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  1. Anyone doing anything different at home because of the rioting/looting? Like, having a gun ready, making sure doors are locked all the time, making sure the car(s) are inside the garage all the time...
  2. Wow...huge fall today. Trump was -140 to be reelected He is no +100. Big drop in Vegas.
  3. Remember when we were worried about murder hornets...I miss that day.

    1. Waldo


      We need more Wal-Mart updates 

    2. teachercd


      Ha!  As far as I know, they closed early.  

    3. JJ Husker

      JJ Husker

      March/April- Pandemic, coronavirus, Covid

      May- Murder Hornets and riots

      June- Race War, possible Marshall law and military involvement

      July- ??? Alien Invasion ???

      August- ??? Vampires ???

      Sept/Oct/Nov- Will the football team still struggle?

      Ah Murder Hornets. The good ole days.

      The problem is, none are going away. They just keep piling up and getting worse.

  4. I wonder if it was easier to transfer/graduate from JC to D1 before things got computerized. I feel like it might have been easier to push some stuff through.
  5. Biden has a mushy mind, we all know that. It is not the end of the world. Trump has completely lost it, not in the same sense as Joe, more like he is literally breaking down in front of our eyes. Joe is going to win with ease, everything has fallen into place for a pretty easy win.
  6. Good lord...did you live on Little House on the Prairie?
  7. Don't sorry, us posters will figure it out and name him with clues like... Can't say who it is but it rhymes with Bartinez...and I heard he got it from Bobinson.
  8. Ahhhh yes...the old "American Revolution" post... So, in this horrible scenario...the protesters are the colonists? And, their new land is? And when they win, are they going after the Natives? When I see someone bring that up...I always think..."Haven't heard this one in awhile...how does the rest of this hustle work?" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HnRGr5RUZPE
  9. Just went to Walmart, they closed at 4:30 and had barricaded up the doors.  Hy Vee closing at 6:30.  I think Target was closed all day.  These were all west O locations.

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    2. knapplc


      Self righteous! Like a guy clearing out American citizens with teargas to hold a bible in front of a church he doesn't attend - that kind of self righteous?!?!


      LOL :D :lol:

    3. JJ Husker

      JJ Husker

      There’s a special forum, P&R, for comments like that.

      Here’s a link https://www.huskerboard.com/index.php?/forum/151-politics-religion/




    4. Minnesota_husker


      Things in MN are slowly opening back up but all the surrounding suburbs were closing grocery stores and Targets. 

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  10. I guess assuming he was free to go, then yeah, they could have waited.
  11. Soooooo true! Look, I deal with big groups of annoying kids at lunch, or in the morning or after school or at assemblies and s#!t like that...and THAT can be annoying and difficult and stress you the f#&% out. There have been times where I had to raise my voice or give the "eye" or pull a kid aside and rip them...Those situations are not even in the same zip code as what cops are going through. I could not IMAGINE what it would be like in a riot, looting, screaming, yelling, swearing, threatening situation. I know some of the posters seem to think that it is easy as saying "just deescalate" and "talk to them"...that sounds so nice...but again, it takes two. Both sides have to be doing that. A lot of posters have no clue what it is like.
  12. I condone longer jail sentences. I think if you crush a guys skull with a skateboard that you should do more than a week in jail. I am assuming you agree with that. For the looting, I think I look at it like shoplifting. If you didn't break the doors down but just went in afterwards and grabbed a TV, I sort of see that as just shoplifting.
  13. Sports is different though, because unless you are talking about sports like wrestling, golf, track, swimming...it is clear who is better, so no amount of parent b!^@hing really matters...Your kid shoots a 10 over and Timmy shoots 5 over...Timmy is playing in the tourney. Same with Wrestling...you either win your wrestle off or you don't. With volleyball (it is horrible) and baseball (Also bad), I think you have way more of those manipulated situations. Now with grades, it is sort of like those individual sports, your grades are what they are, your grades are either better or worse than someone else. I suppose you could argue that some parents will b!^@h and moan to get a kids grade changed, that does happen. I just don't think it happens a lot. I do get your point and I don't think you are wrong. I just don't think it happens a lot in academics, but it does happen.
  14. See, this is sort of how I see it too. First everyone is outraged at the rioting...then everyone is on the side of the rioters...then the riots and violence keep going and people start to get pissed about it...and if Trump gets "order" I think it ends up helping him with voters.
  15. A lot of schools have done away with it completely, like you said. I personally like the idea of competition in pretty much every form and being recognized for having the best GPA is fine with me.
  16. For sure...it is over the top BUT it also needs to be changed. Just make it simple...and only count the same number of weighted classes for each student.
  17. That is correct. Not all schools do that anymore but most do. Some schools ran into the "mommy problem" where a kid took an AP (oh honors)class, got an A (5 points)and a study hall, while another kid took an AP class got an A (5 points) and band, got an A (4 points) and missed out on being valedictorian because their Band "A" was only 4 points. So parents freaked the f#&% out.
  18. Allegedly there is video of people being paid to set up barricades. Uh oh.
  19. If you think Nick wrote this...you also think they don't cheat a bit to get players.
  20. Not escalating a crowd is a dance, it takes two.
  21. Frost LOVES seam routes...but you do in fact need some time. I would imagine if the OL is better this season that you will see a lot of seam routes.
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