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  1. We wouldn't have taken the chance. If Bill B. would have had his choice of HC #1 on his list was, wait for it, Mack Brown. Mack Brown was hot and in his 5th year at North Carolina. That is who Byrne wanted to go after.
  2. 2 things to add to TO retiring. 1. He really thought his health was failing. He didn’t think he could keep things up and meet the demands of coaching the way he did things. 2. He thought he owned it to his wife to get out and slow down. He said that several times. The problem is type A personality’s have a hard time slowing down and relaxing. So if you are an ex football coach used to 80-90 hour weeks. You run for Congress, win and take another long hour job. Or become the AD and have another long hour job. Of the scenario’s presented, I like to not fire Solich. Solich was a good coach, not TO legend type, but good. I just wanted to see what his staff was going to be able to do. I thought he put together an excellent staff.
  3. NUinID

    Purdue Pause

    Purdue had a stretch last season from games 4-9 that they were playing very well. They went 5-1 in that stretch, beating a good Boston College team, Nebraska, Illinois, Ohio St and a good Iowa team. Their only loss was a fairly close one to MSU on the road. They then lost 3 of their last four. They should have beat Wisconsin they really pissed it down their leg and ended up losing in OT. I would say you have pretty high expectations for this coming year. A good bowl, 10 wins and a division title are possible and I wouldn't be surprised if they happened, but I wouldn't use the team reasonable. The margin for error this year is pretty small. If they can stay pretty much injury free this year and Mills is all the expect him to be. They have a decent chance at 10 wins. I think the defense takes a good step forward.
  4. NUinID

    Holy $#@& Phil Steele

    Akron winning that game was very weird. NW did everything they could to lose. Akron scored 3 defensive TD in the second half.
  5. NUinID

    Unpopular Opinion

    I like to occasionally watch an adult cartoon, but watch nothing regularly. Come to think of it, I don't really watch any shows regularly. I don't like to binge watch stuff usually.
  6. Pretty good show, my wife and I just finished watching it over about a 3 day period. I like dark comedy. It sure seem like Applegate plays a lot of characters that are rather unlikable.
  7. NUinID

    Holy $#@& Phil Steele

    Or one could say that Nebraska has not been very good, but the conference is fairly tough in the middle. There are not 5 teams only winning 2-4 games like KU,KSU, ISU, MU, CU did in the mid 80's in the big 8 right now.
  8. NUinID

    Holy $#@& Phil Steele

    Nice, where did that come from? So I am the only Nebraska fan that thinks we have to learn to crawl first. Doubling our win total this year will be a complete disappointment to everyone but me. OK
  9. NUinID

    Holy $#@& Phil Steele

    Right now I would be very happy with winning 8 games next year. I don't Urban Meyer took teams lightly, that is why he only lost 4 games in that span. TO didn't take teams lightly. Bo Pelini took teams lightly that is why he lost games he shouldn't have.
  10. NUinID

    Holy $#@& Phil Steele

    What you say makes a lot more sense than the teacher. Nobody said the conference is tough as crap. I didn't say that. I said their is a lot of good teams. The BIG is a better conference than it was in 1997 so is the Big12. Teams are better, their is too much money out their for teams to not try and be better. I am not a B1G homer. Yes, I do get that some B1G fans think that. I am not worried about what some fan in Wisconsin is saying. I know a decent football team when I see it.
  11. NUinID

    Holy $#@& Phil Steele

    I guess if you think winning 8 games a year is average than we have a different definition of average. I am talking about games being gimmies. There are very few gimmies in the B1G right now and really hasn't been a lot of gimmies since we joined the B1G. Even if Nebraska is an elite team games against Wisconsin, NW, MSU, PSU, Iowa aren't gimmies. Do you think Urban Meyer thought those were cake walk games?
  12. NUinID

    Holy $#@& Phil Steele

    I like how you went straight to my Indiana, Purdue, Maryland and Minnesota comments and forgot about Michigan, Iowa, Wisconsin, MSU, NW, and PSU. You confuse being good with being elite. Right now their are about 4 elite teams in the country. Teams that are only losing 1 game a year in the regular season consistently is what I call elite. Alabama, Clemson, OSU, Oklahoma are really the only teams right now that I think fit that bill. Oklahoma is iffy on that end IMO. Georgia may get their, but it is too soon to tell. That still leaves a lot of good teams. Lots of 8-10 win teams out there. Michigan, Iowa, Wisconsin, PSU, NW and PSU fall into that category. Nebraska has to play 3 of them every year.
  13. NUinID

    Holy $#@& Phil Steele

    Yes, I think top to bottom it is a pretty tough league. The B1G has IMO the best coaching overall of any conference. What it lacks is the overall top end talent that the SEC has. Right now only OSU has that reload talent like an Alabama, Georgia, and LSU.
  14. NUinID

    Holy $#@& Phil Steele

    I think you are off some on your thinking. Nebraska has not been very good over the coarse of time it has been in the B1G. My opinion of the B1G has changed. To me it is a league full of teams that are very solid/good they just aren't great. Iowa, Wisconsin, NW, PSU, Michigan are all good teams that have shown very well all over the country over the last few years. They just haven't been playoff teams. You can't sleep on Purdue, Minnesota, Indiana or Maryland either. They show up to play. The B1G is a league that you better show up and play every week. It is still a big boy tough league that will beat each other up it is not a track meet like the B12. It is much closer to the way the SEC plays football.
  15. Oh yeah, I think Illinois will be better, I just don't know how much better. I actually think Purdue takes a little step back. The QB they have coming back is not as good as the other one was.