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  1. NoKoolAidForME

    Touchdown Tommie throwing shade at the coaching staff

    Other former players criticized the former staffs it shouldn't be any different for Frost.
  2. NoKoolAidForME

    UFC = WWE

    No excuse for what Khabib and his crew did. Listening to Khabib’s press conference, he was upset before the fight and it showed during the match. He felt Connor disrespected him, his religion, and family. That’s Connor’s style and he can typically throw people off their game and plan, but not yesterday. He got whooped the whole fight Dana White this is what happens when you try to run WWE promos and the other fighter isn’t in on it. Khabib was serious about hurting Connor. If he would have been able to choke him out he would’ve. It didn't seem like he wanted to stop.
  3. NoKoolAidForME

    What Did We Learn? - Wisconsin

    I was not impressed with their pass rush. Don't know if it was a scheme or players, but they did not get a lot of pressure on Martinez IMO. Even with all the penalties the Oline pretty much kept him clean.
  4. NoKoolAidForME

    *** Official Wisconsin Game Thread ***

    Wow. 88 Yards.
  5. NoKoolAidForME

    *** Official Wisconsin Game Thread ***

    Although It can't be an IB without a FB. That's going to take getting used to for me.
  6. NoKoolAidForME

    *** Official Wisconsin Game Thread ***

    Reeds what kind of tackle attempt was that? Is that the put me on the bench please technique?
  7. NoKoolAidForME

    *** Official Wisconsin Game Thread ***

    Was that Adrian or Taylor on that pass.
  8. NoKoolAidForME

    *** Official Wisconsin Game Thread ***

    So that’s what a punt reterner looks like. Catch the ball clean and head up field.
  9. NoKoolAidForME

    *** Official Purdue Game Thread ***

    Mo Berry is looking for a jock.
  10. NoKoolAidForME

    *** Official Michigan Game Thread ***

    Would any of the last three coaches have been able to say the game was over at half time? It maybe true, but our last three coaches would have been killed for saying that.
  11. NoKoolAidForME

    Adrian Martinez Injury

    If he is indeed day to day, that’s awesome news. I will just wait because we were also told Tre Bryant was back and near 100% in the beginning of August.
  12. NoKoolAidForME

    Gebbia Not at Practice - Transferring to Oregon State

    I hope AM isn’t run into the ground prior to the conference schedule (yes I felt this way before the Gebbia transfer). Don’t want him banged up against Akron and Troy and not be healthy for the end of September and beyond.
  13. NoKoolAidForME

    Martinez it is

    If he has indeed withdrawn I wish the kid the best. I was looking forward to the competition in practice to keep AM on his toes. I don’t think it changes anything for how the offense uses AM, but not having a solid #2 behind him may make them think twice after he takes a couple hits. As we continue to recruit multiple QBs we should expect transfers going forward. No one will be gifted a job or afforded the opportunity to be the only QB recruited.
  14. At what point does the NCAA weigh in. When do they punish a school for negligent/bad conduct from the football stafff. Sell shoes, textbooks, or tattoos and they are all over. Kid dies and the program mistreats it’s players......silence. Football needs to go away for a while. Those kids should be released and football re-evaluated. This should have been how Baylor was handled as well.
  15. NoKoolAidForME

    Ohio State Domestic Violence Saga

    The thing that bothered me the most is she reached out to her own parents and did not get support. While it's wrong I get OSU trying to get her not to talk, Earle Bruce and company visiting her to dissuade her from reporting, but her parents? Damn. it reminds me of Nicole Simpson. Multiple police calls with no arrest and her family telling her to stay with OJ because he was funding there lifestyle and gave them a Hertz business.