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  1. A relatively little-known small college HC who becomes the next Urban Meyer (in terms of success). Please.
  2. It crossed my mind multiple times over his tenure that the Akron storm butterflied that regime. "Where would the Huskers be had that storm not passed over Lincoln?" I'd ask. As it turns out, they'd still be in Lincoln. And they'd also be terrible, because only when a regime is over do we plebs hear the wacky s#!t these wackjobs do with their widdlydo's.
  3. Just need to do that. No big deal. Just ~half the starters.
  4. Addition by subtraction. Let's cut the fat. We won't miss them anyways. That's what we always say. Then we wonder why there's no development from our roster.
  5. Why do people care what apparel corporation we're affiliated with? Kind of a girly thing, tbh.
  6. Never did I see evidence of even the physical "NFL traits" or "NFL physique" that Manning supposedly had. He may have had potential, but that's all. Betts, though, f#&% if that doesn't bum me out every day. Dude was a gazelle version of Randy Moss. No exaggeration. He could have been so special.
  7. Culture? That is something we as outsiders can never predict beforehand or assess with ongoing regimes. Frost blasted the Riley culture when he took over; we believed Frost would instill "traditional, blue-collar, hard-working culture." Instead (and only officially known to us outsiders once Frost was fired) Frost's culture was to give little effort. This is a common occurrence with new regimes across CFB and the NFL - we can't predict culture. Blue-collar? That's a buzzword in regards to football. What the hell is a blue-collar team supposed to be? Eating from a lunch-pail during halftime? Players going to the mines with their canaries on their Sundays off? I greatly respect those in blue-collar workforces, but it doesn't apply to a university team of kids. Traditional? We shouldn't practice the way these kids' grandpas did. We shouldn't model everything the way things were done under Tom 30+ years ago, or under Bob over a half-century ago. This would put us behind all other football programs - who utilize modern sports sciences, weight lifting programs, and nutrition programs. Imagine if a school, a hospital or a contractor took this approach. All we should ask for is a: - program that gives 100% effort. - coaches who give 100% effort. - players who give 100% effort.
  8. Yup. If we win either/both of those, Frost is likely around for the next three games and we might have lost to Indiana and/or Rutgers. Losing to Ga Southern in such a fashion scars the program, but it is better that we started the healing earlier.
  9. Trev's already stated he first and foremost wants a coach that's a developer (in contrast to a recruiter). Let's try to be realistic, here.
  10. Disregarding his mumblings toward us (the words of which I’ve forgotten), I’d like to inquire about Paul Chryst if Wisky goes full Nebraska and fires him.
  11. Bro, nobody cares that we were a good team a 50-25 years ago. No functioning adult is going to give that weight when making a large career choice. It’s best if we as fans understand what we offer candidates now. It’s not pretty, but it is better than you getting upset when we don’t hire Meyer, the OP when we don’t hire Sanders, or when we can’t even inquire into Saban (because yes, I’ve seen multiple Nebraska fans ask for us to contact him).
  12. Calling these two celebrities isn’t to demean them, it’s to highlight how some fans are going about this search. It’d be similar to asking for Saban. Big name, obviously great coach, but not realistic and only brought up because they’re well known. Sanders is doing great and is at a college he wants to be at for non-football purposes. Why would he want to come here? Same with Urban, why would he want to come here? You want to know a better job for him? Nearly any that will be open. We have a strikingly bad setup: large spotlight, big expectations, starting with bare cupboards with less than ideal resources. He might he mail by more money at ESPN than he’d make here, and he has no ties to Nebraska, geographical or otherwise. Literally why would he come here? It seems there’s a good chance we could not even sway Lance from freaking Kansas if we wanted to.
  13. I know this is a joke, but: this coaching hire isn’t a celebrity wanted ad. Sanders is a great fit at Jackson St and there’s not much here for him. Urban has been an elite college coach but any critical thinking can tell you that isn’t what Trev wants and Urban will have jobs that are better fits for him.
  14. It can always get worse. Sports fans’ folly. Thats not to say we shouldn’t take the risks we deem necessary to take to become better, though. If that is how Trev and Mickey feel, then that’s that.
  15. This is something I've noticed in general. Back in my day, it'd be fun to look forward to player's futures. If they flash as an underclassmen, you know they'd be even better as an upperclassmen. Anymore with this team, players peak in one year and are washed afterward. Then we lose or replace them and it's "We'll be better with the new guy." Rinse repeat. Speaks to a lack of development. I hear you. Regardless of our sentiments now, there's always a give and take. Most of us here don't have the team insight to know how losing a coach (DC in this case) will affect the product, but precedence tells us players won't be behind this and there will be an uptick in players feeling their ties cut.
  16. A bit shocked by the defense's slide this year. Chins was the one coach who seemed to truly improve each year. But all the same, this needed to happen at some point this year.
  17. Would love to pull Jim Leonhard from Wisconsin. To their fanbase, he's their heir apparent to Paul Cryst (and for good reason). Snagging him would help to begin making up for Alvarez. Also would like Matt Campbell.
  18. One big difference between Moos and Trev is that Trev won’t value a candidate being the fan favorite. If he picks Meyer, then Meyer is truly the best for the program. But because I’m betting Meyer’s not, Trev’s going to hire someone better
  19. 1. Enjoy your NFL-paid-for SB. 2. He’s been the Rams OC for one game and they looked disastrous.
  20. I’d like to roll the dice and get a great up-and-coming young coach (not like it’s ever failed). Let’s build a new identity with a fresh start. No to the Stoops and Meyers of the world.
  21. How do you know that underneath his helmet, Coleman isn't
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