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  1. This is just a point of view I can't resonate with.
  2. @admo Do you know when tickets will go on sale to the March 4-5 games and where to buy them?
  3. I personally hope this team turns the corner and starts winning games consistently so Frost can be here for the foreseeable future. But let's be honest, if 2022 is ANOTHER losing record, especially with the easier schedule and the lower buyout amount, how do you justify keeping Frost again? Trev isn't releasing the details of the benchmarks he has agreed to with Frost, so only time will tell, but hopefully we don't have to worry about all that.
  4. I have far less optimism for Nebrasketball than I do for football. That thing is a horrendous product
  5. With the 2022 schedule strength being FAR more favorable than 2021, 6-6 would not even be an improvement. Anything under 6 wins and Frost should be gone for sure. There's an opportunity for the team to start out 9-0 if they quit doing stupid things
  6. Anyone here an engineer or mathematician who has an estimate of what the capacity would end up at if they installed stadium seats throughout?
  7. There are definitely pieces that will be tough to replace, but you can look across every level of the defense and see reason for optimism. Jojo's impact will be awfully tough to replace, but I could see Chinander adjusting the D a bit if he doesn't have a guy he feels good about there. I thought Isaac Gifford did a good job vs Iowa and should have had a big INT but dropped it. As far as NT, I think Riley showed flashes and Ty Robinson is a beast. But if the past year was any indication, this D only plays 2 interior DL until they go against heavy run packages and teams anyways.
  8. This seems to be the assumption, but I for one won't be surprised if the defense takes another step forward in 2022.
  9. No hurry. Just get the best coach you can.
  10. Glad I'm not the only one who noticed
  11. He rarely stepped up in the pocket to allow his tackles to re-engage their blocks. He had a tendency to drift further back instead, or to escape the pocket out the back. Go back and watch the Illinois game, watch AM's footwork and positioning in the pocket, and tell me again that his pocket presence was fantastic.
  12. I'm not making excuses for the line play last year, but it would also help if the QB has pocket presence (knows when to step up), anticipates throws and throws on time, and has a clock in his head to take off and run if nothing is open. Those things were really Adrian's weaknesses a lot, especially late in games.
  13. Frost maybe on track to hire Knox as RB coach: Still gotta get a QB, but other than that, Frost has made every single move he needed to make to improve this team for 2022.
  14. Personally, I'd prefer it to be concrete, something like, power 5 non conf champs with 1 loss, then with 2 losses, etc till they're filled. If you need a tie breaker between 2 teams with the same record, use the tougher ranked SOS. Again, that's just me. That tells teams every single year exactly what they need to do to get in and doesn't leave room for interpretation. But if you must, then use the committee or AP rankings for the other spots
  15. Divisions: I think they're fine the way they are personally but wouldn't have much of an opinion if they were to shake it up again. I'm just happy that it's east and west instead of leaders and legends 8 conference games: whether conferences play 8 or 9 games I think is less important than uniformity. The sec has a huge advantage only playing 8 games, plus padding the November schedule typically with an FCS team. All conferences need to go to the same # of games Playoff: I'm all for expanding the playoff. This year isn't a great argument for that, but most years there's more than 4 teams that deserve to be there. Ideally I'd choose 8 teams with higher seed getting a home site for both 1st round and semifinal, then neutral site for the natty. I'm not opposed to 12 either but it depends on how it's done. The primary issue that needs fixed is the subjectivity of who gets in. They need to do away with the committee entirely and do auto bids based on concrete criteria: 5 power 5 conference champions get in automatically Any undefeated group of 5 schools get next spot(s) Any leftover spots get filled by highest ranked power 5 schools Us playing: it seems like we play just about every year anyways. Nebraska has definitely not had the easiest strength of schedule much since joining the conference. Compare our schedule with Iowa and it's pretty ridiculous... Of course, we can't complain about that too much because we haven't had winning teams recently anyways, but hopefully that changes soon
  16. What do you think of Jordan Riley? He's a big body and I thought he flashed a couple times this year, just didn't get a lot of time with a loaded DL roster
  17. It was a little more in that direction later in the year because we played the heaviest running teams, but for a vast majority of the season, the front 4 was Nelson - Stille/Robinson - Daniels/Thomas - Tannor
  18. Only in short yardage, goal line, and personnel matchups such as against Minn and Wisconsin when they put out heavy packages. Not sure if the stat is out there, but I'd bet we only had 2 DL on the field at least 60% of snaps on defense all year
  19. Our base defense is essentially a 4-2-5 until we go against heavy run packages, or at least it was this year. That gives you Robinson & Rogers, with Hutmacher & Riley behind them. That's not bad IMO.
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