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  1. Anybody know why Palmer didn't play in the senior bowl? I saw a good amount of clips of him torching guys in practice but then he didn't get on the field Saturday for the game
  2. It's a bit of a catch-22 at Nebraska. The scrutiny comes from passion because people care a ton and want the football program to succeed here. At times though it can be pretty overwhelming. It got to Bo and Scott a lot. I think Rhule is gonna handle that a lot better based on what we've seen so far. Not to mention, Rhule's track record of evaluating young coaches as future stars in the profession has been pretty damn impressive to-date. I trust him to do the same here until he proves otherwise.
  3. By far the shortest post I've ever seen from you. +1
  4. I assume that Lane thinks Jimbo ought to point the thumb on those comments
  5. Listened to the HuskerOnline podcast from last night. According to Sean Callahan, sounds like he most likely isn't coming here.
  6. I also think he makes some pretty legitimate points - the biggest one being that we all just kind of expect the big donors to take care of the NIL money. I think the collectives ought to be seeking large numbers of small money monthly donors. Just 100,000 people donating $10 a month to the collectives would have an enormous impact, and I think if done correctly, those numbers could be obliterated.
  7. This is a very eye opening breakdown on Nebraska's NIL as it stands now. In short, we're not near as well set up as we thought, and it's going to take a collective effort from the entire fan base - not just big donors - to make it actually work for us https://herbieshangout.com/2022/12/22/nil-reality-for-nebraska/?amp=1
  8. I've been big on the red-on-red jerseys for a long time now. Also really like the all whites
  9. Freaking awesome! Hopefully the edge guy from Florida is next!
  10. Is this a support role, or an on-field coach? Would seem odd if he was one of the 10 assistants
  11. Just decommitted from Colorado. Are we going after this one since Brahmer isn't in the fold anymore?
  12. From reading the article, I'm picturing an Alvin Kamara type player
  13. Not tackling at the spring game and during practice should have been the biggest red flag of all.
  14. Not sure how Rhule could configure that unless Knighton is an analyst or something
  15. It's been this way most of the year, but when Whitney is on the court the team is a lot better. They get stuck in rotation a lot when Whitney goes to the bench.
  16. I had a dream earlier this week that I talked Trev into shelling out for Urban, so if we're taking dreams seriously...
  17. That's why I said 8-10 and not 11-12 LOL JK A historically bad O line is the main reason, part of which is coaching. But the complete inability by Whipple to scheme around that has been infuriating. And probably the biggest issue the past several years as well has been that they didn't tackle in practice. That's coaching.
  18. There are definitely a lot of needs, don't get me wrong. But this team is a 3 win team. With this exact roster and competent coaching at the beginning of the year, add in wins: Northwestern Georgia Southern Minnesota Purdue Wisconsin That's 8 wins that this team should have right now based on the talent that's in the program right now, with a chance to beat Iowa and get to 9. Could have also beaten Illinois. Now can you imagine what this team could be if we had just an average offensive line?... This team is a long way away from winning the conference, but it's just a quality coaching staff away from 8-10 wins
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