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  1. There are songs, that are just iconic. And the age of the song or the age of the people in attendance almost don't matter.
  2. It is not used a BC, it just isn't. On the "Abortion only if raped" card would you be okay with that being used and all the girl has to do is check a box, saying she wants the abortion for "private" reasons, with no questions asked, no proof needed, no arrest, no trial, no nothing, just her checking the box that the reason she wants the abortion is "Private" Would you be okay with that?
  3. I mean, I get it,. I think we all get what she is saying/means. They are getting crushed at the moment and it is an issue for that area, her choice of words maybe come off as a bit harsh but they are also well meant. Opportunity there, as of right now, probably sucks. So head to another area of the US where there is better opportunity.
  4. No no no. I am saying IT IS NOT SA. It falls under the "definition" of SA but I don't think it is just as you don't think it is. So, are you saying the character did something inappropriate? Because your first sentence says that I am being absurd and it was not inappropriate. See the issue, if we teachers take one side on this topic, we lose, if we take the other side on the topic, we lose.
  5. I bet everyone loves our "teacher talk" posts! Haha
  6. Okay, I just got a 72 or 80 incher in my class and I LOVE it. Has netflix, Prime, you name it! We were joking about bringing in booze and watching Husker games here. Is the shop basically away from the rest of the school or at least the administration?
  7. MFer! Hit the jackpot! Do you have your own little fridge and coffee maker???
  8. The depiction of her advances would fall under SA. The last 3 "scenes". You asked if it was molesting or not. Which means now you have to explain that to students. this seems like something teachers don't need to have on their plate. No books should be banned.
  9. Those jeans...SOOOO FLATTERING! Ha It is so unfair that PE teachers, who NEVER play or run in class, get to dress like Fetterman. But I don't, just because I teacher Super AP College Level NASA Math. I get it for shop teachers though. I subbed for a shop class one period. The place was clean but still dirty, you know? s#!t do you have your own office in the shop???
  10. I even the most Covid Loving people have to admit this is a huge waste of money. Right?
  11. While I do not agree, by definition this would fall under SA. Sexual Assaults include any type of unwanted sexual activity expressed by one person toward another either overtly or in a subtle manner. With that said, so does a boy mooning another boy in the locker room. But I again do not agree that it is SA. Just that the definition is broad enough to create a rather sticky situation. I had an "incident" years ago, two guys horse-playing before practice in the locker room. One of the kids ended up on the ground and the other kid hit is butt. Both kids were clothed and I think in pads already, I can't remember. Seemed like no big deal But then it was. Kid got booted from school for it and "SA" was brought up in a meeting. Seemed insane to me.
  12. I was there and saw it live...I don't know if they show it on TV or not but it was really cool.
  13. It has to be hard to find "that song" I would not want to be in charge of trying to make 90k people get all geeked up.
  14. I agree. It is why we need "normies" out of teacher/education. If you don't teach you don't need to get involved in education. Normies don't know what it is like, how could they? It is like when normies try to tell cops how to police. Ummmm, they don't know what it is like to be a cop, so shut up. Now, I think we all agree we can stick our nose in when it comes to firefighters but that is clearly different. 99% of their job is sleeping, lifting weights, walking around the parking lot listening to podcasts, washing the trucks (or their own trucks) and making food...or and watching sports. 99% of normies are totally fine. As you know. It is the 1% that ruin it for everyone.
  15. KISS played music to get fans and make money. Which is really what ll bands do but they just admitted it. Such a contrast compared to the grunge bands of the 90's that acted like they were doing the fans a favor by showing up for a concert and standing there on stage doing almost nothing. Or like those loser bands that acted like they got into music for the "art" and to "send a message"...instead of fame, cash and banging girls. KISS wanted the fans to be happy, while also treating them like they were living ATM's.
  16. Ha...go put your Carhart overalls on and get to work! Ohhhh tomorrow is a "jeans day"
  17. Interesting, I had always felt that there were a few "rock" bands that no one "hated", not saying you hate them but you get the idea...I don't mean they were loved by all, I just mean that they were not hated. Guns N Roses Def Leppard KISS AC/DC Rolling Stones
  18. My class read this, for 10 years, this part was never in the version we read. 8th graders at the time. I would 100% have skipped it if it was in the version I had to read. There would be no way I would be dealing with the kids (especially the boys) insane reactions.
  19. I never really thought about it like that, that his PE teacher outfit was intentional but you might be right. I do not think that how a person dresses impacts the work that they do but he might be doing it as a sideshow act, which does change things a bit.
  20. Haha! I swear I saw them in an old Sears catalog!
  21. I totally get it, but then who decides what is or is not okay to wear? I think he dresses like a PE teacher but I sort of love that about it because I would love to dress like that, except I would do jeans and a short sleeve shirt, I love jeans.
  22. I get it, I do, but the idea of a dress code, in my opinion, is starting down a slippery slope. Hillary Clinton, in my opinion, dressed more offensively, but I don't think she should have had to change.
  23. I can appreciate your passion but I can't agree. The idea that YOU could tell a 14 year old girl who had sex and got pregnant and that she now HAD TO CARRY A BABY FOR 9 MONTHS and then she had to decide what to do with that kid after it was born. That is crazy talk, which you know, but you are passionate about it and that is awesome, it just clouds your judgement, as it should. This is a one gender issue OR since dudes can be girls, it is a pregnant person issue only. And you don't need to agree with me, abortion is always going to happen, no matter what guys want to happen.
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