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  1. I'm interested in your thoughts here.
  2. I have not strayed from the topic. You getting sensitive is not a me issue.
  3. Cars are weapons of mass murder. Should we keep those out of the hands of the populace as well? Pick out my gulag cell I guess, idk what to tell you.
  4. Nobody said that, but they certainly laid the framework for an experiment in individual liberty based on a vast and deep understanding of history that has grown into one hell of a success. So if we were to take every idea that originated with people who did bad things according to today's moral framework and discard it because of the individual(s) personal short-falls, and simultaneously believe that people who achieved great things in the past couldn't possibly measure up to the intelligence that we possess today... That's called narcissism. And it's 99.9999% guaranteed to result in chaos and destruction.
  5. We don't have that so I guess we'll never know...
  6. Post-Modern (lack of) logic hard at work I see. You could in fact look at the actual explanation by the people who wrote the 2nd amendment as to its purpose: I guess Thomas Jefferson & George Washington were some crazy far-right conspiracy theorists huh...
  7. I wonder where the push to send $50+ billion to Ukraine came from That's what the government does with guns, yes...
  8. I do not accept your premise.
  9. No, we need tanks, missiles, and fighter jets to protect ourselves from the government... And you realize America has lost multiple wars now in Vietnam and the Middle East to people who didn't have any of the sophisticated weapons that our military has right?...
  10. The reason citizens need guns has almost nothing to do with hunting...
  11. She didn't dictate US energy policy. She was just used as a human shield as the left always does with minorities and children so that when the ideas they are promoting with their activism gets criticized, the left can claim that it's a personal attack on their human shield rather than on the ideas themselves. Democrats did that with Obama for years, they do it with Kamala now, they are doing it with Ketanji Brown-Jackson, and they'll always do it because identity politics is the left's weapon of choice to beat people senselessly over the head with.
  12. The climate arguments you make are so ridiculously stupid it's almost incomprehensible. News flash: extreme weather events have ALWAYS happened throughout human history, and are not getting worse or more frequent today due to cLiMaTe ChAnGe... You've been spoonfed this religious doctrine about climate from people who fly private jets around the world and buy ocean-front houses while they lecture you about rising sea levels and the effects of carbon emmisions, and you buy it. LINK So in other words, any data showing that extreme weather events are increasing is just due to technological ability to monitor and communicate with the rest of the world for reporting of extreme weather events. Another tidbit for you: So in other words: Is the climate changing? yes, it always has How much of it can be attributed to humans? no one can tell you that, and if they claim to know, they're feeding you full of horsesh*t for some ulterior political motive. Is the world going to end because of it? Absolutely positively not. Is it going to create catastrophic weather events that are worse than human history has ever seen? Ridiculous. Now you have the current regime trying to force people onto electric cars as if that's not going to create a whole new set of problems that are more than likely worse than the current set of problems they think they're trying to solve through force (which is called fascism by the way), and here you are spewing the same lefty talking points Speaking of lefty talking points, you should also take a look at the reality behind your claim that blue states subsidize red states And if you don't like that one, how about one from a left-leaning site Or maybe one more: That rather shows that the way that the blue states are run isn't conducive to good living standards for the poorer half of the population, doesn't it? Or, as we might put it, blue, liberal, policies don't actually do what they say on the tin, aren't in fact pro-poor. I've long said that the left doesn't actually care about the poor. They just hate the rich out of envy.
  13. I agree with you, but execution falls on the coaches as well. It's my moderately-educated opinion that Frost's offense required too much of the position players to read the defense and react to the coverage rather than just play and adjust on the fly. Hopefully it's simplified under Whipple and our players can exhibit their talent.
  14. And if the plays are executed properly and work, then it was a perfect play call and the coach is a master mind. Never fails.
  15. You guys and your selective definition of the common good. Cracks me up. As you surely know, individual liberty IS the common good.
  16. More accurate than the regime talking point that it's all Putin's fault
  17. 2 years ago eggs at Aldi were 77 cents. Now they're almost $3... A lot of that is due to avian flu, as well as increased freight charges (due to diesel being so crazy) Protein powder and creatine are at least double the price from 2 years ago as well.
  18. "If red states don't submit to government tyranny, we should tyrannize them harder!!!" -Basically the entire ethos of the Democratic party
  19. Unless Logan wanted to go FCS, I kind of doubt there's another place in P5 where he can go and compete for the starting job. So I think he's here until he's for sure out of consideration to start. Even if he's 3rd string behind Chubba, chances are he sticks around and competes for the starting QB spot next year.
  20. You could also look at it that perhaps the psyche that caused this team to lose all those close games last year can hopefully be erased with all the new pieces in place, especially at prominent positions (starting QB specifically)
  21. BIG ERN beat me to it: Could be as many as 7 to 9 starters directly from the transfer portal, plus a host of other guys who will factor into the 2 or 3 deep rotation. And another at least solid rotation guy if you consider Anthony Grant who is a JUCO transfer. I'd say that's a successful class of transfers. Of course now they all have to put together a cohesive and quality product to put on the field.
  22. No one's getting in bed with him. My position has been pretty clear: 1) There are plenty of criticisms I could level toward Trump, but reasons anti Trumpers use to hate him are largely silly and most times exaggerated & 2) Trump's corruption is no anomaly when it comes to presidents or politicians at large. Almost all of them, especially over the past 100 years, have been pretty horrendously crooked individuals. Most of them just receive cover by the media and the bureaucracies that Trump did not receive. Somehow that makes me a Trump worshipper on this forum... So frankly, if you can't acknowledge the absolutely reasonable points I put forth then I don't really care what you think about my credibility
  23. I'm glad you already knew I trust my wife. Thanks homie
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