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  1. Any predictions on tonight's OSU/Bama game?  I am predicting OSU 42, Alabama 34

    1. MLB 51

      MLB 51

      Bama has already scored 35. I honestly didn't think they (Bama) had a good enough defense to stop tOSU. 56-34 Bama.

    2. HuskerNation1


      Yes my prediction is way off.  I also didn't realize how injured Fields was.  His inability to run the ball (or decision not to run) is having a huge impact in this game.  If he were completely healthy I think OSU has at least one more TD and they would have had more time with the ball which may have prevented one of Bama's TDs.  Davonta Smith is probably the best college WR I have seen.  He will be high on many NFL draft boards next year.

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