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  1. They also never offer an alternative to what Israel should have done in response to 1400 of its civilians being murdered for being Jewish. Instead a bunch of rich white college kids cosplay as oppressed "freedom fighters" during finals week.
  2. As long as hamas has a single rocket left. Why would Israel care what the American peoples opinion on the war is when they've bought half of congress.
  3. Is nebraska going to 13-0 and win the big10 and be ranked in the top 3? No. Can nebraska go 10-2 and be ranked in the top 12 occasionally? Sure. Not sure if that qualifies as great or not but I would be pretty happy.
  4. Do you honestly think nebraska was the top choice for every player on the roster? Doesn't mean they don't come here and play hard.
  5. i think the rules for the portal is different than high school recruits. i think portal guys just have to be there by the time class starts
  6. never once said that. nebraska is going to a bowl game next year.
  7. Contend for what? There's no west division anymore.
  8. Don't worry people Satterfield will have this offense rolling soon to make up the difference if the defense takes a step back.
  9. It's his fault the unit he is responsible for hasn't improved
  10. its amazing how bad nebraska receivers are at getting open
  11. And that's why they don't ever bother return punts
  12. Can't wait for Satterfield to get the Frost treatment next year when his offense is only 2nd to last in turnovers and half the fan base brags about how close he is.
  13. I get Satterfield doesn't have a whole lot to work with but if you are the play caller for the offense that leads the nation in turnovers then you probably suck at your job. it might be different if we could point to a previous stop where he had an elite offense but he has never been very good. do you really trust him to pick another transfer qb in the offseason after this years s#!t show? he wont be fired so we're all just venting but Satterfield is going to put rhule at least 2 years behind schedule and thats assuming white stays and the defense continues to carry this team.
  14. Rhule just cost nebraska points. The exact opposite of his job.
  15. Probably not the best idea dropping 300 pound linemen into coverage
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