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  1. I at least admire him for sticking with his buddy. After his performance last season I was sure he would have been on the list for one of the Non Power 5 HC openings. He was loyal to his buddy in a prove it year and it may have derailed his career.
  2. Most unsung hero in what the defense was able to accomplish last season.
  3. Maybe not, but any great pass rushers best friends are the Defensice Tackles. If they can’t stop the run they don’t have to throw.
  4. This is spot on because if it’s an 8 team playoff or a 16 team playoff you for sure want to be in the top spots compared to the bottom.
  5. It also helped that they had a RB and didn’t have to try and frequently run him between the tackles.
  6. I asked a question about this earlier, what you may see as willing I wonder if the players felt it was required. I also wonder how common is the hiring of an attorney in these situations for a coach.
  7. This is not a rumor or insider info, just asking a question. Is the hiring of an attorney in these situations common practice? Are there any suits against CF or the school related to required practices during the shutdown. Or maybe an injury or Covid contraction during this period.
  8. I’ve seen a flag waved off prior to the call, but never a called penalty.
  9. I think it’s because Gary’s middle name either starts with F or is Franklin. Gary does the same to Damon whose middle name starts with an M, but he will call him Damon Maurice Benning.
  10. Even if this gets the charges pled down to probation, wouldn’t he have to serve that probation in CA? I know there are circumstances where under the Interstate Compact probatation can be moved from one state to another, but the state that put him on probation (CA) would have to decide if the case qualifies and also approve the transfer. Obviously NE would have to approve the request. If approved they would also have to allow travel outside of NE during his probation.
  11. Exactly. I guess either we are playing in that market or a lot of insiders are full of crap.
  12. I agree they usually say that to the media, but if he told the players he staying and bolts that would be a very bad look.
  13. Geeeeez. If that's a local writer that likes his current coach, I'd hate to see what the articles and questions would look like if he didn't.
  14. Other former players criticized the former staffs it shouldn't be any different for Frost.
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