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  1. Burkhead hanging up the cleats. What a great Husker, on and off the field.
  2. One nice thing is that loss to Minnesota near the start of the season doesn't look nearly that bad anymore. They're decent.
  3. Would've been nice to have but losing in OT on the road to a top 15 team is hardly going to hurt tournament chances.
  4. Much needed W after Iowa and Rutgers.
  5. Wow, finally, long-suffering Bama fans get a proven winner. How great. What a feel good story.
  6. If he ends up kicking a$$ for us, he could be -1 stars for all I care. Right now, I just ask for competence protecting the football. If he does that, that alone will mean the world for his first season starting.
  7. I genuinely cannot keep up anymore. Who the hell are our QBs now? Raiola, Kaelin, who else?
  8. I am cautiously hopeful but definitely want to hold off until anything is actually confirmed.
  9. Very good win. I am impressed at the team bouncing back after the bad Minnesota loss (The Creighton loss, eh, Creighton is a team that even considering it's a rivalry game, a blowout loss doesn't bug me that much.) Absolutely agree the shooting needs to improve, but, save against offensive juggernauts like Creighton, Nebraska's defense has been strong all season.
  10. Hell this goes even for Sims. Never saw him complain or lash out. I may think him not a good QB, but he deserves admiration for that.
  11. One thing that can be said for every Husker QB in the past decade or so is that, regardless of circumstances, each guy was a warrior. I frankly feel terrible how things went for Adrian in particular. He absolutely laid it on the line every single play.
  12. I hope it is true about Raiola, but I figure why count the chickens before they hatch, I'll believe it if and when he commits and is signed.
  13. It's August 2024. Jeff Sims is starting at QB.
  14. Obviously we all want Tony to stay after what he did this year, but if he gets a HC offer, he absolutely has to take it, and I will not hold it against him one bit.
  15. Do we have stats on how often any of these guys fumble?
  16. Even a mediocre QB would be an upgrade. Less than 1 interception a game? I'd take that. In any case, I haven't seen anything suggesting either player is eyeing Nebraska.
  17. The lack of passion takes the joy out of it. I prefer college ball, but just find it difficult to enjoy low stakes games between two bad teams.
  18. Terrible football is not fun. I would not watch two loser teams. I watch Nebraska because I care about the program, but I do not watch loser teams I don’t care about.
  19. I would be surprised if there are that many bowl spots available.
  20. Winning is fun. Actually being competitive is fun too. Terrible football is not fun.
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