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  1. Nice. I think there are middle school teams out there who can match this production.
  2. Plus I dont think any runningback on the roster has proven anything to say the room is crowded. Sure they all have a pulse. Sure maybe it was all the OL fault. But regardless of what the reason is we do not have a proven runningback on the roster. Example: Do we have a RB on our team any of our opponents are concerned with? No.
  3. Totally serious. I saw what Texas is doing with their OL. So NIL makes everything so gray it appears players can be paid to attend a school now. Just set things up properly and you are good.
  4. I don’t understand comparing Frost and Harbaugh. Look at Harbaughs record at Michigan- he needed a few adjustments to get over the hump but the record is solid. Our record under Frost is pathetic. This is not a hump we are trying to get over. We are trying to solve a big problem that has led to the worst 4 years maybe ever?
  5. I noticed the #1 receiver for Alabama plays on special teams. They put their best players in positions to make plays on EVERY play.
  6. Ok fine Urban Meyer then. Possibly Bill Belichek
  7. We need some Omaha businesses to offer some NIL deals to LSU players
  8. If we move on from Frost next year. We need to make that kind of offer to someone. One of the big dogs. (Saban, Meyer, Jimbo, Dabo) Proven winners.
  9. You may be saying the exact same thing as a Husker fan next year.
  10. I hear he can handle decoldest weather Nebraska can throw at him.
  11. Or maybe he is ready to retire. But thought hell I might as well go sign a 3 year contract. Get fired in 1 year and get 2 years of buyout money.
  12. Not sure why anyone thinks our offense is good. 79 Nebraska 25.7
  13. He may like the idea of coming here and beating OU next year
  14. In a shocking move. Urban Meyer retires from the NFL. Decides he doesn't want the pressure of a head coaching job and decides he will be the OC for Frost.
  15. Plus I dont think anyone is going to try to steal our low 3 star commits.
  16. Hopefully he is good at the fair catch motion. Cause I dont remember us even trying to return a kick or punt all year.
  17. Does he really need Matt Davison to hold his hand during the interviews?
  18. Yeah Willy Korn falls into that category. Small school guy.
  19. So Vacation, interviewed for Miami job, cali to meet harrell and st louis to recruit. Got it.
  20. If we do move on from Frost next year. I think we need to be prepared to make some big moves like we have seen this cycle. Throw some money out there to steal a successful P5 coach from another program. In the past it was always- who is available. Based on this year it is who cares who is available. It is "who do we want" then go steal them.
  21. I wish we were capable of having a bevy of 4 and 5 starts committed in the first place.
  22. I was responding to the narrative of why we have not named anyone. Because the only reason people seem to have for why a month has gone by without naming a coach is because we are waiting for someone to finish their season. The longer the search goes on is a bad look- no one believes you are just "being thorough". The last time our coaching search drug out it is because no one wanted the job and we ended up with Bill Callahan. You look good as a program when you make quick decisive action. McKewon and Sipple are media members who help the program because it gives them access to the right people. So of course they are going to be positive. I understand your thought on the defeatist attitude. But we have been a disappointing program for nearly 20 years and the fanbase has heard all the reasons and excuses under the book. So I am sorry but many are at the point of don't tell me show me. Unfortunately there has not been much "showing" going on. Just more talking about how great practice is and how close we are.
  23. Things are getting crazy. Maybe Oregon will come steal Frost.
  24. It's not a general perspective. It is called intelligence. It is called learning from what evidence we have from the last 4 years. At this point Frost has lost earning the benefit of the doubt. Now he has to prove everything. We are supposed to believe he is orchestrating some great hire that is dragging out? We are 1 week from early signing and needing to secure kids from the transfer portal but we dont have a coach named yet. No other program is sitting around and waiting. They are doing what is in the best interest of their program. Is it in the best interest for Nebraska to wait for someone else to finish their games? No. So WTF? Are we trying to win a nice guy competition or are we trying to set ourselves up to win games next year?
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