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  1. This is the most Toxic fall camp media I've EVER seen. It's nauseating. I'm so disgusted with the media that I ended my sub to the OWH and have decided to refuse to listen to any local journalist (hater). If s#!tel is on 1620 I turn the station. This s#!t show of journalism is absolutely sickening. 

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    2. funhusker


      @Loebarth I get the frustration.  But sports journalists have always been "commentators" on top of being "reporters".  People can get stats and roster news from Huskers.com.  But opinions (good or bad) are what drives the media.  We either love their opinions, or love to hate them.  Either way, they are successful.


      If coaches don't give them something to write about, they will have to find something to fill their columns.  Not writing about the Husker football team  won't cut it in Omaha/Lincoln.  Especially during the season.



    3. The Scarlet Pimpernel

      The Scarlet Pimpernel

      Winning changes everything. 

    4. Enhance


      The truth of the matter is that journalists and media organizations know what people like and listen to, and now more than ever, they're basing their content strategies off of clicks, pageviews and subscription purchases. Their strategy may have lost you Loebarth while gaining them 10 new subs.


      That's also why people like Stephen A. Smith are some of the highest paid sports personalities in the business. He drives clicks and views and makes them money. It's a vicious circle my dudes.

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