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  1. We're going to be disappointed, aren't we?

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    2. Mavric


      I'm sure some will.  That's all but unavoidable.


      But I actually don't think so for the most part.  I actually think it's very good news that some of those that seemed to be leading candidates just got extensions.  That's usually a sign that they were being wooed by another school and got an extension to stay where they are.  So that seems to mean that we have our choice pretty much locked in and it's likely a pretty decent hire.

    3. admo


      I was disappointed that Frost didn't work out :cry


      I am disappointed that it won't be Mickey Joseph :cry


      Otherwise, it will be someone meh, so no, not disappointed whoever will be announced as next coach.


      Still going to be a great fan of the huskers.  

    4. Loebarth


      @admo .. ditto

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