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  1. #3. Preparing for national relevance, I think Huskers® presents best. I've always thought the block N is somewhat dead when seen on TV. Let's be honest, Herbie is our version of "Sooie Pig!" ...cue Dana Altman throwing up a little bit in his mouth.
  2. I think they did the basketball game the other night.
  3. ...that an ugly game in the snow will be easy to remember as the end of the beginning.
  4. So... how many new little huskers will be born on or about 9/3/18? (I'm outta that game, but my neighbor's 3 kids line up precisely with the last 3 National Championships -for real!)
  5. This, sir, is an excellent question! (...bend the damned bill overnight and you're good to go!)
  6. I think we really need to throw props at some point to Bounds and Green for beginning ALL OF THIS by finding and bringing in Moos. All has been well-planned before showing SE the door...
  7. Nope. The climate is the toxic one in where fans claim the team and the game as their own. The fans don't train, practice, sweat, bleed, take the bus rides, study the playbook, do the strength and conditioning, feel the pain, etc., etc., yet the feel like they are a HUGE part of it because they have cable, buy a shirt, or plunk their @$$ down on a seat. College football was supposed to be for the college students. Unfortunately, college students don't have the income, so marketing morphed it into a way to milk fans of their cash. In return, a 50 year old overweight and out of shape man
  8. Late to it, but damned good discussion guys...Accountability, I am totally with you in all of your expressed thoughts. I would offer this in addition to what Barry Switzer said about 'the Jimmy's and Joe's"... There's something intangible in college football about what the total 'energy' is on the sideline (screw offense or defense) ...there just is. TM sucks that energy out of the whole team for some reason. Honest to God I don't know why, but he does. TM's impact is significant enough to bring down Pelini's tenure at Nebraska. I believe that. Knapp, I have never seen you so wro
  9. No matter... Set 'em up and knock 'em down consistently is the only thing that will return us to top flight of recognized teams. The rest of this is just too much 'statistics' for me. There is no bias or magic chemistry here fellas (imho)... If there is some, it's just midseason crap that always shows up. The other conferences will end up beating the hell out of themselves in coming weeks. We handle our schedule, we end up where we should be.
  10. Going with this... So if 'the Horseshoe' was sold, what would the Huskers now touch on their way out?
  11. The story goes that the horseshoe was found in the dirt when the Husker played Notre Dame in 1922 at Nebraska Field, Memorial Stadium's predecessor. The Huskers beat Notre Dame that year. When the two teams met again in 1923 the Huskers touched the "lucky horseshoe" on their way to the field before the game. It worked, and the Huskers won again, making them the only team in history to have defeated the vaunted "Four Horsemen" twice. It was hung up over the doorway leading out of the locker room after that year so the players could easily touch it as they entered Memorial Stadium, and it
  12. Partially right 0ver 80% of tackles arent face to face, they are at some type of angle But again you tackle with your feet, putting youreself in close enough proximity to be able to lower your hips and roll your hips through contact When you are slow to the ball (poor read, poor speed, poor body control or poor angles), you arent close enough to lower/roll the hips, hence all the whiffs, arm tackling and diving ...if you only really see 4.5 or better speed on Saturdays.
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