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    I would call what you were doing, a$$ kissing. It is always necessary, to some extent, in most jobs. Some people are really good at it and it is very natural. Doesn't sound like it is a real natural thing for you to do. Some people go way overboard on it though. I taught school with a guy that was always stroking the administration to try and ingratiate himself to them. He volunteered for every committee etc. It was so blatant and easy to see what he was doing. I am not very good at it either. My father wasn't good at it either, that is why he never moved too far up the corporate ladder.
  2. NUinID

    Predicted First Loss for Each B1G Team

    That was the most ridiculous thing about that whole game. NW threw 64 passes in that game and had no holding calls. That is almost statistically impossible.
  3. NUinID

    From Bad Defense to Good Defense

    It wasn't Dishman it was Adam True. It was a surreal game for sure. Just like the 11 AM start worked against ASU in 1995 the late start in Tempe worked against Nebraska in 96. It wasn't like the defense played bad. They only gave up 13 points. The offense couldn't get out of their own way. It was just one of those games where nothing goes right on the offence.
  4. You think way deeper about this than I do. I don't worry as much about plot holes as long as they are not too big.
  5. From your last point the kid was the kid in Iron Man 3. Cap showing up on the bench is possible. He knew they would all be there at that point so all he had to do was be their on time. The only problem was that he would be like 105 years old. I like the movie a lot. The story line was a lot different that I was expecting and I enjoyed that. It had the right amount of humor, action and drama for my tastes. I never felt the movie was too long. Never caught myself thinking this is a 3 hour movie and it should be shorter.
  6. NUinID

    Quayshon Alexander to Transfer

    I guess I didn't realize that he had never seen the field. I guess I thought he had played some ST at least.
  7. I don't think I go see any movie because a particular actor/actress in in it. I guess the subject matter means more to me than what actor is in the role. There are actors that are pretty much always good IMO even if the movie isn't great. Paul Giamatti Tom Wilkinson Tom Hanks Meryl Streep Helen Mirren Kate Winslet Matt Damon Christian Bale Jennifer Lawrence Cate Blanchette Denzel Washington Just off the top of my head
  8. Hey I like dumb funny as much as the next guy, but this is just dumb.
  9. Sorry, this is a really dumb topic. I mean, Its a movie, if they wanted Apollo Creed to live he would have lived.
  10. NUinID

    Husker Coaching Hires: “The Pick Of The Litter”

    Actually I think he would have found a lot of good local players close to run his offense. Lots of Nebraska kids fit what he was looking for in offensive linemen. Defense is where he would have had trouble recruiting. Paul Johnson would have put a good solid product on the field. He would have just never won at the level consistently that Nebraska fans at the time would have tolerated. You would have seen a lot of 8-4 from him. Maybe a 10-2 every few years and even a 7-5 or 6-6 mixed into it.
  11. Been reading all of this. I pretty much agree with all you are saying. Your 3rd paragraph basically sums up the way I feel about TLJ. Your explanation is why a lot of the critics liked it to a degree and all the fan boys didn't. He tried to do something different it didn't work with fans that have built up what it should have been in their minds are really pissed about. I have seen all of the Star Wars movies I saw the first in 1977 when I was 11 years old. To me they have all always been popcorn movies. The whole myth of Star Wars has been built up by fans not George Lucas. Good adventures that should't be taken too seriously. Some are better than others TLJ wasn't as good as some. It was still better than Attack of the Clones.
  12. NUinID

    Worst CFB Hires of the Past Decade

    Ok, have it your way then. He had great players, he was just a terrible coach.
  13. NUinID

    Worst CFB Hires of the Past Decade

    Bo Pelini is a good defensive coach for the most part. He was good at creating schemes for stopping offenses if he had the right personnel. I think he was a fairly good motivator and for the most part his players like him. I think it is a testament to his abilities as a coach that he always won 9+ games every year he was at Nebraska. I also think his many flaws are what didn't allow him to be more successful at Nebraska. I am not sure how you would call his temper issues "perceived". The man had temper issues, they are well documented on video and audio recordings. He was thin skinned beyond disbelief and was terrible dealing with the media. His downfall started when his brother left Lincoln. I believe Carl was the only person on the staff that he even halfway listed to. A good manager/coach has to be willing to listen to other ideas and ways of doing things. He surrounded himself with yes men. It doesn't mean those guys couldn't coach, I just think it was a dictatorship. His defensive schemes were flawed for the B1G conference. He was always too worried about getting beat deep in the passing game. His defense was built to stop the pass first. Which works fairly well when you have really good front 7 guys. His run fits were too precise if everything worked perfectly it was fine, but things rarely work perfectly. So against great running teams "Wisconsin" he would give up 408 yards to a back because he didn't want to get beat with the pass. He wasn't a good enough recruiter to get the linemen he needed to run his defense. He didn't trust local talent and passed on or slow played guys that would have helped his team defensively. I am talking about Ott, Bazata, and Harrison Phillips. PB would be a great DC at the Pro level. He would be able to get the players he needed and not have to deal with the press and other distraction that go with being a HC. It would suit him. He is not ever going to be a great HC, but because of his huge ego he won't admit it.
  14. Well, that looks different.
  15. I to watch Triple Frontier, it was pretty good. Not great but worth the 2 hours I spent watching it. Will probably watch The Dirt this weekend.