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  1. Coach Pops continues to be such an inspiring voice and model of leadership in sports. Such class!


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    2. zoogs


      Ah, I see. I guess I don't follow the NBA nearly close enough to be aware of anything other than Pop's commentary on broader social issues. 


      Are private role models any better than public role models? I think all that's needed is some realism when it comes to models. They aren't unimpeachable, but there are specific things about them that we can find very admirable. Sometimes they themselves don't live up to the stands they set. Such is human, and we (may) change our views on them accordingly. 


      Something I really appreciate about Pop is how effectively he can reach such a broad spectrum of people. It's his unique position as a powerful figure in sports. He (and Steve Kerr) can say the same things that, say, if it were some young minority journalist penning an op-ed for HuffPo they might be reflexively attacked as some kind of SJW.


      Pop's position commands respect from those same people, and he's using it to provide really valuable leadership. He shows that you can be someone in his shoes and "get it", in what appears to be a thorough and heartfelt way.

    3. RedRedJarvisRedwine


      Pop is a clown. And his best player tim Duncan is a clown also. 

    4. Atbone95


      Pop's (very political) statements on broader social issues are dumb too.