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  1. Very much so, confidence and momentum are such a huge factor in football. They gained both winning those close early games.
  2. I like your enthusiasm. When I look at other teams I usually ask myself 1 big question. Is this team on paper going to be better than they were the year before. When I look at Iowa, Minnesota and Wisconsin my answer is no. Minnesota is taking some huge hits on offense and lost their best player on defense to graduation. Iowa is breaking in a new QB after having a 3 year starter and all the crap that has gone on there lately has to have an effect on the team and losing your AA defensive end. You don't just replace Johnathan Taylor or your top receiver. Though Wisconsin's defense should be at least as good as last year. On paper I think Nebraska looks to be a lot better offensively than last year and a little better defensively.
  3. As was said already, TO had promised Frank the job. He actually stayed 1 year longer than originally planned. He was going to retire after the 96 season. There were other things involved also. 1. He thought he owed it to his wife to quit and spend time with her. 2. He had already had heart bypass surgery about 7-8 years earlier. He truly thought he was going to be in declining health. Which didn't happen as you can see he is 87 and still going pretty well. When you are a type A personality like TO was, you can't just shut it off. He basically ran for congress because he was board. I think within a couple years after he retired he regretted doing it. I think if he would have had a do over he probably wouldn't have retired and then he would have coached another 5-10 years.
  4. Al Papik is who TO wanted to be AD. You have to remember that Deveney was loved by all but when he left as AD and BB took over the Athletic department was a mess infrastructure wise and deep in dept. Deveney had neglected a lot his last few years and was moving on autopilot. Bill Byrne gets a bad rap from a lot of people as "Dollar Bill", but he made a lot of tough choices and presided over basically a high water mark for Nebraska athletics
  5. So when was Osborne asked initially to be AD? BB became AD in 1992? When TO wasn't named AD at that point the ship had sailed on him being AD any sooner than he became it
  6. It is way to early to tell. I get really tired of guys like Kirk Herbstreit throwing crap out there just to get a response from people. By June 1st we should know a lot more. That is almost 2 full months away. At this point I am optimistic. .
  7. This is so true. It wasn't that he was bad or terrible or what ever. He needed to take a step forward and be better than he was the year before and he didn't do that. He took 1 step back basically and was fairly average. There were probably a lot of reason's for this, all of which have been discussed. Injuries to him, missing WR and RB from year before and replacing 2 key offensive linemen. This team needed a good to great AM to have a really good season and they didn't get it.
  8. I knew what you were talking about right away. The shovel pass on the goal line. That whole sequence of plays at that point is maddening. The whole Purdue game just makes me sick. At that point in the year Purdue is playing pretty bad and is racked by injuries. At the very least they should have been winning that game 21-14 at halftime and at the very best it should have been 28-10. Instead they are losing 13-14. The first half play calling was terrible and it was probably Martinez's worst half of play all year. The defense actually played fairly solid in the first half other than giving up a 20 yard play on 3rd and 15 from your own 23 yard line. The second half Frost finally figures out that they can run the ball straight at them and they score some short yardage stuff, but then the defense can't get off the field and lets a 3rd string QB drive right down the field for the winning score. That is upsetting, but it should never have been that close.
  9. It's got more to do with having a couple of WR that can run the route effectively. Robinson and Spielman aren't big enough to get the inside position necessary for the route. Neither was Noa, all three of those guys are really slot receivers. Really the only WR with the size to do it was Warner and he was hurt for 75% of the season. Nebraska ran it some in 2018 with Morgan. All of Minnesota's WR are fairly good sized guys. At least 6 foot and all about 210 or better. I know Robinson is listed at 5'10 but he is probably closer to 5'8". Spielman is about 5'9".
  10. I guess for me you still have to try that deep ball some. I know they ran some QB draw/power with some success. Another thing in the RPO stuff that they never do is run the slant RPO. That also is most likely due to a lack of personnel, or it is just not what Frost and Co like to do. Minnesota's RPO is all about the 7-10 yard slant, which is a much easier pass to throw than swing or flat screen.
  11. After watching it just one time the paragraph I bolded is my conclusion also. Perimeter blocking was terrible on most of the negative or short yardage plays or the pass was behind the receiver or off target or both. I will add one more thing. When the RB goes in motion right before the snap and leaves an empty backfield it is really telegraphing what they are doing. I mean they know where the ball is going in that situation. When you combine that with poor blocking and a poor pass it can lead to disaster. I will also add that the flat pass/screen/swing pass is one of the hardest things to throw accurately with a lot of consistency. To hit someone in stride when they are running down hill is tough.
  12. I think there are several factors that have played a roll in the University of Nebraska becoming less Nebraskan in its roster. I am not sure your "country strong" view of rural Nebraska is very accurate. Kids playing 8 man football in Nebraska lift just as much in the weight room as any kid in Omaha or Atlanta, Ga. for that matter. The manual labor involved in any farming, including dairy and hog farms is greatly reduced. The last national championship for Nebraska in 1997 was a high water mark for homegrown Nebraska players. The talent in the state began to decline after that. There hasn't been as much raw talent so that will lower the number of players from in state. I think we are starting to see the talent level come back though. The amount of raw talent is also down because there are fewer kids playing football. There are a lot of reason's for this. Kids are specializing in 1 sport more, that happens even in your small rural schools, though not to the extent in the bigger schools. Moms and dad are worried about concussions so they don't let their kids play. Other/different sports are becoming popular. Soccer keeps getting bigger, Lacrosse is becoming very popular. Lots of kids not playing anything. For lack of a better term they are lazy. They don't want to put the time into playing football. It takes a lot of time. It is a lot easier to do nothing. The constant changing of offenses has had an effect on player development. Nebraska ran a power I option based offense from basically 1978 through 2003. Consequently HS's ran that type of offense. Central HS in Omaha produced a ton of great running backs for basically 20 years. With a sprinkling of other great backs from other metro Omaha schools. The last one to earn a scholarship before Jaylon Bradley was David Horne I believe and that was what, 2002. It then went West Coast offense, Spread, West Coast with spread elements and now back to a spread offense. Smaller schools SDU, SDSU, NDS, NDSU and so on playing at the 1AA level are pulling a ton of kids away from Nebraska that in the past would have walked on at Nebraska. In 1997 all of those schools were division 2 schools with limited amounts of scholarships. Now they have 65 and play some very good football. The lure of playing football on a good team and getting a full ride scholarship to do it is a big draw. College tuition is expensive. Though it does seem that Frost and Co are getting some of these kids to come and walk on at Nebraska again. We will see if it continues. Lastly what the article states is true. Bill Callahan, Bo Pelini, and Mike Riley didn't think the talent was good enough in the state. Callahan was the worst about this and severely cut the walk on program to boot. He wanted to run it almost exactly like a pro football team. I think he would have been happy to have exactly 85 guys on the team. Pelini was pretty bad also. He let numerous players go to other schools, mainly Iowa, because he didn't trust what he was seeing because they played in smaller classes (Ott and Byzata). He slow played kids (Harrison Phillips) or only recruited them for the specific position he wanted them to play, but they didn't want to play (Fant). He pissed off HS coaches in the Metro Omaha area and burned a lot of bridges. Riley was probably the best of the bunch, but he wasn't here long enough to really know. He was really only here 2 full recruiting cycles.
  13. I think he can be a good fit at OLB. I think that also means they feel decent about what they have at ILB.
  14. One thing I will say is this, I hope he isn't a plan B kid for Nebraska. If they slow play him he will end up somewhere else.
  15. I am from the same hometown as Seth. I know his dad, Alex well, though I haven't probably talked to him in 10+ years. He was about 5 years behind me in school. His dad was an absolute stud athlete. State champion wrestler played 4 years of football at Peru. He is a fireman in Omaha and I believe he is a captain. I think he ends up at Nebraska. You will get an absolute working in this kid. Good farm family stock. He is an athlete that I think ends up play OLB. He will top out about 235.
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