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  1. We, Nebraska, have been s#!tting the bed for a quarter of a century. We get our high off flinging it at others. How about instead of flinging it, we get our s#!t together?
  2. Seriously, just the fold this sad program.
  3. Been watching the entirety of the 2001-current downslide. Can we just fold our football program?
  4. He was in his fourth year of college football. Countless schools don't have a QB specific coach. He should not have been so reckless relative to all other QB's in Division I. He shoulders plenty of blame.
  5. This is all assuming we play every year with this schedule. And in the worst P5 division. Starting next year, the B1G adds multiple schools with better outulooks than us. Our division will be harder than it is now for the foreseeable future. Our schedule will probably never be easier. This team needs a s#!t ton to just be relevant.
  6. Everyone says this about their programs, up to the second best in any sport. Stop it. As a team, we (and any losing team) must admit what we’re doing is ineffective, put in the work to understand why, and put in the work to fix it. No one else is to blame. No mysterious force against any team exists. There is luck, but it will meet the mean over time. At the end of the day, long term, you are what you make yourself. Twenty years of poor play leaves us no one to blame.
  7. Kudos, but it was easy to predict a Sims’ turnover. His rate has been much higher than even HH’s. It was a fair second chance, but we need to clean our hands of him.
  8. This. I will smack those words back into people’s mouths with a corncob.
  9. Dude, all of you talking about Sims, sit down. He should be the 106th player we put in at QB.
  10. Sims sucked worse than anyone we’ve had in a long time. If need be, should’ve put in Purdy.
  11. Sims’ play was without a doubt the worst QB play I’ve seen from Nebraska. I want us to stick with HH, but I’m gladly go to Chubba or anyone before Sims.
  12. Is that Prince Amukamara doing Omaha 7 weather forecast?
  13. This. The Sims experiment was ungodly hard to watch... I think some of you blocked it out of your memory.
  14. Perhaps you're correct; I wasn't watching close enough at Colorado to determine why a number of his ball placements were far from the target (if it was inaccuracy or if it was misran routes/micommunication). But without knowing said passes were due to the latter, I greatly question his accuracy moving forward against talented secondaries.
  15. Colorado went from a bottom ten team to being ranked in the top 20 next week. There are likewise turnarounds every year in CFB.
  16. better offenses /= more points given up. We play in the B1G, so the ppg will go down just because of slower offensive pacing. That said, if we continue turning the ball over at least once a quarter, then yeah... the ppg will be ugly.
  17. Is this even a viable option in 2023? So many of our (and every college's) freshman will transfer at some point. So many will not develop. By the time said freshman make their mark down the road, we'll already have been decimated on the field due to not bringing in quick starters that the future recruiting classes will just get worse.
  18. Sanders is erratic with his accuracy and that stunted multiple Colorado drives today. Their run game was non-existent for the majority of the game. I expect the majority of our opponents to have better all-around offensive play.
  19. I'm with you. Improvement isn't even a given from year 1 to year 2 of a coaching regime (look how our offense went backward under Frost; we technically lost our minimum number of games with Pelini in his first year, etc). Let's stop with the cliche and look at what, if anything, is being built for a better 2024+. This 0-2 start is going to hurt recruiting, especially QB recruiting. It's going to hurt our momentum for the rest of the current schedule. Rhule is losing fan support. So what is currently being developed for next year+? Are we as fans supposed to just believe that it's stuff we can't see and are we supposed to just go with the "it takes time to rebuild" cliche? Note: I'm not saying we fire Rhule. Obviously that's stupid at this point and for the forseeable future. I just expect more out of a coach at this point.
  20. If Sims is the prototype, Rhule prioritizes the wrong aspects at QB (i.e., athleticism over being a QB). There has been no tailoring of the offense to Sims' skillset by Satterfield. Sims is our biggest issue right now, but even when we move on from him, Satterfield will continue to dampen the O. Our defense showed moxie, but Colorado and especially Minnesota are two of the worst offenses we'll face this year (and Colorado still had several offensive TD's). I can't say we've learned yet that they're very good.
  21. People said the same thing with Riley and Frost. "This is a rebuild, wait until their second year." Then in their second year onward, they would lose to first-year head coaches.
  22. Sims is his most "his player" guy on the roster, lol. I know Rhules' track record at Temple and Baylor. I don't see development or priority in the right areas. No one can say how his tenure will ultimately go, but an analysis of how this team plays, Rhules' decision to bring in Sims, and being 0-2 in two of our easiest games points a very bleak trajectory.
  23. Yup. He seems self-centered and to act in his own self interest... but that's the worst I can say of him objectively, and that describes most athletes and coaches. It seems most don't like his loud personality, and that's a general cultural difference.
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