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  1. da skers

    Coach Pelini Extension

    The extension was needed but it doesn't mean much in the grand scheme of things. I'd guess that if HP is still here at the end of next season without announcing his retirement Bo is gone unless something changes. If he comes up 8-5 he'll be shown the door. If he runs 10-2 he'll move on to a different gig. I know he wants to be at NU but neither he nor Miles were part of HP's plans going into last fall and these seasons were suppose to be deal breakers for both of them. One had help from outside influences to stay and the other one put together a dream season.
  2. Cant wait for June. Should be an interesting month.

  3. da skers

    Question for season ticket holders

    It really depends on the game. Usually B10 traditional powers are in high demand and hard to get.
  4. So lets see...Garrison considered one of the top 25 recruiters in the nation, built a pretty solid line out of patch work because of injuries, but AD didn't think he earned a raise. Makes sense.

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    2. QMany


      According to some, our assistants should probably PAY US for their shoddy work.

    3. RedRedJarvisRedwine


      It's not like Garrison got paid big in the NFL. To me this shouldn't sit well with him. And unless there is a plan in motion to give him a raise and title bump, I wouldn't be surprised to see someone come after him soon.

    4. da skers

      da skers

      Pretty sure most guys are looking after the reviews.


  5. da skers

    Nebraska Revenue from Big Ten Conference

    I always distrust Harvey For someone who teaches contract law and is supposed to be an expert in contract negotiations and relationship building for those contracts he seems to make things pretty tough on dear old NU.
  6. da skers

    Nebraska Revenue from Big Ten Conference

    While i understand that why not pick a better school? If the ACC is willing to let them go and walk out the door easily maybe they know Marlyand doesn't add that much in terms of tv? I dont know. Part of me is as frustrated about it as anyone, but they bring something to the table that maybe we just dont know about yet. I dont but Delaney must. There must be something there so we'll see how it plays out. The idea is to get the market to expand down the east coast. There are plans to still add another team from a Georgia or FL market to grab that population. Then the B10 along with Fox will have a built in ports market as large or larger than ESPN and in areas that are considered sports rabid. Its part of the reason why ESPN got involved with the conferences last year when teams were moving. The rumors were out there and they felt a little vulnerable.
  7. da skers

    Best Husker Football Paid Subscription

    There was some discussion about UNL starting their own media service that would give you access to practice reports, off season workouts, players, coaches, recruiting services (off the record of course. wink.wink.). Coaches would give break down after the games as well as let you in on other behind the scene stuff. I'm sure it will be mostly good PR stories (Think of the OWH during the 80's and 90's or Randy York kind of stuff now.) I don't know if it died or if its a year off. I do know it would limit some of the contact the local services and news outlets would get to the program which is greatly desired by the AD. I'd bet if its a go you'll know something by fall camp. I'd hold out till then. It may be part of the 2017 full membership stuff.
  8. My answer is Bill Bryne. He was so focused on the directors cup and wanting to win it our football facilities stalled. People caught up and pushed ahead of us and left us with a disadvantage that Frank, Bill and Bo all had to work through.
  9. da skers

    Another Player dismissed??

    Wondered if this would happen. Have thought for last couple months that some might happen with Harvey. Went from starter to non-player and #4 on the depth chart last season. Now he has Coop and LeRoy firmly ahead of him and young guys like Singleton, Martinez, maybe Gerry ready to rock and roll after their RS years. If it is really HJax, best of luck to him but I just haven't seen him be athletic enough for it to hurt us too much....reminds me a lot of PJ Smith. If thats the case unless he goes down a level he's done playing. I don't think he was set to graduate where he could transfer someplace else for a last season of D1. Perhaps I'm incorrect.
  10. da skers

    Football Coaches Get Extensions

    If they make it hard to keep good assistant coaches it makes it hard to do your job well as a head coach. Just saying.....
  11. da skers

    2014 Home Schedule

    Agree. All four games are ones we could lose based on how hard it is to win at home against a b10 team. NW is a worry already. MSU will probably be a favorite to win again.
  12. da skers

    Huskers viewing Hboard

    I would guess its just the opposite. I don't know what you do but I'd guess you're judged very little on the job that you actually do. Like most of us you get a pass on the majority of things you don't do correctly or to the level that's actually expected. As someone who's employed hundreds of people I've yet to find someone who does the job to the level that I find perfectly acceptable. Every employee has had a weakness, good days and bad days. Everyone makes mistakes almost every day big or something as small as texting someone when they shouldn't be using their phone. By all accounts when you get to work it should be 100% about the job for the company. There shouldn't be chit chat, personal calls, texts, people on the internet. You should run late or clock out early. You should be there for every customer 100%, make every product 100% correctly so there is never a mistake or the product never fails. Every time you don't have a perfect day at what you do that you're under performing. How often do you get called out for it? I'd bet very seldom. The fact is there is a level of acceptance that goes along with everyone's performances, strengths, weaknesses, and allowances are given. Why shouldn't we give that same thing to players and coaches just because their imperfections are more public?
  13. da skers

    Huskers viewing Hboard

    I'd say the majority of Husker fans don't understand what the players and coaches go through on a daily basis. To be fair most fans don't have the ability or chance to coach or play at that level so their isn't a chance to get that perspective, but it doesn't make it ok to be dumb asses either. I wonder how many of us would like it if people who only say about 2% of our life or work performance made judgments on it. I fail almost daily in my job in some regard or another. I don't make a phone call when I should, I take the time to read a message board instead of giving my total attention to the company, I miss a sale because I miss read a customers willingness to buy. Difference is we don't get called out for it by a public. I was called out at a game once when I was bitching out the players who appeared to be making mistakes, (by a former player) and told "I don't see you down there playing, or having that ability to even be down there. Maybe you should lay off a bit. Enjoy the game for the highs and lows but stop blaming the players and coaches. They're trying their best." That day I pretty much changed my attitude and perspective.
  14. da skers

    Football Coaches Get Extensions

    The decision was already made to keep them for this year, which I think made this the logical and necessary next step...an extension for assistants isn't necessarily cementing everything as perfect. Unless we see a seven win season or Bo decides he wants to leave I were a betting man I would have bet SE has been given notice he has a year to prove he is AD worthy. I'm also guessing we may have a new Chancellor before fall if certain directives aren't met and as of now there is an ego betting he can't be replaced.