surgery in October and by April he was squatting at nearly full strength again. He is now running and playing baseball. He lost spring baseball but is going to be playing all summer and says he feels 100% now. His biggest concern was speed, which used to be his best attribute, but he hit a triple his first game back a couple weeks ago and looked good. ACL is not a two year injury the way it used to be. Especially with young, healthy athletes, the recovery may go quicker than you think. The hardest part for my nephew was the first couple months after the surgery of no weight bearing and feeling super bummed as a result. But after that the rehab went really well. I was shocked at how quickly he regained his speed and strength. At your son's age, he should be able to come back stronger than ever. Get the surgery and follow doctor's orders. Be patient in the early going and then work hard (and carefully) when the knee is ready.
  3. Whoever purchases tickets to CU football this summer at these prices are likely going to be offloading the later games for much cheaper by the time they get to mid-season and realize that their team is still a joke. Too bad the Nebraska game is so early in the season. As soon as CU puts their product on the field with no depth and a bunch of FCS starters, interest will wane pretty quickly.
  4. This is a shamefully problematic take. What makes you say that the history that you learned in the 80s is "real American history"? What are your critiques about the 1619 Project? Do you believe that there are no perspectives or nuance to history beyond what you may have been taught decades ago? Are you afraid to be confronted with additional information? I have always enjoyed learning about history. About 10 years ago, I took a few additional college history classes, taking advantage of free tuition from my wife's job while I was considering a new degree. Comparing the details that I learned in those classes compared to what was glossed over or ignored in my high school and college classes in the 90s was pretty jarring. The history classes I took in my younger days tended to downplay the massive role of slavery in the early economy of our country. Of course we were all aware of slavery and knew it was wrong, but the impact and brutality of it has always been somewhat minimized. We placed the founding fathers one a pedestal while ignoring the complicated legacies of the fact that most of them were slaveowners and "compromised" to deny rights to black Americans and women. We were not taught about the Civil Rights era (other than on MLK Day) and certainly not taught how the Civil Rights movement was interwoven with the politics of Vietnam and the Cold War. There was so much nuance about our short but complicated history that was swept under the rug in favor of jingoistic nationalism. As I have learned more about our history (and continue to learn), I feel shortchanged by the classes I took in my younger days. Hell, I never even heard about the Black Wall Street massacre in Tulsa until a couple of years ago. As a music guy, I knew all about the cultural significance of Woodstock, but knew nothing about the Harlem Cultural Festival that same year until recently. Some people call this stuff Critical Race Theory. But this is "real American history." Choosing to ignore it does not help you. Thinking that you learned all you need to know about history in school decades ago, and there is no room to learn anything different, is anti-intellectual. In fact, you are outright embracing ignorance.
  5. I tend to think that the gen ed classes bring a lot of value. So many people end up working in some field not directly tied to their degree, and general knowledge about the world is never a bad thing. We often use this knowledge in ways we don't expect. Math and science give us problem solving skills beyond the specific content of the course. Humanities courses teach us about human behavior and life in ways that we may not even realize. I have a criminal justice degree, but the single most impactful class I took in college was a theater class, which I only took to fill a gen ed requirement and to try to meet girls. That theater class taught me a lot, in terms of projecting (or faking) confidence, interpersonal interactions, and how I carry myself. And over the past few years, we have seen the damage that people can do to this country when they are ignorant of scientific principles and history. People should definitely continue to seek knowledge and growth. Instead of eliminating general education requirements for a degree, we should look for ways to make college more affordable. It's not the content that is a waste of money, it is the outrageous cost of higher education overall. Unfortunately I did not take any business administration classes and slept through Econ, so I don't know what to do about the cost.
  6. Is anyone else imagining him making a surprise appearance at the spring game this weekend and announcing his commitment live on the Huskervision screen during halftime? Then a few of the other visitors join him? Yeah, me neither, but just asking. Think of the crowd reaction, though.
  7. Probably not, because that wouldn't target liberals and rile up the base. Sudafed can be used to make meth, and the stereotypical meth user shares too many similarities with the typical GOP voter (rural, midwestern, uneducated, crazy). They need those people.
  8. If you are giving advice to that particular poster, you should've just stopped right here. There's no way that poster is old enough to purchase beer. Since the rest of us are simply making $h!t up about what happened and why, here's what I think: Barthel and Allen planned this all in advance. Barthel wanted to make an early example out of one of the top players, so he told Allen to purposely dog it on this one rep and made sure that someone was there recording it. They knew it would generate some overinflated offseason discussion among us rubes, and that every player on the team would see it. It gives all of these kids an early wake up call, it makes a public show of accountability and tough love from our coaches, and it sets the stage for a good redemption story when Allen is named starter in August. Barthel gets a raise. Everyone wins!
  9. I also find myself rooting for CU... ...to lose every fu#king game in every fu#king sport no matter who the fu#k those fu#kers play against. But Boulder is otherwise fun to visit.
  10. When you said "just became aware of the issue," did you mean you just found out what was causing it? Because you mentioned an update a month and a half ago but nothing has changed. Or did you mean you just became aware that this was a problem? Because that is not true; this issue has been plaguing users for well over a year.
  11. This does not seem atypical for a college professor. Probably a little full of herself. Probably goes a bit too far in asserting her own political views but might be outraged if someone else said something that opposed her (pure speculation, not everyone is like this). However, I believe that introducing diverse viewpoints and seeking inclusivity is not necessarily political and actually should be a goal in the classroom. Thanks for sharing the info, but how do you define “woke”?
  12. How exactly do you define "woke"?
  13. Look at this pathetic kiss-a$$ and laugh at anyone who supports this loser, let alone gives him any respect:
  14. Zeta-Jones must have gotten a new agent or something. I haven't seen her do anything for years, but now she pops up on two new series. Wednesday is very clever and entertaining. CZJ is also the bad guy in a new National Treasure series on Disney+. However, that show is terrible. My family loves the National Treasure movies, but we only watched a couple episodes of the new series. It is garbage. Disney has been trying to shoehorn too many of its profitable franchises into lackluster series for their streaming service. Willow sucks. The Marvel and Star Wars content is hit or miss. Every new Simpsons short is an abomination of sadness.
  15. I know you already know this...but the comparisons to Nazis is not about concentration camps. Not yet anyway. Those camps were a horrific byproduct from a fascist government that was not stopped. The comparison between the Nazis and GOP starts with the outright fascist tendencies that they share. Characteristics that you apparently value. Demonizing minorities and immigrants, hypernationalism, fear mongering, consolidating power, suppressing and banning critical viewpoints, disregarding democratic values and human values...
  16. That will make it easier to ignore when Repubs start banning books and classes about the topic next.
  17. This is what I needed to see on Huskerboard this Friday afternoon.
  18. Man...the 4th quarter of that Orange Bowl...The drama. The backstory. The monkeys on backs. Those cocky Miami muckerfuthers. The blood, sweat, and tears. And then the win. There is simply nothing better than that 4th quarter.
  19. The '94 Nebraska team was more about perseverance than actual dominance. Losing Frazier to a blood clot, then Berringer to a collapsed lung, starting a 3rd string QB on the road against a Top 10 opponent, playing the national championship game on the opponent's home field where they had been nearly unbeatable. That team was tough and overcame a lot of challenges. But they never lost a game, which Georgia did in '21. Meanwhile, the only challenge the '95 Husker team had to overcome was the LP situation. They beat the $h!t out of everybody. Georgia rolling over TCU was nice, but TCU (aside from their own fun, scrappy season) was not nearly the contender Florida was in 95. Florida was clearly better than anyone else in the country that year, until Nebraska ate their souls. Georgia beat Missouri by 4, Kentucky by 10, OSU by 1. Nebraska was more dominant overall and more consistent throughout the season.
  20. "In my universe, Bo is still the coach, and he is allowed to actually EAT one of the referees each week. Now tell me about your universe!"
  21. Having Betts and IGC come back will make the WR room feel like a Marvel movie: bringing back these old characters who appeared in prior episodes, to team up with the new characters for the final battle. At some point late in the season when we really need a spark, Kenny Bell is going to walk through an interdimensional portal to tell us he still has some eligibility.
  22. So before we get into another one of Archy's attempts to muck up a conversation by getting nitpicky about one specific detail (I'm afraid we are already there though), let's remember that this particular point started when he responded to this: with this: The general comment and discussion is about Republican's failures and BS, but Archy wants to make it specifically about the House. It is true that the House passed a bill in 2017, which is what Archy wants to hang his hat on. His links show that. Way to go GOP! But that was not the same bill that McCain voted against. When it got to the Senate, the Republicans changed it, with a plan to defund and dismantle Obamacare, and come out with their replacement plan a couple of months later. https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/2018/11/21/recurring-gop-myth-about-john-mccains-no-obamacare-repeal/ Oh yes, there is Archy's boy Rand Paul going to work again. So the GOP Senator's changed it to repeal, but had no plan for replacement. McCain's concerns are mentioned here: https://www.nbcnews.com/health/obamacare/mccain-hated-obamacare-he-also-saved-it-n904106 and the statement from McCain's office: https://www.npr.org/2017/07/27/539907467/senate-careens-toward-high-drama-midnight-health-care-vote Sounds like the way today's GOP handles everything else, honestly. What a bunch of f&*k-ups. The GOP did not have a replacement. In the months and years following this, they still have yet to offer a replacement. The GOP House passed a bill that the GOP-controlled Senate could not pass, even when they changed the plan and changed the rules. Is this the point you are trying to make, Archy? Is this your defense of the Republicans when it comes to Healthcare. This is your Republican Utopia. They have no answers for anything, except chaos and disinformation.
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