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  1. My thought is if the Big 10 doesn't pick it up some, they are headed for what was the Big East in Football. Irrevelant. I was hoping for some other big names to land in the Big 10 coaching landscape, but looks like Michigan is going to get some 2nd tier coach. Riley helps a great deal in name, but has to win and beat some teams like Ohio ST, Michigan ST and Wisconsin to really be taken seriously. Right. Am I thinking in the right frame of mind here? Will the Big 10 ever be what it once was in terms of traditionally a solid football conference? Urban Meyer saw right away he could go and dominate the Big 10 at Ohio St. Will someone step up and match him??
  2. I think that Beck will end up back at KU. But I don't think he will be full time O-C. Papu, might end up with Bo, but think he has a good chance to elsewhere. Maybe UNLV...... At this point, I am a person who right now just want the season to be over so we can get the rest of the staff on board and really get after recruiting once the dead period is over. Thats what I am hoping is everyones focus. This bowl game is nice, for the seniors, and those going pro, but after that its an end of an era thats in need of closure. Am I the only one that thinks bowl season this year just doesn't have the same feel? I can really only find a couple of games beside the playoffs that even makes me want to watch them. Love football, love the bowl season, but some of the tradition and other things that made this special season is now just a watered down version of what once was.
  3. I don't think it actually will be a good game regardless who wins. USC should have more fans there, but who knows. It depends on whether we are there to play or just to get season over and move on to next year or draft or what ever is on the agenda for next season. I think its a wash if we go into game wanting to win and play hard. Even matchup. Don't see it playing out that way however. What is Nebraska playing for in this game............. I do hope offense and defense bring in totally different packages and look really good, in spite of BOBO the clown.
  4. Most bettors are putting money and all there money on USC. If that says anything. Nationally this game is viewed as the lame duck bowl and most of the time, those teams are less interested in the game than others. I guess it depends on who they are playing for, themselves or still Bo. If they are play for Bo, they come out and will play very hard with some edge. If they are playing for themselves then its going to be a laugher. USC will embarrass us. I guess, does it matter at this point? Lets get the game over and move on with the Riley era. This game really means nothing right now. Pride, but who cares about pride right now. Future pride is more important. The future is after this game. Do I care how many of these players stay.......no. If they listened to Bo and feel they belong elsewhere, I hope they leave. Its time to rid this program of Bo's fingerprints once and for all after the bowl game. Move on, with Riley.
  5. Didn't vote. Solich era . Because if that one never occurs, then these other two don't ever appear. Here is where I think the biggest mistake was made: Solich had one year with Pelini as his DC. 10-3 season. I can only remember two of the 3 losses. They were to KSU and Texas. Both if memory serves me right, were Top 10, Top 15 teams. I know that KSU was a BCS bowl team and Big 12 champs. The thing is, who knows what would have become of the Solich era, if he was given 2 years with Pelini as his DC. Again, Solich didn't lose games that he was suppose to win. Thus, I am sure would have made the Callahan era never in play. So I guess, Callahan era if I were to vote on the two.
  6. How can anyone make judgement on this guy. When we won, Pelini got the credit. When we lost, and lost big, it was on Papu. So I guess of all this stuff, who knows about Beck, or even Watson before. I am wondering if any of his assistants could do anything well or could make any calls without going thru Bo. Really, the control freak that Bo was, do we know anythiong about his assistants?
  7. I agree with many comments on this thread. I guess my take is kind of two fold in some ways. The loyalty that T.O. showed his former staff, including Solich, didn't do this program any favors. However, in saying that, I don't blame him for putting Solich in place to take over. The Pelini hire was decided before T.O. was even put in place as interim AD. Donors and boosters are great things to have in a program, but, I think right now they have way too much influence on the program and its damaging its reputation. Whose to say if T.O doesn't annoint Solich as the next HC, things would have been way different including the future years like right now. Stoops started in OU in 99'. Who knows if we could have had Big game Bob here. Saban was on the radar at that point as well. Urban Meyer was on the scene then too. I guess in the short end of looking at things, this is the only move I question T.O on. What if's are ok to discuss, but really, there are a lot of what if's scenarios out there. If Spurrier never leaves Florida, Zook never goes there, and thus, Urban never gets those shots with Tebow. On and on but you see . I guess if we were able to predict the future, things would be different, but instead we have to go thru growing pains. Lets hope we learn from previous mistakes and move on with a brighter future. Fans included.
  8. I guess if I was a symphaletic person, I would say that in Bo's mind we damaged him by firing a guy who won 9 games a year, and in some ways the University throw the players under the bus for saying that 9 wins were unacceptable if you don't beat teams that matter. I am not that person, but I do think the way in which things were handled all together was not the best way to do so. Did or has someone been trying to sabotage Pelini now for a couple of years with these hidden tapes? Yes. They have finally succeeded, but the damage done to the Big Red Nation is close to being sabotaged along with this kind of stuff. Even though I think the actions of Pelini are childish, and don't agree with what he has done, I also understand he was obviously hurt by being fired for not winning games that mattered......of which now sounds so stupid. Emotions are what they are..........Bo has moved on, so why in the world would this come out now..............Players haven't ever mentioned alot of this, so why is this being released now...........in some ways this is unprofessional journalism, in other ways the Big Red nation is entitled to know this and how Bo actually feels about his legacy here.
  9. The great Dennis Greene Quote" They are who we thought they were"!!!!! Well, at least he was what we thought he was after all..............a Biggot!
  10. Epic. The gift that keeps on giving. Remind everyone that this is who most fans wanted as the next head coach after Billy C. We wanted a coach with some fire in his belly, especially one who at midfield addressed a mild manner Hall of fame coach with a ridiculous rant in 03'!!! This is the same person folks, Shouldn't be a shock. I think we got what we all wanted, and Then some!!!!
  11. In acceptance. It was a head scratcher at first, but then you think about the positives you hear and think Hmmmmm, maybe this guy is just missing the centerpiece for becoming a title type coach. That center piece being Nebraska and its resources. Lets see what happens. I am more interested in what we see two years and even 3 years from now. I want to see him with what he recruits first. We all watched Bo coach up what Callahan left here. Actually was some of the best talent Bo coached. Really, I just said that, but other than SUH, it might not have been much better.
  12. 3-4 or 4-3. It doesn't matter. If you have the talent to run either one, you can have success. The thing is in the Pac 12, your spread out and having 3-4 alignment is a good base. Now, in saying that, who really knows what is best. I can see either working with some success , neither doing any good. I do like the fact of having 4 linebackers. I like that against most offenses. It doesn't matter if you have shut down corners and good safeties. If your secondary is solid, then your base is nothing but a base. Force teams to be one dimensional. This is what Alabama has done. Recruit great athletes for the secondary and above average linebackers and really good linemen. Easy to do when your getting the best of the best and even your second string is the best of the best.
  13. I do beg too differ. Pelini will never coach a powerhouse program again or even close to one. He doesn't have the charisma or the persona to ever coach at a major program again. Maybe South Florida or a team of that nature, but never at a tradition rich program..........unless Urban totally bombs at OSU in the future, kind of like what he did at Florida, Bo is a lifer in the smaller ranks.
  14. I kind of find it funny that we have two fired Nebraska former head coaches now coaching in the great state of Ohio!!! Oh, shoot........I forgot we would rather discuss whether or not we still matter or when we will matter again. Find some humor, laugh, the rest OF THE NATION IS LAUGHING...................At the HUSKERS!!!!!!
  15. Now we need Callahan to be a coach for Cleveland or Cincy and this would be absolute!
  16. When I here people say that Tom should have stayed I tend to agree at first, then I think what if Nebraska would have hired a big name back then when you could have had anyone.........Bob Stoops, Urban Meyer, Jim Tressel......on and on with other names, but you can get the picture. One thing I do know Ohio THE STATE WHERE FIRED HUSKER COACHES RETIRE TOO!!!
  17. Considering recruiting base and just the geography lay out, it would be easy to say that Nebraska is going to take along time if ever getting back to a title game or title. Here is what you must consider however: Big 10 is weak most years having maybe one or two legit national teams. After seeing the selections for college football playoffs, I like Nebraska's chances before some others. Miami will be back soon. They have way more in there favor than most schools in the country. Once they decide to hire the right fit as coach once again, look out..... Tennessee is in my opinion the weakest link in this discussion. Programs that will "be back" in my opinion in order: Here are my schools who are in a funk and whom I think will ascend back to greatness in the next few years. Michigan- might be in worse shape than any other program right now!!!! Miami- Its hard to consider them in this because they won a title and played for another in the 2000's (OU ring a bell in this discussion) Nebraska-is actually on paper in a better position than most any of these teams right now. Tennessee- headed back into the right direction, but the SEC power has shifted to the state of Alabama with Bama and Auburn. USC-looks better than the Kiffin years already Texas- They will fire Strong in the next two seasons and hire a big name to compete, YEAH, RIGHT!!!!! OU- If BIG GAME BOB don't deliver soon, he is going to be looking for a new home. Power has shifted to the West coast and southern states. Talent is staying in the warmer climates. Looking at this I think Nebraska is in a really good spot. Given the conference strength and location, it is going to be harder than some, but not as hard as others.
  18. It appears that everyone got caught up in the stupid idea Jim Tressel would even be approached for this job. That idea that started was so unrealistic. His show cause hearing stuff was a downer from the start. People come on. Tressel is making alot of money from Ohio ST and now Youngstown ST. Ohio St payed him off "hush money". Why would he come to Nebraska and coach. Why would a fan base want a coach who isn't hungry to win. WHY......... Riley I feel will bring in some great talent. He will find some hidden gems that end up Draft picks. He will build up QB's. He will recruit legit WR's. Offensive linemen that can actually block for longer than 1/10 of a second. Despite what we think, its a done deal. No going back to BO or Tom. Move forward and for crying out loud, forget the 80's and 90's. No one is still living in those decades anymore. Football programs have evolved everywhere, except for maybe in this state.
  19. Any current rumors as to what Ron Brown is doing or being included in? Sometimes cleaning house and bringing in a whole new staff is what needs to happen. You can't keep holding over coaches from each staff because thats what is expected and out of loyalty for Dr. Tom. If this coaching change fails, the program never returns back to anything close to what it even is right now. Hiring the right assistants is where it all starts.
  20. Been reading more about this guy and it seems to me he has a very, very good reputation. So I guess he is not an unknown assistant, or unproven coach in any sense of the phrase. Thats at least an upgrade over whats been here for the last 15 or 16 years. I really wouldn't expect a total West coast system. West coast O's have many different scenarios to how they work. Some actually rely heavily on the run to disguise some big pass plays. Some use the pass to set up the run. Its all in what your talent pool is made up of. The ability to run the ball is still how you win in the long run. West Coast O is basically based running the ball to set up the pass in most instances. Its all in what your talent will provide for you to do. Pro Style offenses do recruit better players. He runs a base of Pro Style offense. This will bring in some really good prospects at WR and QB. If you get those skilled players, you will draw in O-line players. Its all two fold. Now, a DC is a must. A good DC. Offensive coaches are great, but unless you have a slam dunk D, your flirting with Callahan results. Thats what and the only thing that scares me with this hire. Being completely realistic, but every defense in todays game has break downs and allow teams to score points in bunches sometimes. So the day that there shut down D's is kind of over. When you see all the athletes at Alabama on D, and they give up some big plays and scores from time to time, it will happen to others more times than not. Bend but don't break defenses are the way most are approaching the game because once your inside the 20's, teams with better players often allow FG's not TD's. Thats what should be the goal.
  21. I really hope Riley can shape the program back into at least a contender for Big 10 titles. I don't know actually what that includes, since I think that means just winning one or two more games than we have been losing. Saying that, we need to schedule tougher non-con games and if we lose one of those and beat the likes of Minnesota and Wisconsin along with the other west Division teams, its worth it. Playing the Mcneese St's of the world doesn't prepare you for any battles in the Big 10. Lets keep Miami and UCLA and teams of that caliber on the schedule in the non-con. Lets get some games with OU, and see !!! In the end, you can be not pleased with this hire, but he's here to stay and does need the support of everyone at the start.
  22. Voted Nay, but will support him. Let me point out some obvious facts that this hire represents (or at least what I think it represents): 1.a. Don't believe this was the first person asked or second.........Eichorst saved face with getting this done before we heard all the No's from Bigger names b. I think the national media is somewhat right in talking where actually Nebraska football rates these days. c. November months and recruiting has more weight than most will acknowledge. 2. When the program started losing momentum. a. Joining the Big 12 and losing the OU rivalry b. Losing to Texas in the 96' Big 12 Champ game. c. Tom retiring after 97' season, knowing where the conference was heading and hand picking a coach like Frank 3. Franky a. Never should have been hired. Should have followed and watched OU ( Gibbs never worked out after Switzer) b. Nebraska should have hired a name after Tom, not hold back the program because of loyality to the assistant coaches A-Z. c. Chances are we never go thru the Pederson/Callahan era. I will reserve judgment totally until Riley coaches a few games if not seasons, but my disappointment is that our program appears to me to be not the household name it was or even close to that. I think we have fired coaches and became an unpleasable fan base with sometimes unrealistic goals. While most on here say they don't expect National Titles, deep down most still miss that relevance on the national scene. So lets not fool our selves into thinking we still don't want what was once a powerhouse program who year in year out was in position to play for national titles. Being relevant is nice, but with the recruiting and the way its done now, cold weather climate states or programs are being nixed for the southern programs whether we like it or not. Now we are settling for coaches, that quite frankly aren't national names and really have no relevance.
  23. Reading that the decision might come on Sunday. So more than likely the next coach is still coaching yet this weekend. RIGHT?? That leaves : Rich Rod--Paul Johnson--Briles--Patterson----Frost--Kirby Smart--Herman-- If not, and you have your guy, why not announce now? Is it out of courtesy, and letting coach have time after bowl matchups have announced as well? I would think that its time now to save recruits and get your name out for drawing more recruits........ The right coach hired now could draw some high names before signing day.
  24. Going on record to say that if Frost gets the job, everyone else turned it down already. Panic mode has set in if Frost is hired. I understand that alot or some want him, but really, he is and was what Pelini was 8 years ago, the next hot up and coming coordinator. Believe me he isn't my last person I would hire, but can't be your first choice either. Coaching a potential Heisman, and in the Pac 12, where they really don't play any form of D, and annointing him HC. I do have an issue with this if it were to happen. Small issue, but an issue. I think in a few years he could be great, but will fans allow him to take a few years of 7-5 8-4 type records? 6-6? Positive spin on it would be if Turner Gill came back as associate Head coach, and some other former greats and really revived the tradition. Has everyone crossed off the thought that when Bo was fired, T.O. was on a plane and not do back until some time tomorrow. I am guessing that since T.O. was a part of hiring Eichorst, he might be a part of this decision. So I am thinking after tomorrow we might have some answers.....
  25. Who does it leave if Tressel is not a legit choice?
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