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  1. Homesickness is a real thing for a lot of people. I almost wonder if it is something that does/should fall under a health type category. It can be a real shock to be far from home/loved ones.
  2. I agree...the idea of saving a guy for his 5th year is nuts. With leaving early, injuries, transferring and getting recruited over there is no reason to save a guy for 5 years later.
  3. It is not bad, it is great. I want the stock market up...I want unemployment down and I want the economy strong. But if you hate Trump...and he has all 3 of those going "his way"...well...it is reelection time.
  4. https://www.simplypsychology.org/asch-conformity.html Here is why.
  5. I am soooo in!!! My buddy was totally shocked at his [email protected]!e apt "friends" They were all just looking for that freebie.
  6. Jobs up...stock market "okay"... If you hate Trump...you don't want to see this.
  7. And angry teen??? Have you had her start listening to The Cure...because that seemed to work for all of them in the 80's
  8. I know! I have not even think of using "Siri" as a bit...but I will now! It is like the new "I will take, blowing your built up goodwill for 500, Alex"
  9. Uggg...that is way more clever than just calling him a dong!
  10. I think his "tough guy" persona made him really popular for that short amount of time. I think people sort of wanted to see someone stand up to Trump and he did.
  11. I do find a bit of humor in the fact that sooooo many dorks were in love with this loser last month...and now they see what a dong he really is... He has been a dong forever but he got some weird free pass for 30-60 days.
  12. Maybe one of the most remarkable rise/fall stories in politics, ever. s#!t a month ago people were in love with this dork.
  13. I read that Barry's has over 5,000 people come through their doors on gameday. 5 dollars each, 25,000 right there. 175,000 just at the door for games...not counting the spring game. Think how much each person spends once inside. They can't make that revenue up. There is a reason all those bars (well almost all) open at 8 or 9am on gameday.
  14. Yep... Losing to Purdue makes that Cincy game a big deal. Beating Purdue sets the tone to beat Cincy with ease.
  15. That Purdue game will set a tone. They can't start off 0-1.
  16. I really thought that by today it would have really died down but it doesn't seem to be happening. I have to admire the peaceful protesters ability to keep it up.
  17. I could not imagine being a landlord in some places right now. My buddy lives in a complex in Cali...and before all this even started his fellow renters already started a group chat about never paying rent again. He was like "Ummm, why? If you can pay your rent, you should be paying"
  18. I wonder how many college towns could survive a year with no students/games for a year. I would have to think that for a lot of college towns, a home game Saturday (6-7 of them) makes up a huge % of their rev for the year.
  19. Oh my...please do not think that a D1 300 pound lineman is ANYTHING LIKE the 300 pound guy you know from your work.
  20. Shopping and the gym...I have done that. That is about it so far but really that is about all I would do anyway. I love day drinking but have not really had the chance to do that yet.
  21. I am not terrified of cops. Now, if you want to get me started on firemen and how ridiculously compensated they are for all the work they don't do, well, I will be happy to start a new thread.
  22. As in every profession there are good and bad "ones" and in every profession the god totally make up a large % while the bad make up a small %. If you think every single cop is bad...the problem is probably in the mirror.
  23. Okay, I don't know a lot of the reporters names, I know some of you do, but which reporter is going to be the first to ask Trump... "President Trump, to show your compassion, will you also please take a knee to show your support?" Whichever reporter asks that will be A LEGEND!
  24. They just better not piss of Germany...their national pastime is beating up the French. Why are the streets of France lined with trees? So the Germans can march in shade. Ha
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