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  1. NUinID

    tOSU Gametime

    That is the best time you can have for this game. OSU is going to be out to prove something and has 2 weeks to prepare and stew on that loss. They don't need the added noise of a drunken mob at the stadium at 6 pm. The fans will at least still be asleep. Hopefully the buckeyes are too.
  2. Tommie Frazier was a great great football player and exactly what the team needed to get over the hump at the time and go on their run. I can appreciate all he did for Nebraska football as a football player. Tommie Frazier, from all I have seen since his playing days is not a great human being. Even when he played his teammates said he wasn't always the most likable guy, but they respected him. He is still living his glory days and seems to be a little angry with his life in general.
  3. NUinID

    Stealing Nebraska's identity

    Yeah, I understand what you are saying. You want to be OSU. In order to be OSU Nebraska has to be Wisconsin and Iowa first. That doesn't mean they have to play the exact same brand of football, but they do need to be a solid disciplined hard nosed football team that gets the most out of its players. They need to be able to consistently be 9-3 or 10-2 before they can be 12-0.
  4. NUinID

    Defensive Issues - Who's more at fault?

    Very good listen, I really like Rob Z perspective on what is going on. If you listen to the pod cast regularly he is pretty positive about what is going on down in Lincoln. He also gave Thorson a lot of credit for the come back. He also talked about the penalties and basically said what I have been saying. Nebraska is a known high penalty team so they tend to get a couple of really ticky tack calls every game. He thought the roughing call against the Davis twin in the end zone was very ticky tack. He also said they were holding the d-line terribly and there should have been at least a couple of holdings called against NW.
  5. NUinID

    Officiating Bias Against Frost?

    Number 2 on your list is what I have been saying all along. When you got the rep of being a sloppy penalty prone team the refs tend to look a little harder for penalties. It is human nature. That is why Nebraska probably gets 2-3 calls a game that are borderline. When you are known for playing clean you get the benefit of the doubt. Northwestern plays clean, but no one plays 64 passes in 1 game no holding calls clean. Ohio St is known as a penalty prone team also, they just are good enough to overcome the penalties.
  6. NUinID

    Just To Be Clear...

    I think the big problem is that ABC/ESPN/Disney is trying to do too many games and their production suffers. The one SEC game that CBS does on its regular network is its flagship station. The production for games on the CBSsports channel is not nearly as good.
  7. NUinID

    Officiating Bias Against Frost?

    I agree, I am just saying that would probably be the officials argument against the call on Martinez. Heck if you want to get real technical they might have been able to call targeting on the fumble by Martinez on the scoop and score. He got rocked pretty hard on that one.
  8. NUinID

    Officiating Bias Against Frost?

    yeah that should have been called. But they didn't call Mo Barry when he spiked Thorson in the knee on a slide either.
  9. NUinID

    Officiating Bias Against Frost?

    No I wasn't at the game. I am not justifying the penalties. Nebraska gets a lot of penalties and pretty much earns all of them. I am just saying that because they are a highly penalized team the 2-3 calls that most would consider borderline get called. Yes on initial viewing a thought a lot of the PI calls were bad calls. They did look closer on replay. When the ball is under thrown like on a couple of the PI there is not much the DB can do when the receiver is coming back for the ball. They are impeding him getting back to the ball. The one I described on the crossing route was very iffy. Yes there was a lot of holding that could have been called on NW offensive linemen.
  10. NUinID

    Officiating Bias Against Frost?

    It is just human nature. Nebraska earned pretty much all of their penalties on Saturday. One of the PI on a crossing route was very ticky tack. I thought it was a good play, but Nebraska's defender had his hand on the WR hip, so technically it is pass interference, but it is only called some of the time. The roughing in the end zone was pretty iffy.
  11. NUinID

    Officiating Bias Against Frost?

    Nebraska has the reputation for being a sloppy undisciplined team. Because of that they never get the benefit of the doubt. They get 2-3 penalties a game that are on the ticky tack end of it. Nebraska earns 80% of their penalties the other 20% are borderline calls that get called because they are sloppy. Northwestern has the reputation of being a disciplined football team. Because of this they always get the benefit of the doubt. The ticky tack calls that Nebraska gets called for they don't. They get a little more leeway in the secondary. They get a little more leeway in the O-line. It is not a conspiracy it is just that both teams have earned what they have over time. With that said, Northwestern dropped back and threw the ball 64 times in that game. To not get called for at least 1 holding call in that time is almost impossible.
  12. NUinID

    Jurgens to Center

    Makes perfect sense to move him to the offensive line. TE get converted to O-linemen all the time. The fact of the matter is he is a big guy that is very athletic, but his pass catching abilities are not as good as some of the other TE.
  13. NUinID

    5 reasons we beat da Badgers

    This I agree with. If they can play clean penalty wise, I mean like maybe 6 or so and go plus 2 in TO they have a chance. I think NU's offense can move the ball on Wisconsin some. This is not a vintage great Wisconsin defense. It is a good defense, solid and doesn't make mistakes but, the only team they have really played with an offensive pulse this year is Iowa, and they had like 4 TO in the game. They have to sell out to stop the run that is what they have to do. You can't let them run for 250 yards and expect to win. They need to keep it at about 125-150 yards and make Hornibrook beat them with his arm. If he does than hats off to Wisconsin and they win. BYU beat them by playing very physical at the LOS I don't know if Nebraska has that capability. It really comes down to playing a clean game penalty and TO wise and I am not sure that NU can do that. If they had in the other 3 games they are probably 3-1 right now.
  14. NUinID

    Bill Murray's Best Movie

    I have always thought Bill Murray shines more when he is doing a supporting roll or in ensemble stuff.
  15. Yep, a 10-3 season in 03 sucked. I much prefer the 5-7 in Callahan''s first year. Yeah I know your counter is that all 3 losses were blowouts. I don't remember Nebraska really having some chance at Ngata. Wasn't me committed to NU for about a week and a half, them committed to Oregon?