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  1. NUinID

    Movie Reviews

    My mother is going to be 89 in May and lives in a place like they were at, so I understand. Most the people that live in assisted living places aren't nearly as spry as Chase and Dreyfus are.
  2. NUinID

    Movie Reviews

    Watch the Last Laugh last night on your recommendation. It was pretty good. I am 53 so I can relate. I thought Andie McDowell was a little young to be playing that part, but I get what they were going for, good looking older hippyish woman. I haven't seen Bohemian Rhapsody yet, I can't get anyone in my family interested in going to see it. I will have to wait until it is at redbox.
  3. NUinID

    Going to Drive This

    I have a 2016 Canyon. I really like it. Bought it brand new. It is a crew cab with the longest box I could get. I just don't like driving the full size truck every day. I have a 2004 Dodge 3/4 ton for pulling a heavy load when need be.
  4. NUinID

    Unpopular Opinion

    I would not call for Mazour to play more, but IMO if he is needed to play more due to injury or stupidity (MW), he would be able to get the job done. He is a football player and will play his guts out for the team. I go back to the Michigan game this year and the series where he got about 5-6 touches and scored a TD. No it wasn't against their top defense, but even Michigan's backups are pretty darn good.
  5. McDonald's fries are very solid top 5 type. Just a great go to fry. Runza has the best crinkle fries. Didn't see this listed, smash burger makes a great rosemary garlic fry. They have a smash burger in the Boise airport and I get a bag of those fries before I get on a plane. The burgers aren't anything special. In and Out fries are actually fresh. They actually cut them up and then cook them. I think they are fine, but nothing special.
  6. NUinID

    Movie Reviews

    Black Panther was good, but to say it was Oscar worthy is a bit of a stretch. I didn't think much of Dr. Strange the first time I watched it, I re watched it on Netflicks and like it more on second viewing.
  7. NUinID

    Discontent in the AD?

    I have a very close friend that has had 2 sons walk on and play at Nebraska, his brother played for them also. He likes to think he knows what is going on in the FB program and the AD in general. He really doesn't though. I am not saying your people don't know stuff, I am just saying that I think there are a lot of people that think they know more than they actually do.
  8. NUinID

    Fast Food Chicken

    I like some KFC and Popeyes though I rarely eat it. Raising Canes and Chick Fil A are fine. They are Chicken strips and a chicken sandwich. My daughter loves Raising Canes she says it is the sauce that is great. She also likes the chicken strips at Runza. She is a chicken strip/nugget snob.
  9. NUinID

    Discontent in the AD?

    I like Benning too, I like his take on football and he is pretty knowledgeable about sports in general. As many have said he does like to get cryptic sometimes. For me personally if he doesn't feel like he can discuss something in full than don't bring it up. Didn't care for Bahe at first too much Bball and Creighton BBall in general. I feel he has backed off on that some and is more rounded. He repeats himself and talks in circles a lot but he is not bad except for 1 team each week. On Friday's when Matt Schick calls into the show it is terrible. It is a half hour of them giggling about inside jokes and the good old days when they did a show together. The guys on USC are terrible. I usually listen to a local show out of Boise at that point. It is a really good show with just the right mix of sports and comic stuff. Much more similar to USC when Kuglar and S'evere were on it.
  10. So does Creighton Locker, my problem is that before I ever had one my work was having a picnic and all the lady that was in charge could talk about was that she was getting Wragge Dogs and how wonderful they are. They were good, but not worthy of that much praise. The Wimmers coarse wiener may have changed formula. They aren't owned by Wimmers anymore and they don't even make them in West Point. Someone else bought the name.
  11. Wragge Dogs do not deserve the mythical greatness they have in NE Nebraska. They are good but nothing that special. All the are is a coarse wiener. Wimmers makes one that tastes just the same.
  12. NUinID

    Discontent in the AD?

    I agree that Moos seems like a throwback guy like Devaney. He would probably enjoy a night or 2 at the Legion Club. You have to admit he is a complete opposite of an AD to what SE or TO was. They were both all administration nose to the grindstone guys. I think you need a mix of it though. Moos just might be too much of a back slapper for some boosters. Plus he doesn't seem like the type of guy that is going to take any advise from boosters. With all that said, I never thought he was a long term guy at Nebraska he is at most a 5 year guy. I think he was 67 when he was hired.
  13. NUinID

    Greta Van Fleet

    I like them, but I am an old dude. I like LZ, Rush, Cream, The Who, Jimi Hendrix, VH. There is something very basic and pure sounding about a power trio. All three of the musicians have to be good/great to hold up their end. How long has it been since there was a really good power trio/ power trio with a great sounding front man, Probably STP. His voice is closer to Geddy Lee's than Plant, but it isn't dissimilar. Oh, and I am not a huge Smashing Pumpkins fan. Billy Corgan is a wanker.
  14. NUinID

    OLine Work in Progress

    That was probably directed more at Hunter94
  15. NUinID

    OLine Work in Progress

    No of coarse it doesn't absolve Cav of all that was wrong under Riley. I am just saying he was doing what he was asked to do. Just because a certain coach didn't get it done at Nebraska doesn't automatically mean he sucks, has always sucked and will always suck.