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  1. Adrian Martinez will be your starting QB next year. I kind of feel a lot will be disappointed when they find out Luke McCaffrey will be 3rd behind Smothers
  2. If you also read the tea leaves with scholarship numbers, Betts being allowed to sign scream that Mo is not expected to be on scholarship next semester
  3. New favorite recruit in the class. I've not watched his film. Just feel what Miami did to him was garbage and he should have a chip on his shoulder now
  4. I had to look at myself to ensure I was still here, but nope. I'm alive
  5. Ohio State really leaned on him down the stretch and wanted him to be in their class.
  6. Nothing happened on saturday. Just the things I was hearing changed tune.
  7. Teddy this spring, summer, and fall has the chance to play his way up to 5 stars. Really like the talent weve stacked at OL
  8. Really like our chances here
  9. Yeah, after Saturday evening I'm not as confident Mo will be back. We shall see
  10. Hed be remorseful since being suspended indefinitely. Hed still been going to class and doing better there than he had been. Frost was open to Mo coming back under certain circumstances. Mo was at the awards banquet a couple Sundays ago. If you listen to what Scott said at the signing day presser, I feel one could hear him start to set the narrative for a Mo return.
  11. I was confident that Mo would be given an opportunity to earn his teammates' trust back as late as Saturday evening. Now, I dont feel that is in the cards and we won't be seeing Mo back.
  12. Apologies. Didn't have the time to read the full thread
  13. PJ Fleck and the Vikings organization hate each other and JD doesn't graduate until this time next year. Nothing to see here
  14. I was a punk 24 year old kid that also drank way too much and decided whilst he was drinking would light up HuskerBoard like a Christmas tree. I had it coming and as a result I've got zero leash. In six years, I grew up. I have to thank the administration and the mods team in their discussions on this topic and whoever was in my corner as I realize the memories of me on this board weren't all pleasant. I was reading back through some PMs and some of them from Knapplc about warnings and suspensions were absolutely cringeworthy.
  15. These conversations are happening with non-contributors and Frost has done a great job of moving kids along. Zero reason for a guy like Dwayne Johnson to be on scholarship 5 years and make the 85 spring camp roster once.
  16. Cam has a chance to be one of the best centers we’ve ever had. We’re not taking a GT to fill his spot.
  17. What year is it?

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      Can we do a recount on Huskerboard Head Coach? EZ-E is back to take his throne

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      So glad EZ-E is back....welcome back man

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  18. Hi all! For you old timers on the board, yes it really is me after 6 years away. When rules are broken one has to pay the price and endure the consequences. Very grateful to administration for allowing me back. In all of this I missed multiple coaching changes from assistants to head coaches. Missed out on tracking flights and all of the fun stuff! For awhile, I’ll probably read much more than I post to attempt to get a feel for the board again. Very exciting time to be in Lincoln! I understand the results weren’t what we had all hoped. I can assure you there’s much more good than bad happening! Get all of your shopping done you degenerate procrastinators!
  19. Bo looks a lot like Lee Harvey Oswald.

    1. JJ Husker

      JJ Husker

      Do ya think he would shoot Rob Lowe? 2 birds, one stone......

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      Lee Harvey Oswald used to scream at the refs. Just sayin...

  20. I do too and they said the opposite. He wanted the Miami job, Arky was used more to get yet another undeserved raise from Tom. Yes. He wanted the Miami job. Due to his poor performance they chose a guy who had been a coach at Temple before taking their job. YOU ARE A COMPLETE RETARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If Bo were going to move on, after the 2010 season would have been optimal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Think about it. Around the time of the Miami rumor in 2010: 1) He had just turned a program around completely after a second trip to a conference title 2) He had just won ten games in the Big 12 which at the time was significantly harder than in the ACC 3) Harvey had just stabbed him in the back through the media 4) The media in Omaha had started to really harp on him 5) The sanctions that Miami would face had not even been heard of until later that spring Put down your crack pipe and remember the situation.
  21. Hedley, you lied about Bo's behavior at his son's sporting events. You were either blatantly lying or reaching.
  22. I think we cooled on him. We are in on Clinkscales, and thought we had a shot Stuckey. Both are probably better prospects. I would agree here.
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