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  1. I guess pleased so far but until we actually play games, there's nothing to really say.
  2. Been busy at a meeting, I will say though I don't doubt he said the right things and I am excited, I am still cautious. We were all pumped with Frost and we saw how that went. Don't want to be a downer, just I think experience should temper us a little bit. But I'm hopeful.
  3. I am honestly somewhat optimistic about the program for the first time since like 2019.
  4. No in retrospect, I guess I just didn't pay enough attention preseason.
  5. Really don't think I learned anything. I stopped following the game after a while, there's just nothing to enjoy or anything about it. This is a very bad football team, and the program is in its worst state ever. I'm going to the game next week since well I figure I need to go to one and have friends from Wisconsin coming down. That said, I expect absolutely nothing but incompetence from the team.
  6. After Iowa. No real value to naming one at this point in midseason.
  7. I don't get how this is such a hard concept, it's not like we're saying the guy is completely unqualified.
  8. Right now it's just fun to shoot the s#!t and engaging in the rumor-mongering about it, that's about it. It's fun to speculate, it's nice to have some feeling of hope about Nebraska football even if it is yet again for future seasons only. I have made it known that I am not sold on Mickey but even if it's him I'll feel some hope, he has done positive things.
  9. The rumor mill is abuzz about him but otherwise really it's the same situation as every day since Frost got the heave-ho. Trust me, if he's the guy for sure, you'll know.
  10. That is true, yes. I suppose I was talking in terms of perception and the stress that would necessarily come with dealing with that situation if one's a decent human being.
  11. Exactly. And, frankly, from my own desire to have a coach who wants to do the right thing at least on major stuff like that, it certainly sells well to me.
  12. In fact if anything, him coming in and fixing things up and, as far as I can tell, righting things on and off the field would be looked at as a positive. I certainly see it as a positive. All we're dealing with is a crappy football program with the same off the field issues any program faces. That is way less of a disaster to fix than what happened with Baylor. With Baylor I think only Penn State's nightmare was worse.
  13. If we were talking Briles, 100% (and I would not want him for the sole reason he was the one who had responsibility for preventing that awful stuff). With Rhule? Nah. I have never seen really any one in the CFB world or the media putting any of that horror on Rhule.
  14. Yeah, I completely discount NFL experience if there's college experience available to look at. Saban was a notorious disaster too in the NFL. College is a different beast.
  15. I'm sorry but it is what it is. Everyone is getting all sentimental about this. He gets a break on things, yes. But two wins against bad football teams (one of which was very close), a beating by what turned out to be a pretty mediocre Oklahoma team, a close loss to Purdue, and pretty much getting shut down by Illinois don't inspire a lot of confidence in me. I'm not asking the man to run the table. He beats Purdue, maybe I'm singing a different tune. But I'm not going to let the fact I want Mickey to succeed be the determinant here. Right now, I'd say he's better than Frost. But that's a very low bar, and if we have the opportunity to get someone who has shown the ability to really succeed at the college level but pass because "Well we gotta give Mickey a shot and the players like him" I'm sorry but we're just doing the same thing we've done before. Get the guy you think is the best coach available and willing to coach here. If you think Mickey Joseph is the best coach available willing to coach here, great. I think there are a number of better candidates with what I've seen.
  16. Not going to lie, I'd be disappointed if it was Joseph at this point, I've seen nothing that wows me. I get it's a tough situation but that's how it is.
  17. As tough as it is because Illinois is a top 25 team and he inherited a trainwreck, this season was a test for Mickey as HC and I'm sorry, just not seeing it. He's better than Frost, is a good dude, great recruiter, I hope we can keep him in some aspect, but I would say not the HC we're looking for.
  18. He was our best coach since Solich. But by the end, it wasn't going to work and there's nothing that can be done about it now.
  19. Bo was riding on borrowed time and favorable schedules.
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