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  1. I sort of love that he dresses how he wants. There is a confidence in doing that.
  2. I am pretty much 100% on the side of women when stuff like this happens BUT, man, she is one really unlucky person.
  3. Yeah, I agree. This entire thing sounds just a bit off.
  4. NIU just lost to one of the few schools that ever talked to me about sort of playing for them (LOSERS!!) I will be down there Saturday getting hammered, can't wait!
  5. Right! And, I get it, it was all "wrong" and stuff, but those UT guys were EATING IT UP! Good for them.
  6. That UT players dancing is AWESOME. It is like this perfect comeback to those necks.
  7. I don't think Trev is in over his head, in fact, 4 months ago that is what people said about the CU president. There are/were almost no perfect hires out there after Frost was canned. Urban Meyer was about it (I also think Gus Malzhan and that old Ole Miss coach who is at Auburn) but clearly even those two were not "can't miss".
  8. Isn't Greenpeace still out there saving whales?
  9. f#&% you Ha! I have to go sell plasma tomorrow before I meet my bookie.
  10. Sometimes I am shocked at how often I am wrong.
  11. ehhhh Tmart completed like 64% of his passes. He should get way more credit than most fans give him.
  12. I suppose this is one of those times when you hope people learn from their mistakes. Sims is a freak athlete. He was JOGGING today and no one could get near him on his TD run. But a pocket passer he is not and never never will be.
  13. Dom was only kept for one reason, we all know why. Running off Thompson was only smart if he was being replaced by someone better. Which is just not the case. Thompson has NU at 2-0 right now (I think) and probably wins the west because it is horrible.
  14. You just finish out this season and do the best you can...then you go in the portal and you will have your pick.
  15. Oh, well then as usual I am wrong!
  16. I think "they" are people that want open immigration BUT don't like it if it impacts voting that could hurt their goals. I disagree though, we should have open (or as open as possible) immigration and once people come here they should be allowed to vote. That is important. Voting should be for everyone (I wish they would lower the age to 16) and it should be as easy as a process as possible.
  17. Props for the game 631712 Passing Yards Jeff Sims u185½ (-115) Nebraska @ Colorado - Jeff Sims touchdown passes Jeff Sims o1½ (+158) TD Passes u1½ (-220) Nebraska @ Colorado - Jeff Sims total rushing yards Jeff Sims o76½ (-115) Rushing Yards u76½ (-115) Nebraska @ Colorado - Gabe Ervin Jr total rushing yards Gabe Ervin Jr o69½ (-115) Rushing Yards u69½ (-115) Nebraska @ Colorado - Shedeur Sanders passing yards Shedeur Sanders o308½ (-115) Passing Yards u308½ (-115) Nebraska @ Colorado - Shedeur Sanders touchdown passes Shedeur Sanders o2½ (-115) TD Passes u2½ (-115) Nebraska @ Colorado - Travis Hunter total receiving yards Travis Hunter o81½ (-115) Receiving Yards u81½ (-115) Nebraska @ Colorado - Jimmy Horn Jr. total receiving yards Jimmy Horn Jr. o71½ (-115) Receiving Yards u71½ (-115) Nebraska @ Colorado - Xavier Weaver total receiving yards Xavier Weaver o66½ (-115) Receiving Yards u66½ (-115)
  18. Illinois should be 0-2 and will lost next week to PSU Purdue about to be 0-2 Minny should be 0-1 Wisky scrapped their entire new offense to beat Buffalo at home Northwestern is a dog at home to Utep and there might be less than 10.000 people at their game Iowa struggled once again at home vs Utah state Nebraska pissed it away vs Minny.
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