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  1. If you can't see the difference between food stamps and college loans it is because you don't want to see the difference and that id fine but everyone knows there is a difference. But we can move on past that. A teacher in OPS, starting out, will make 50,500 or 3,367 dollars a month after taxes (coach one sport and you can add in another 3-4K if not more). A pretty avg college loan is 500 a month. Is that more than doable? Yeah, it is. If I had a loan (or any debt, which I do) would I want the G'ment to pay it back for me? Yes, 100%, yes please. A kid going off to college is not sooooo stupid that they can't understand what a loan is or that they will have to pay it back. What they are stupid about is the kind of money they might (or might not) make AND what to spend their money on after they get that first job. 1,200 dollar apt in the cool fun area or a practical 800 dollar apartment. A used Honda Accord for 200 a month OR a new cool truck for 550 a month. Again, I am all for the G'ment paying off my debt and I HOPE they do it for me. If they are going to start with college loans, okay, just move on to CC debt and home loans next.
  2. Nice! That new NVDA dividend I think is just a compliance thing. Like you said, it is not a dividend stock at all. The 10-1 split will be interesting, should be a lot of volume on it two weeks.
  3. Remember when people thought that their sanctions would ruin PSU for like 50 years! haha You want to ruin a team...you take away home games. That is it. That is the only punishment that matters.
  4. Yeah, I think my latest Friday class at UNL was 1pm??? But that even seems late
  5. June 6th NVDA is going to split 10-1 Shares will be around 100 each BUT options trading will be insane on it because it will be so much cheaper. They are CRUSHING expectations. This f#&%ing stock is defying all odds and tripled this year.
  6. I ended up with crippling debt from CC's. I would not wish that on anyone. It was horrible. I don't think most people with CC are ignorant though and I don't think most people with college debt are ignorant, not towards the debt part anyway, but some are ignorant towards the major. I work with more than a few teachers that went to places like Creighton and paid 5 times what it would have cost them at UNO... Again, I am all for the G'ment giving me (or anyone else) money for their debts. I welcome it! And of course you don't think people want to be on food stamps, you are normal and sane. But there are a lot of people that do think that, because they are horrible people.
  7. My guess, most people don't choose to go on food stamps... Unless you think people getting food stamps want to live that way. With that said, if I had student loan debt I would LOVE for it to disappear, just like any debt that I have. 100% for anything that helps me.
  8. Credit Card debt is evil. I got in over my head once before.
  9. This is why the % will be the same 51ish to 46ish but the raw number of votes will be way down. There was enthusiasm to vote last time...there is not this time.
  10. I do wonder what a Friday night game in Lincoln will look like. I imagine classes will be "cancelled" at least anything in the afternoon. The bars that normally do not open until evening are all going to open early Tailgating lots will be opened up by...1pm? Game will be done my 11 at the latest which means a huge rush to the bars and restaurants. If you are in Omaha, what time are you heading to Lincoln? On a Saturday, most everything is open by 9am but that won't be the case on a Friday.
  11. This is actually a great idea. The hotels for Husker games are booked as soon as they can be booked. And those are always two night stays Friday-Sunday. Now you are going to have fans that have to show up on Thursday or change flight times or travel plans.
  12. There is always that "Friday is for HS games" stuff and I get that, especially if you have a kid playing but that is like whining about a wedding on a Husker game day. Do the right thing, go to your kids game, you will be fine. Orrrr, if your kid sucks and doesn't play, just TELL him you went to his game, he won't know.
  13. If anything...one is WAY worse (Huskers going 0-12, way worse)
  14. Sure...so why be doom and gloom (not you) about it. The Huskers COULD go 0-12 this year...but I am not sitting here shaking and being worried about it.
  15. Poland, for the most part, has done everything right since the early 90's. In 30 years they have thrived (they did have a crazy drug problem but I guess they have cleaned it up).
  16. Why college though? Why not home loans? There are more people that are "literally" being crush by mortgages. Why not 35K to them? How many people would 100% be on board with getting 35K to use towards your house and/or home loan?
  17. I agree, it is hard to tell. There is no reason to think that Trump has gained supporters or that he will sniff the amount of votes he got last time. Just like there is no reason to think that JB has lost major support in Georgia.
  18. I am still willing to bet that none of us here know a NEW trump voter, first time ever voting for him will be in 24. As far as I know, I don't know one.
  19. Sorry, I know NO NEW MAGA's. And he will still be down from 4 years ago but yes he will win the state. So the #'s, even here, are dwindling for him.
  20. Well, I think honest people look at themselves first. How are things going (economically) "for me", because face it, that is the most important thing first. So, like I said, if I was doing a poll right now and my biggest concern was buying a house...I would "hate" how the economy was going right now, which would influence how I answered the question. If I was not looking for a house but say I owned 10 rental homes, I would think the economy was awesome right now. The ONLY thing I don't like right now, is the cost of s#!t at the stores. My 401k is fire. My fun account is fire. My interest rates that I got are insanely low. Gas prices don't really bother me because I made the mistake of buying a car meant for a 16 year old girl. So putting any stock or merit in those poll questions can really be a bit of a fools errand. If I got polled about the economy right now I would give it two thumbs up. My friend that just got divorced had to move out and is now renting a "starter" home for more than what his awesome home cost each month...he is gonna give it two thumbs down. Because again, most of us look at our situation first.
  21. NVDA announced 10-1 split’ its taking off in the after market! and now it’s falling back to earth
  22. I got 1 (that I have seen) trump flag in my neighborhood and 1 "Lock him up" anti-trump flag and a super f#&%ing lame Iowa/NU flag, half and half
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