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  1. anyone else have trouble embedding youtube videos with windows 8 on here

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    2. ZRod


      No, I use mozilla. Funny thing youtube would run with IE out of the box so I switched to mozilla again.

    3. ZRod



    4. HuskerNationNick


      IE is horrid IMO. I use Firefox on my home comp, and Chrome at work.

  2. South O? What city is that in? Not from Nebraska? O in Lincoln runs East West, and we all know Lincoln is better than Omaha.
  3. And back in his day they had to walk in 3 feet of snow with no shoes just to get to practice. Up hill both ways. I remember that ...LOL I walked to school the same way.... GBR!!! Funny so did my dad!
  4. My grandfather, who's ranch was in the sandhills, had a hired hand from Mexico, and his wife taught my grandma real mexican cooking. Her enchilada's could take the siding off of a house, but damn they were good... Never had a tamale better than my grandma's yet. Or a tortilla for that matter.
  5. Please read this article and let me know how you explain all the numbers away. http://m.espn.go.com...604&src=desktop The SEC out scored opponents by a combined 85 points: - This is a pretty irrelevant stat on it's own for many reasons, but the best one is that 2/3 of the points came from just two game (Bama and aTm), and if you assume that everyone else won buy a touch down then you basically have the remaining points. Not so dominating by the rest of the pack. They dominated bowl records: - The B1G fielded one BCS team and lost, with a 12-0 team sitting out the post season. The SEC fielded two and went 1-1. Head to head they were 2-1 against us. Both wins were pretty tight games as well. Yes they have a much better bowl record overall, but you can easily argue that they had better match ups than the B1G, more than likely a result of the OSU dq (Texas Tech vs Minn, Okie lite vs Purdue, and maybe Nebraska vs Georgia). They finished with 5 top 10 teams: -This is why the BCS is so screwed up. They began the season with nearly the whole damn conference ranked. So when a team loses in conference play they're not going to drop as far to start with. And then everyone plays a week OC schedule so you have no real meter to measure them with anyway. After that it just becomes self fulfilling prophecy when it comes to rankings and strength of schedule. I'll admit that the SEC is probably the better conference as far as the top tier teams go, but only just. However, they are not what some would make them out to be.
  6. This SEC is god's conference talk is so contrived. Despite what the talking heads and the BCS itself would have you think they're really not head and shoulders above everyone else. The B1G itself is just about on par with any other conference including the SEC.
  7. It's ok everyone has a guilty pleasure, mine's Ten Things I Hate About You. The Notebooke is just way to cheesy for me, and I have to watch with the gf if it's on...
  8. Billy Mays here!!! Love Chipotle but hate the anal bleeding?
  9. We've never fired a coach who never won less than 9 games every year.
  10. Just for reference, this is what it is supposed to look like.
  11. This board is painfully slow in the evening when I need to procrastinate the most.

    1. walksalone


      I'm around, at work, but around...

    2. ZRod


      I miss the late night rabble rousing.

    3. walksalone
  12. Maybe for the same reasons as having an apparently unsecured breaker box to the right of the sink . . . Hey, those can be hard to get into sometimes...
  13. One post would have sufficed, or an edit...
  14. ZRod

    NASCAR 2013

    He needs a change of luck as well. No question he can drive, but he always seemed to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. I'm happy for him, he's always been a good guy.
  15. Rich kid... It's just a prefabbed shower floor with utility faucet, hose, and a drain really not that special. I was baffled by it the first time I saw one, when I was oh I don't know 10 years old... then I saw the mop and cleaning solution next to it and got the idea. Well guess accountability beat me to it...
  16. Mexico, the Colorado of the Americas. I know it's not the same as other sports but I still feel weird celebrating a draw.
  17. If the players aren't dirty then the fans are, buncha scum down there. Haven't really watched soccer since the world cup, forgot what I'm missing.
  18. You realize that Social Secruity and Medicare/Medicaid makeup one of the single largest portions of the national debt right? Somewhere in the neighborhood of 40%, and they have almost everything to do with people getting older...
  19. TO was pretty innovative with the counter trey, having Joe Gibbs steal it and make it famous.
  20. true, but of that mental 45%, 100% of it is mental.
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