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  1. What a name, this is the most pumped I've felt in a while about this program.
  2. Picturing a Scott Frost, Frank Solich, Bill Callahan, Bo Pelini, Mike Riley staff. Absolutely tremendous lol.
  3. Sipple would know a lot about offensive staffs. I need to see a doc, I'm sleep deprived as hell even with tons of sleep lol
  4. If we were even 5-5 right now, I would not be nearly as down about it.
  5. A close well fought loss against a good opponent here and there is one thing. It's another when you are on track for the worst record since 1957, there's nothing left to play for, and many of those losses are from shooting ourselves in the foot.
  6. If it is solely a move to lower the buyout and put the pressure up, I'm for it. I'm just sick of this. Want to be able to enjoy Husker football again.
  7. I would be very empathetic to the "competitive losses" argument if this was season 2, not season 4.
  8. We'll lose by one possession, as is this year's tradition.
  9. I fully agree getting rid of Mullen would be idiotic. Frost obviously is a different situation, he hasn't succeeded at all.
  10. We're going to possibly finish the season with a positive point differential and a 3-9 record.
  11. If it takes some finagling, we'll find a away to afford it. And, no, he doesn't get two more years. We've waited 4 years for ANY improvement at all and have seen none.
  12. Well, I know I feel confident in our abilities now!
  13. Exactly, I have zero reason to believe that will happen.
  14. Yeah. Let's all be honest here, barring some absolutely miraculous turnaround, Frost's days are numbered.
  15. I've seen enough of Chadwell's stuff to be on board with bringing him on.
  16. Look if Frost loses it's another nail in the coffin, so, either way
  17. If it means a guy gives us success and then leaves for better pastures, I'll take that at this point.
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