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  1. I can see elements of all of those movies in the Joker. Saw it on Sunday. I liked it OK, not something I really want to see again though. Not really my kind of movie. Both my sons liked it a lot.
  2. Yeah, I saw PJ talking about this in his PC on Tuesday. I think it is probably a lot of smoke being blown up people's asses. Doing wet ball drills and practicing in the cold is pretty standard stuff. I would take the whole dipping our hands in ice water with a grain of salt.
  3. I agree, Martinez has had some happy feet. Three Mississippi's is pretty good protection for the most part. The bad snaps are messing up the running game more than the passing game. The pass pro has been all right, not spectacular but all right. As far as penalties are concerned I think our holding calls are down. Don't have any numbers, but I think they are. The 5 yarders are as big a killer as anything. Going from second and 4 to second and 9 really changes what you have to do.
  4. Wow, that is about the nicest thing you would ever here Severe say about Nebraska. He usually has some offbeat negative thing to say.
  5. NUinID


    I personally never thought Foster was all that great. I knew Farmer would be missed. Foster is still going to be better than a RS Freshman Walk -on though. There is just going to be growing pains when you are starting 2 RS Freshman on the offensive line. There is no getting around it.
  6. Yeah, I think it is their strengths and they should do it more. Though I am not sure Washington is all that good at it. He just tries to outrun people, which he does a lot, but he isn't that great at the cutback.
  7. Yes, he had a very nice block on this play. Anyone else notice that we run outside zone read a lot better than inside zone read. Neither is perfect all the time, but I like outside zone better. I would run it a little more often.
  8. I will take 4-5 yards of positive yardage on 1st down all day long. Everyone is looking at NW record and not giving them any credit for having a good defense. Their offense is pretty bad, but man they can play defense. There losses are to Stanford, a team that just beat Washington and appears to be getting it turned around. An undefeated Wisconsin team at 5-0 a 4-2 MSU team and a 4-2 Nebraska team. Everyone of NW losses is to a team with at least a .500 record.
  9. The WR screen is being hampered by not having Cade Warner in the game. Cade is probably the best blocker on those and when he catches the ball there he is probably one of the best guys at making that first guy miss. Warner being hurt is really hurting our passing game right now. You got to give NW some credit on defense. They are right up there at being very good. They lack some in athletes but are probably the most fundamentally sound defense that Nebraska will play this year. If they aren't they are just behind Wisconsin in that respect. NW is never out of position. That was text book on how to play the screen. Paddy Fisher and Joe Graziano and there other ILB can't remember his name, could basically play for anyone in the B1G. They will all play on Sundays.
  10. NUinID


    I will agree that some of the play calling has been suspect this year. I think they have worked the swagger out of Martinez. I feel like he Is thinking too much and not being an athlete. They want their quarterback to be a distributor of the ball and I think he is working too hard at being that. The o-line is not as good, but that shouldn’t be causing his hesitation. Be decisive and go with it. The thing that everyone liked when vedral came in the game was he made a decision and went with it. Quit trying to make the best choice all the time and make a choice.
  11. NUinID


    Yeah, having film on him is probably part of it, but I think they really want think and move through is progressions. I think he is thinking too much and not playing. Listening to Dr. Rob right now on Husker Doc Talk and he things the exact same thing. He says last year it was 2 reads and take off. Look at my 2 primarys and if they aren't there run and get what you can. Watch the NW game again, NW defense is really good and fundamentally sound. He had 3-4x in this last game that he could have taken off and ran for 10 yards, but he kept looking down field. He then ends up throwing it away or picking up a yard and a half
  12. NUinID


    Offensively, Nebraska misses its 2 O linemen from last year and Ozigbo and Morgan a lot. It is amazing how 4 guys can make that much of a difference, but they can. That is part of the difference in the offense this year, but I still think Martinez is playing poorly compared to last year. Is it because he is missing his guys from last year, probably to an extent, but I think there is something else missing. I think the defense as taken a significant jump this year. As Mavric showed they have improved a lot statistically speaking. The run defense is way more impressive than last year. I mean yeah, OSU put up phenomenal numbers against Nebraska rushing the ball, but OSU did that against Michigan States defense too. For me the team has improved in being able to finish games and win games. This year they have won games that last year they probably let slip away.
  13. I think they were a little over confident and were spouting off a little during the week.
  14. I think the rule should be changed so that it can't happen on a kickoff. The kickoff team is doing nothing wrong. If fact if you could ask most kickers and ST coaches where is the ideal place to put the ball if it doesn't go into the end zone they would say to have it die inside the 10 along the sideline. Watch any OSU game that UM coached and they always tried to kick the ball into a corner inside the 10. I compliment coaches for realizing that by standing OB and touching the ball on a kickoff that they can get a penalty and get the ball at the 35 instead of inside the 15, but it is penalizing a kickoff team for actually doing something well.
  15. It was a smart heads up play by the Illinois player. I have seen it done by some other team this year in a game and had never seen it at any other times. Players are being coached to do this. That doesn't mean it is right. If this little move is used a lot more in the future, it will probably be addressed in a rules meeting in the next couple of years. That penalty against Nebraska counted as a 23 yard penalty and gave them the ball on the 35.
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