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  1. Ahhh gotcha. I agree though, he has had more receivers drafted than past Husker coaches but that’s not too difficult haha. My only thing is that it is kinda fishy that he doesn’t show up often on the recruiting trail. I’m not a big conspiracy guy so I can understand if there’s a legit reason behind it and not because he’s leaving or something like that. Adding someone like Manning makes me think we will get to see how good Walters truly is at his job over the next season or two.
  2. Serious question, when was he around Laquon Treadwell? Treadwell played at Ole Miss in college and Walters was at Colorado that entire time.
  3. I agree. And basically like 5 of the top 7 commits barely played or didn’t play at all I think. Seems like a trend for Nebraska sadly.
  4. Thanks for looking it up Mav. The 2011 class was the one I thought might have a chance.
  5. I thought of the same people along with the possibility of Brown.
  6. Someone please correct me if I’m wrong, but is this the first class where we have a legitimate chance of bringing in 10+ 4 stars?
  7. That [Nebraska Commit] is gonna look so good next to his name
  8. IMO if a recruit’s main priority is to be around attractive girls then they aren’t gonna be anywhere near my first choice. Football and making the NFL should be the main focus. But that’s just my honest opinion.
  9. I will say I’ve noticed that it does seem like we play a multiple defense. I see a LOT of 3-3-5 or 4-2-5 but it always starts out looking like a plain 3-4. I think what hurts us a ton is not having above average athleticism or playmaking from the hybrid DE/OLB role. Alex Davis just doesn’t cut it and it doesn’t seem like Tannor is getting much play time. But to address the bold, I 100% agree I’d way rather play an aggressive 4-3 which can switch to a 4-2-5 against a spread offense than a 3-4.
  10. I definitely agree. That had a huge impact on the rest of the game IMO. It seemed like a lot of the time when the zone read worked for them it was because our DE/OLB wasn’t holding contain and was just set on getting to the RB which allowed for an easy read for NW’s QB.
  11. I was happy to see Chinander make some in-game adjustments. The main one I noticed started near the end of the third quarter I think when we started pressing NW’s receivers across the line, stopping the easy slants and crossing routes while forcing their QB to make much more difficult throws. Something small but it gives me hope since we haven’t seen simple adjustments like that in Lincoln for a long time.
  12. Chris Bober. Not a former Husker but he played at UNO and spent 8 years in the NFL.
  13. I saw a former player on twitter point out that he thinks a big problem with Jurgens is his technique. If that actually is the problem, it should be an easy fix right?
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