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  1. Supreme court allows states to legalize sports betting.  If a book opens in Iowa, I'm going to be over at the casino every weekend.

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    2. sho


      The sales tax is more because of Amazon type purchases where so many are tax free.  And on-line gambling, if you are a winner, your income on your 1099-G would be taxable on state tax returns, so yes, while it's 'not legal' in Nebraska, you would still be taxed on it.  Regardless Ricketts is dumb.

    3. C N Red

      C N Red

      Anyone know how this will effect online betting? Will american casinos start doing online stuff?

    4. teachercd


      Yes, they will...but I think you will also see a lot of Bar/Books...this is just a guess but I think big college towns will "get out in front of this" and the bars there will attack this head on with parlay cards and line wagers with a max bet, 10 or 20 dollars, something like that.