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  1. mabrown310

    "Former WR says Iowa defamed him" -ESPN Article

    If I remember correctly his roomate was busted selling drugs and then police searched their house and found more drugs. I think Koulianos plead guilty to marijuana posession and his other drug charges were dropped
  2. mabrown310

    ATH Kalen Ballage [Arizona State Commit]

    Just curious do Kalen and 2015 CB Eric Lee have any connection? Saw that Lee has been interested in ASU as well.
  3. mabrown310

    ATH Kalen Ballage [Arizona State Commit]

    Thanks for the clarification. Well that certainly makes for an uphill battle. This kid is a freak and I have no doubt the coaching staff will put on the full court press this weekend
  4. mabrown310

    ATH Kalen Ballage [Arizona State Commit]

    I don't doubt he is commited now. But as long as we get him in Lincoln for a visit we have a chance. Could be wrong, but he has not visited ASU yet right?
  5. mabrown310

    ATH Kalen Ballage [Arizona State Commit]

    He seems pretty set on playing RB in college. I wonder if our depth played a part in him commiting. It could be a placeholder, but I think he is too much of a talent for any coach to pass on. We have to sell him hard that when Ameer leaves its a wide open race for the starting job. Our facilities should speak for themselves
  6. mabrown310

    Who is the best rag to richest CFB player?

    Different take, but I have always liked Patrick Willis' story. He and his younger siblings grew up with an alcoholic, abusive, deadbeat dad in a trailerpark. His father did not take care of any of his kids so at age 10 Patrick was working full-time in the cotton fields to support his younger siblings. When he turned 17, Patrick took his siblings and moved into his high school basketball coach's home and his coach and wife ended up raising the kids. Pretty remarkable how some of these kids go from complete poverty to being high profile millionaires
  7. 3 coaches fired this decade. If Bo is fired, Harvey should follow suit. I do not trust him anymore. He is just as accountable as Bo or Callahan for our current state IMO

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    2. Hedley Lamarr

      Hedley Lamarr

      We will hire a superior HC that will bring the fans and players/coaches to the same side. Bo and his us against the world tactics have created a completely toxic situation

    3. TheSker


      Whatever happens, I think it's unfortunate what this team has been put through the past two months or so. Hiring the "next" head coach isn't automatically going to take care of everything. If history is indeed a teacher....then lather, rinse, repeat.

    4. suh_fan93


      Let's just stay the same then because you know this is great isn't it?!!! Jeebus...

  8. mabrown310

    Good news for us re: Obamacare/ACA

    You all may have seen this already but Dave Ramsey breaks down the math of Obamacare and explains how it doesn't work. Well worth your 10 minutes
  9. Highly recommend seeing Gravity 3D in IMAX. Terrifying and yet one of the most beautifully shot movies in a while

    1. BIG ERN

      BIG ERN

      I went to it last night. I only gave it 6.5/10, the other two ppl I was with loved it. I couldnt fully get into it, cool visual movie though.

    2. The Dude

      The Dude

      What the hell happened at Mardi Gras?!

  10. mabrown310

    Breaking Bad

    *SPOILERS* (sorry I don't know how to make the fancy post that hides the message) The Shield still tops my "best finale" list, but this was pretty close. Nothing too unpredictable, which surprised me, yet it felt like a perfect wrap up. This series has always been very Shakespearian and for that I believe Walt's fate was inevitable. It was strangely satisfying to watch him die by his own bullet literally. I have always seen this show as a tale about hubris and ego. Walt was never truly in it for the money. He wanted to be recognized for doing something he loved (chemistry), especially after he was forced out of Gray Matter
  11. So how was everyone else's post-Red Wedding day? I've been blasting Daft Punk all day trying to forget what I saw

  12. Just some friendly advice here. I enjoy the bar scene as much as everyone but my buddies and I always establish a DD for the night. If whoever is DDIng thinks they might be close to the legal limit, we always ask one of the cops downtown to do a breathalyzer just to be safe. The cops are always very nice and thankful that we err on the side of caution. It just isn't worth the risk to get a DUI, especially being a college student who is about to start his career
  13. I was rooting for Sonnen against Silva, but he's got a whole new beast in Jon Jones. I predict 2 rd ko for the new kid

  14. mabrown310

    Boston Marathon Explosions

    It was a standard transport vehicle used by police when bringing in suspects. Could also just be the arrval of additional security. But there was a man hanging on the side with a vest and automatic rifle. Van was also moving very quickly
  15. mabrown310

    Boston Marathon Explosions

    Anybody else catch the bit about the van? After the courthouse was evacuated a police van with an armed man hanging off the side sped up to the courthouse and backed into the side door where prisoners are usually brought in. Could be nothing, but it would make sense that the police want to avoid another Jack Ruby incident or do a sweep of the courthouse before bringing the suspect in for security reasons.