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  1. Maybe for a game here and there. But they never mailed in a season like they did with these other guys.
  2. Before and after Pelini. The team quit on Callahan badly. Pelini put an end to that.
  3. Totally agree. A lot of people agree with it. I remember Bo Schembechler was asked about it in an interview on Detroit TV - and he went off about how ridiculous and unfair to Osborne it was.
  4. When the plane sat on the tarmac and Houston Nutt declined to get on, that was the moment the program 'jumped the shark'.
  5. When Osborne retired, the Husker boosters, AD, Administration, etc. should have recognized that what he accomplished was extraordinary, and could not be maintained, probably not even by him. Instead of expecting nothing less than NC contention every year, they should have looked for, and accepted, something along the Wisconsin or Iowa Model. Find the next Alaverez or Ferentz.
  6. The biggest weakness of Michigan with the two coaches before Harbaugh was no run game. Almost all of their losses to good teams came down to one thing; the other team could run the ball, and Michigan couldn't. Harbaugh improved it, but it took him up until now to get it to an elite level. For a while, he didn't have the kind of studs all across the OL like he had with his best teams at Stanford. But now he has that good - and deep - OL. Has had two starters (different ones week to week) out much of the year, including last Saturday, and they still dominate. He's at least 7, or 8, deep there. And as far as RB's, it started with Hassan Haskins. Brought back that straight ahead, hard nosed - here I come Baby try stopping me - style. A low 3 star that the top teams overlooked because the book on him was he's too slow - something that never showed on the field. And now he's in the NFL. H's been replaced by two other great backs, and for the first time since the Bo lineage, they're loaded at RB and OL. This is the blueprint for Nebraska, but it will take time. That's just the way it is.
  7. I guess this has something to do with the topic, since Lane Kiffen's name comes up. Kiffen made an inexplicable decision that cost Ole Miss the Alabama game. On their last possession, down 6, their running back was on fire. Bama couldn't stop him, and ripped off two long runs, including a 35 yarder, to get down to the Baba 14, first down with two timeouts. Then he never touched the ball again. they tried passes, or maybe it was QB draws, and went backwards. You'd think they would have just handed it to the running back - 4 times in a row even - until Bama showed they could stop him.
  8. I was there. Husker fans took it in stride. Best, most loyal fans in the Big 10. It's because of those loyal fans that the program will be great again some day. None other than Urban Meyer said as much.
  9. You are right about that. Don't see anything to complain about with Michigan's substitutions. Harbaugh kept the starters in in the 3rd up by two scores. So what. He waited until the game was safely put away (Michigan lost a 16 point lead in the 3rd quarter against an underdog Michigan State last year) and then he emptied the bench in the 4th quarter. Like any coach would have done.
  10. That's a reflection on coaching. The 3rd quarter play shows who made the best adjustment at halftime. Fleck is a good coach.
  11. This goes way back, but think it applies. When Michigan State got put on probation in the 70's, they fired Denny Stolz, and then had a good couple decent years under his replacement Darryl Rogers. But Rogers couldn't recruit and fill the cupboard because probation imposed recruiting restrictions. So after Rogers had some success with Stolz's players, the program crashed and burned completely, and Rogers bugged out for Arizona State. The Spartan fans' number one choice Steeler Assistant HC George Perles, and Perles, a Michigan State alum, campaigned hard for the job. Inexplicably, they hired Muddy Waters from Saginaw Valley. Perles was crushed, but his mentor, Duffy Daugherty, told Perles that it was a good thing, because the program was in such bad shape, the the rebuilding would take too long. He said 'You don't want the job now', because this hire would fail too, no matter who it was, and that Perles was better off waiting for the next opening. Which is what happened. Muddy foundered on the field, but he did bring in some decent players, and left the program in better shape than what he inherited. Then Perles did get the job. He did all right and coached for a long time. I think the Huskers are where Michigan State was when they hired Muddy Waters. This next coach can almost be considered interim - a 3 year rebuilder, facing a daunting task, who makes it a better situation for the next guy. Know that's now what everyone wants, but don't expect anyone to turn this around overnight.
  12. If Kansas holds on against the Cowpokes, they'll be bowl eligible. And I think that will leave the Huskers as the P5 team with the longest current streak of no bowl appearances. How did it get to this?
  13. Yeah, no problem. I just ran the numbers on ESPN's predictor, and they show that there is a 0.19% chance of that. Which rounds off to......zero. Something we already knew. 3-9 looks to be the most likely. Iowa now has an offense, Wisconsin seems to be finding it's game after the HC change, and don't even need to mention Michigan in AA.
  14. Starting to look like you're going to get your wish.
  15. Trev would be lucky to get Monken. I can't believe the people who still think there's room to be picky. Seem to have forgotten what happened after Solich was canned. Everyone thought top coaches would be lining up for the job - throwing around names like Bill Parcels and Steve Mariucci - and then a guy named Houston Nutt said no thanks. As weeks went by, losing committed recruits, ended up with a desperation hire in Callahan. You should be thankful if it ends up Monken.
  16. Haven't even seen it yet. Jimbo Fisher and Michigan State's Mel Tucker will blow those numbers away.
  17. If Trev is able to bring in a top tier, proven HC that can rebuild a program, then the worst thing would be if the Huskers ended up 6-6. If they go 6-6 and go to a bowl, then there will be immense pressure to give the job to Mickey, who may well be the right guy, but is still more of an unknown as far as Power 5 HC potential. So, ironically, it'd likely be better in the long run to go 3-9, or 4-8 this year than 6-6. Then again, Frost was a proven Power 5 HC..........
  18. The brand couldn't attract a top tier, highly sought after coach when Solich, Calahan, and Pelini were fired. Frost was highly sought after, but he had the connection. There is no reason to think the brand could attract one now. And as for recruits, a 17 year old recruit wasn't even born the last time the Huskers were a major power. I'd guess kids start playing close attention to College Football when they're 10 to 12 years old. The Huskers haven''t been relevant in college football at all since today's recruits were that age. Money yes. Loyal fan base and enthusiasm, yes. Those are the strong points. Brand name, no indication of that, no.
  19. Yes, happens all the time. They use supposed interest from the pros to get a raise too. When George Perles was at Michigan State, he twice got raises because an NFL team was rumored to be after him - the Packers and the Jets. And not only were the Jets not really the least bit interested in him, but Perles wasn't even much of a coach, and some Spartan fans wanted him out. I'll take the Over.
  20. Yeah. There are a lot of other schools with fans that would love the opportunity to become spoiled.
  21. When two not very good teams play each other, one of them will win. It won't say much, if anything. But, FWIW, projecting for the season, put this one in the Win column.
  22. The Buckeye fans have gotten spoiled, and they were even talking about Day having to 'bounce back' from what was a pretty good year. Did they expect to beat Michigan and/or to go to the BCS every year? Give me a break. They're kind of like the Husker Nation after Osborne left. That being said, the Boy Wonder didn't go through the school of hard knocks like Fleck, Harbaugh, Franklin, and other coaches (including Frost, for that matter) by coaching at lesser programs. He was handed Urban's elite, well oiled machine with an A-List depth chart and a strong brand name for recruiting. My guess is, they'll go through a gradual, but continual decline - they'll still be good, but maybe not enough for the now unreasonable expectations of Buckeye fans.
  23. Another takeaway from Adrian/KSU's big win is that maybe the Sooners, notwithstanding their performance in Lincoln, aren't really all that great after all. Who else had they beaten - UTEP and Kent State. So KSU was the first real test. And they flunked. Good chance they're only a pretty good 8-4 team that hadn't played anyone yet.
  24. OK. Very similar circumstances at time of hire, yes. Not similar in how it panned out.
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