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  1. This is THE ONLY Miami Heat team I have ever liked......... since the days of Rony Seikaly (born in Greece, played college ball at Syracuse). Early 90's in the pros, 6'11 center. Went up against Ewing, Olajuwon, Shaq, Laimbeer, etc, etc, etc...... Ask your parents about him. The dude had 34 rebounds in one game !!! He loved running the floor, banging in the paint, blocking shots, dunking, and being a physical force around the rim. Crazy how ppl forget about him. Also became a GS Warrior
  2. Didn't get to see it but from my understanding is that Max Anderson had a very slight lead for the Big Ten Batting leader (AVG). Hope he had a great game!
  3. Nice. The next step is to wait 3 years until he is competing as RSoph. That's a long time from now unfortunately but should be expected. Unless he doesn't redshirt. Nothing against the kid, I just don't think we will see another 4 year starter at QB learning the ropes on the job (how to be P5 QB in Big Ten in his first or second year on campus).
  4. Nothing wrong thinking LA was going to win. We all got fooled into it. I think everyone thought LA would win because that's what the league wanted and expected them to do......and the Lakers are a really good team. I mean, even the NBA commissioner (Silver) was at the game with Disney/ESPN CEO (Igor) sitting next to him..... in Los Angeles for game 3. However, the Nuggets didn't get the memo that they have to lose, and proved they are the better team. Poetry
  5. Nuggets have shown they are the better team. All of the media, the writers, the Lakers coaching and players - including NBA fans - are all asking and wondering what the break/fix is for L.A... Like there is a solution if they can figure out the root cause of the problem. After a few games of troubleshooting, the root cause for the Lakers losing is that the Nuggets are better. From the media, writers, Lakers, coaches and fans.... they look at this as coming up short in a high scoring game, a low scoring game, and lastly, when the other team has its best player in foul trouble without producing, and their most explosive scorer goes cold in second half. The bottom line is this. LA is a really good team and I don't think anyone in the West would beat them in this championship run................. except the Nuggets. And Denver has played better basketball overall then them through 3 games. Hot starts, cold starts, it doesn't matter. The Nuggets are better, play better, and have better coaching keeping them focused. Nothing against LA, but the real story is the Nuggets. One win away from winning the series, with 4 possible games left to play. And Denver hasn't even played a full good game yet.
  6. New era - Nebraska vs USC thanksgiving Friday !!! (or Nebraska vs UCLA - either would be so cool. And better football weather every other year) Plus, who wouldn't want to enjoy an occasional Thanksgiving weekend in SoCal
  7. Don't forget... it a Friday Night game !
  8. That's very ballsy.... Stay focused
  9. LMBO !!! The kindness from the voice in tweet sounds a bit like that admo guy
  10. Fast forward......... after 4 games the Nuggets and Lakers will be tied 2-2. That's just how the NBA does big business. With best of 3 following and lots of storylines and possibilities to talk about, while keeping the eyes on the TV/games. We've all seen it before, been there and done that (script). Rooting for Nuggets tonight regardless. Let's see how this super fun matchup unfolds...... Might even see NBA officials getting more involved in the drama/outcome of this one. Because one team will need calls........to help them early on...... to keep it close and shake up the games rhythm........ And that would be sad to see
  11. Purdue ??? More like Purdueshbags !!! Go Huskers !!!!1!!!
  12. Nothing but love and respect. This Crew might be the best ever talking NBA stuff @AZRaiderH8r@sho @Guy Chamberlin @Jason Sitoke @suh_fan93 They know their stuff, they speak up, they share, they don't get bothered...... and they understand the game. The Past and The Present. The good and the bad. The officiating and the phony drama. It is so good.
  13. One of my fav players ever. NCAA placed a 10 year mandatory ban on him in 2003 from associating with Michigan. He played in 1992-1993. Got $200, 000 from a booster. The entire fab five received $600k collectively. Boosters have done this for decades, but now the NCAA gives these same things a name - NIL - and they are ok with it these days. Like, finally. Amazing player, good kid, played hard, got some money from the boosters like a lot of kids did under the table........ had a nice NBA career...... called some NBA games as an analyst fairly well for TNT...... and when the 10 year ban was lifted, he finally got to set foot on Michigan campus after 2013. NCAA......and the courts. My man, Chris Webber, from Detroit, took some money from a booster. Big deal. It was never an issue back then and it's perfectly ok today. The most talented high school kids are getting paid to commit to a school and it's all good Just don't ban them !
  14. Totally agree about the officiating and it was refreshing. They let them play and both teams almost scored 130 each ........ In a conf finals playoff game Loved it...... AD was really great...... Yokic was unbelievable..... 1-0 Nuggets..... First to "4 wins" goes to the championship and both teams look deserving so far
  15. Lakers are not at home. Will be interesting to see how the league and officials help Anthony Davis get to the free throw line and change up the pace...... The whistle will blow when AD has the ball in his hands and is near the paint. Happens a lot so pay attention. A little contact does not mean automatic foul call. That just means preferred superstar treatment and the game needs to be close.
  16. Sad but you are right. They both dribble the ball a lot and put up stats during their career..... But I think that's about it. Basketball hall-of-fame lets everybody in lately. Ben Wallace, Toni Kukoc, Manu Ginobli, Hardaway... Bosh, Tony Parker, McGrady. Good players, real good some years, and some all-star years for sure, but not hall of fame. Note: As Colin Cowherd said the other day (paraphrasing)... "Remember when you all ripped me apart years ago and told me that Westrbook's triple doubles equate to an MVP? Ok well, what about Jokic?" ..... The smile on Cowherd's face was priceless.
  17. This is around the exact same time he committed to OSU.... almost to the day. I don't have any insight, but it would be funner to think it was all about negotiations behind the scenes lol. That would be our only real hope and wishful thinking. I wish the kid all the best and success going forward. If it was me, if I walked onto USC campus, met the Heisman Winner, the coach, and then also the National Champs (Georgia) with their talent level, I know it wouldn't take that long to decide. Maybe a few weeks at most (months ago). To take this long to make a decision is not that hard. West Coast, Southeast, or come to the Midwest. You literally cannot go wrong. Plus, the kid still has his senior year to play. Georgia ain't going to stop recruiting QBs for you, nor will USC. This also feels like a CF transfer portal player in a few years....... going through the process again and landing at OU or Kentucky or Michigan or Tennessee or Oregon or wherever.
  18. Oh I agree. The Big Ten is ugly football and boring. Until we can play up to the level of OSU and Michigan, we have to go back and embrace field position, kicking, punting, play-action passes to the TE, running clock...... and doze off during games until the final 4 minutes of game. I'm pretty sure most know me on here as "pass the damn ball guy". But, as it is, we have to keep up with the Joneses. With Illinois, Minn, NW, Iowa, Wisc, Mich St, etc, etc. Special Teams play, using the clock, coming up with turnovers..... win 20-17
  19. He one of my favorites in the game, top 3 for sure. Looks like the Huskers whacked some pitches too !
  20. Yes, echoing what @Jason Sitoke said..... Keep your chin up @Guy Chamberlin because yall have pwned the NBA as a real legacy champ! I also feel the NBA wanted Suns to play Lakers. But the #1 seed Denver Nuggets said..... "Nah man, that's not happening" Yall Lakers got to go Thru the Nuggets now, and they get 4 at home. Even if the officials travel with LA..... you know.... for NBA championship TV goals .......... But I still like Denver Nuggets in the Western Conf Finals....... even if it not popular to admit.
  21. Thank you, I don't know why I thought the Lakers were traveling to SF. That's why I liked GS.... Had I realized it was in LA then I would have thought it was a close out game for Lakers. I got my playoff signals incorrect lol.
  22. You have to bet a steak and potato with butter and fixins to win a steak. Or You bet a steak to win a steak and Jessica Alba.
  23. Tonight - GS for the win! Excited to see this game
  24. Let's help our staff out... and just jack them out
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