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  1. I agree that having top talent at AD and having a President and Chancellor that understand things is probably most important. I don't agree that Alabama has remained on top for the past 50 years. From the time Bear Bryant retired in 1981 until Sabin was hired in 2006 Alabama was pretty average most of the time and downright bad some of the time. They had about 4 good years under Gene Stallings but nothing else that was that great or sustained. Alabama wondered in the wilderness for about 25 years waiting for a coach.
  2. I got curious and googled Bond movie rankings. Every list was different and all over the place. Most had Goldfinger at #1 but one had it as low as 9. https://www.usatoday.com/picture-gallery/life/movies/2019/06/12/every-james-bond-movie-ranked-worst-to-best/39571451/ https://www.thrillist.com/entertainment/nation/best-james-bond-movies-list-ranked https://www.theguardian.com/film/2018/aug/24/james-bond-on-film-ranked https://collider.com/james-bond-movies-ranked-worst-to-best/#goldfinger Here are 4 sites to look at if you want. Lots of different opinions. The last one has a View to a Kill at 13. I would rank it about 24,
  3. Each guy that played Bond brought different things to the character. I like all of them in different ways. Sean Connery was such a lady killer. The first 3 he did Dr. No, From Russia With Love and Goldfinger were really good. They went downhill after that with him. George Lazenby only did 1 For Her Majesty's Secret Service it is actually one of my favorites. Bond is vulnerable and falls in love. Roger Moore's Bond was much more humerus and campy. He played Bond in the most movies. He played Bond 7x and probably should have stopped at 4 or 5. He was actually older than Connery just looked younger. My favorites of his is probably the least well received. I like the Man with the Golden Gun. You can't go wrong with Christopher Lee as the bad guy. His later ones just got silly. Timothy Dalton was probably the Bond that was most like character in the books. Much more serious and ruthless. Similar to Daniel Craig, but the world wasn't ready for Bond to be serious. His 2 movies are considered pretty good though. Pierce Brosnan as someone said had pretty bad scripts. I thought he was good as Bond but his movies got way too gadgety. Goldeneye was pretty good. Daniel Craig is good as Bond. More like Timothy Dalton not quite as angry though. I like his take. One thing that makes his movies better is that he has better actors surrounding him. Judi Dench, Ralph Fiennes, in recurring roles. Casino Royal and Skyfall are really good movies. Spector is pretty good. Only the second one which I can't remember the name of is not very good.
  4. Exactly, if you can't kick it into the end zone. Find someone who can put it high and to the 20 yard line. If it is done well they are going to fair catch it and get it at the 25 same as a touch back. It also allows for a miss handle and recovery which happened in the game. They did return a couple out to the 40, but it was mostly done well.
  5. I was born in Nebraska and lived there till I was 10. We moved to a small town in SW Iowa and I finished HS. I then went to college in Missouri. Most of Iowa would actually seed SW Iowa to Nebraska if they wanted it. Basically from I-80 over to a little west of I-35 and down to the Missouri boarder is pretty much ignored by the rest of the state. Eastern Iowa, basically anything east of Des Moines is the uppity side of the state. We always had season tickets to NU games so it was never a case of choosing. There was always a lot of Nebraska fans in SW Iowa. In fact I would say it was split more between Nebraska and Iowa St fans. The fandom of Iowa in the SW part of the state is more of a recent thing. Basically it goes with the demise of Nebraska and relative rise of Iowa. People that never had much allegiance to any team have latched onto Iowa as their team. The "hatred" IMO stems pretty much from Nebraska's arrival into the B1G. Even when Iowa wasn't as good as Nebraska at football they always held on to the fact that they were a B1G schools which is a much better academic conference than Nebraska was in at the time. Now they can't say that. I had friends that went to Iowa out of HS and I went and visited them only about 2 months into their Freshman year. They already were preaching the superiority of the B1G. This is in 1984 mind you. Anyway I would really like to see Iowa lose to Nebraska. My BIL is sorta an Iowa fan. Born and raised in Western Iowa, he has lived in Nebraska the last 20 years of his life and is actually more of a very casual football fan. He just knows I am more die hard about it and loves to get under my skin about. Just a big loud mouth about stuff in general. So if for nothing else it will make him shut up over the weekend.
  6. NUinID


    This is very true. This is not just a Chinander problem this a Frost/Chinander problem. They way overestimated their ability to put points on the board and way underestimated the importance of being able to stop a team in the B1G. The B1G is a big boy defensive league. Teams stop the run and tackle. There are plenty of good offenses, but it has to be paired with at least a decent defense. Talent seasoned talent is lacking big time at the linebacker spot and they need a couple of pass rushers. Shore up those things and the defense will get better.
  7. I would say garbage is way too strong. If you go and watch almost every sack Nebraska has got this year, they are coverage sacks. I am not going to sit here and say the defense as a whole has been great, but the secondary coverage has been decent. Decent doesn't mean great or even good. With a better pass rush they would be better. Again if the secondary is in pass coverage too long someone is eventually going to come open. The opposing coaches are picking on the linebackers most the time, throwing the underneath stuff. Our Lbs don't cover up real well and they are getting exploited. Our d-line is actually pretty good at doing what the are suppose to do except they don't get enough pressure on the QB with just 4 guys. I would say our d-line is just as good as Wisconsin's and will actually be better this week with Williams out. The problem is that Wisconsin's d-line gets paired with probably the best starting 4 linebackers in the B1G and then the secondary is probably top 5.
  8. The secondary as a whole has played decent this year. The problem is that they have got no help with a pass rush. When you are covering 4+ seconds someone is going to come open eventually. Jackson and Bootle have both played pretty well. Jackson will go no later than the 3rd round. The linebackers have been horrible in coverage.
  9. Not pining for the record. I disagree that an espn writer shows up during a bye week and writes that article if the sit 6-3 right now. I can truthfully say if they were 6-3 right now that would be about where I thought they would be. I predicted 8-4 on the year.
  10. This is actually a pretty sad statistic. This is what Nebraska's o-line depth chart used to look like. Remember guys that would be seniors this year are Gaylord, Jalen Barrett, Mike Decker. We may get Gaylord back for a hardship next year, but the other 2 gave up football.
  11. Not really the way I look at it. Against Illinois and NW Nebraska made plays to win the game at the end. Against Purdue and Indiana they didn't. Indiana and Purdue made the plays to win the game.
  12. It is an easy story to write when the team is 4-5. A couple more stops or a couple more TD's and the record is 6-3 and the story isn't written.
  13. The position coach is the guy who worries about putting in players. But, if a player goes down injured or has an equipment problem the next man on depth chart automatically goes into the game unless a coach specifically tells them not to do it. In the Purdue game I think Robinson was dinged up and Mills had a shoe come off or something. My guess is he went into the game without even being told anything one way or another. But with that being said, if he goes in the game he might as well play more than 1 play in that game. On the subject of the thread. I am not apathetic about the season. I wouldn't be posting and talking about if I was apathetic. College football season is the shortest of all the sports seasons. It is basically 3 months long. Nebraska is my team, and I love to see them win, but I like to watch college football in general. I had the TV on all day Saturday while I got things ready for a dinner party at our house. After everyone left I watched the end of the BSU/Wyoming game. I am really mad about the last 2 games. They should have won them. I want to see them win the games that they should win. I will watch every Nebraska game left this year, because I like college football and they are my team.
  14. No, I think he spoke way to highly of his team. I don't know if he really believed it or if he was trying to pump up his team. But, he oversold his team. There is a difference between saying if we keep improving we can be good vs. we are better at most positions and are looking good. There are a lot of reason's this team is not as good as the year before. Losing the guys you mentioned is a huge part of it. They were good players and have not been replaced with players that are not equal. But, losing those guys talent was one thing, they also lost a ton of leadership that has not been replaced. This senior class is not even close to having leaders. I mean how does a grad transfer senior come on a team for 3 months and then get elected a captain. That tells me they are short on leadership. This team lacks mature talent and leadership. With all that being said they still should have beat Colorado and Purdue and maybe even Indiana. Though I think Indiana is a decent team. At a minimum this team should be 6-3 right now. I think Frost is frustrated by that. Players make plays. Frost and Company have made mistakes this year, but you can tell he is completely baffled by the sluggish play in the 3rd quarter. When you have never experienced something like that it is hard to fix. I think he is frustrated by AM play this year. He knows he is the best chance to win, but he hasn't played great. The problem is he hasn't played terrible, he just hasn't played as well as last year. He has shown flashes, just not anything that is consistent. The fact that our very good kicker has been hurt almost all year has hurt this team also.
  15. The only real failure in recruiting Burrow lies with Bo Pelini and Tim Beck. He really wanted to come to Nebraska out of HS. He was rated a high 3* or 4* depending on the recruiting site. For what ever reason Beck wasn't impressed and didn't recruit him at all. All they had to do was offer a scholarship and he would have been Nebraska bound. This was in 2014, so Burrow took a scholarship offer from Ohio St. After BP was fired Mike Riley and Co tried to get back in on him. Offered a scholarship, but he stuck with his commitment to OSU. It was basically the same scenario with Noah Fant. BP only wanted him as a D-End, Iowa wanted him as a TE. Riley tried to get back in on him, but it didn't work.
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