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  1. I was at this game I was all of 12 at the time. It was very much a let down and probably hard to get back up to play again after the emotional drain of playing so well against OU the week before. Missouri was decent that year. I think they ended up 8-3 or 7-4. They had a three headed monster on offense. Phil Bradley at QB, James Wilder at RB, he played quite a few years in the NFL and a guy by the Name of Kellen Winslow at TE. It was basically a game of who scored last won the game.
  2. Couldn't have said it better myself. Spielman is a great complimentary receiver. When he had someone to take the heat off of him on the outside he thrived. But with that said, he is not going to be that guy that takes over a game when the other team doesn't have someone else to work off of. I am not sure Wondale Robinson is that type of guy either, but he still has a chance to prove me wrong.
  3. Read the article yesterday. You can't argue with a lot of what he says, except. No one at Nebraska, including Frost ever said they wanted to leave the conference. He is only half paraphrasing what Moos says. He leaves out other parts, which I am sure he read in Sipple's article. The article's tone is just petty and vindictive and designed to piss off a certain crowd. You are right, being a Mizzu grad he has absolutely no love for Nebraska. Loves to kick us when we are down. He has certain Schools and college towns he loves to go after. He went hard after how ba
  4. I truly don't ever recall believing in Santa. I am sure I did at sometime, but I was the youngest and my older brother would have definitely broke the news to me just to be a d!(k. We only got 1 or 2 presents from Santa at my house anyway. It was usually the big present a new bike etc. It was always kind of a wink and a nudge from my parents. Now my wife on the other hand loves Santa and wanted are kids to believe as long as possible. Her parents did the same thing as @KnappIc did. They would go to church and the presents from Santa would be there when they got
  5. This would be very hard for me to do. I will pick 10 songs that I never get tired of listening to. By that I mean I never turn it off or skip it. Everybody Wants to Rule the World- Tears for Fears Black Whole Sun-Soundgarden Ramble On- Led Zep Time- Pink Floyd Can't Find My Way Home - Blind Faith Home Sweet Home- Motley Crue Redemption Song - Bob Marley True Faith- New Order As- Stevie Wonder Soul to Squeeze- Chili Peppers I could easily put down another 10 Elderly Woman- Pearl Jam Into the Mystic - Van Mo
  6. Very much so, confidence and momentum are such a huge factor in football. They gained both winning those close early games.
  7. I like your enthusiasm. When I look at other teams I usually ask myself 1 big question. Is this team on paper going to be better than they were the year before. When I look at Iowa, Minnesota and Wisconsin my answer is no. Minnesota is taking some huge hits on offense and lost their best player on defense to graduation. Iowa is breaking in a new QB after having a 3 year starter and all the crap that has gone on there lately has to have an effect on the team and losing your AA defensive end. You don't just replace Johnathan Taylor or your top receiver. Though Wisconsin's def
  8. As was said already, TO had promised Frank the job. He actually stayed 1 year longer than originally planned. He was going to retire after the 96 season. There were other things involved also. 1. He thought he owed it to his wife to quit and spend time with her. 2. He had already had heart bypass surgery about 7-8 years earlier. He truly thought he was going to be in declining health. Which didn't happen as you can see he is 87 and still going pretty well. When you are a type A personality like TO was, you can't just shut it off. He basically ran for congr
  9. Al Papik is who TO wanted to be AD. You have to remember that Deveney was loved by all but when he left as AD and BB took over the Athletic department was a mess infrastructure wise and deep in dept. Deveney had neglected a lot his last few years and was moving on autopilot. Bill Byrne gets a bad rap from a lot of people as "Dollar Bill", but he made a lot of tough choices and presided over basically a high water mark for Nebraska athletics
  10. So when was Osborne asked initially to be AD? BB became AD in 1992? When TO wasn't named AD at that point the ship had sailed on him being AD any sooner than he became it
  11. It is way to early to tell. I get really tired of guys like Kirk Herbstreit throwing crap out there just to get a response from people. By June 1st we should know a lot more. That is almost 2 full months away. At this point I am optimistic. .
  12. This is so true. It wasn't that he was bad or terrible or what ever. He needed to take a step forward and be better than he was the year before and he didn't do that. He took 1 step back basically and was fairly average. There were probably a lot of reason's for this, all of which have been discussed. Injuries to him, missing WR and RB from year before and replacing 2 key offensive linemen. This team needed a good to great AM to have a really good season and they didn't get it.
  13. I knew what you were talking about right away. The shovel pass on the goal line. That whole sequence of plays at that point is maddening. The whole Purdue game just makes me sick. At that point in the year Purdue is playing pretty bad and is racked by injuries. At the very least they should have been winning that game 21-14 at halftime and at the very best it should have been 28-10. Instead they are losing 13-14. The first half play calling was terrible and it was probably Martinez's worst half of play all year. The defense actually played fairly solid in the first half other
  14. It's got more to do with having a couple of WR that can run the route effectively. Robinson and Spielman aren't big enough to get the inside position necessary for the route. Neither was Noa, all three of those guys are really slot receivers. Really the only WR with the size to do it was Warner and he was hurt for 75% of the season. Nebraska ran it some in 2018 with Morgan. All of Minnesota's WR are fairly good sized guys. At least 6 foot and all about 210 or better. I know Robinson is listed at 5'10 but he is probably closer to 5'8". Spielman is about 5'9".
  15. I guess for me you still have to try that deep ball some. I know they ran some QB draw/power with some success. Another thing in the RPO stuff that they never do is run the slant RPO. That also is most likely due to a lack of personnel, or it is just not what Frost and Co like to do. Minnesota's RPO is all about the 7-10 yard slant, which is a much easier pass to throw than swing or flat screen.
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