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  1. NUinID

    Tim Miles Hot Seat Watch

    You just answered your own question about why this year is a little different. The supporting cast around Palmer is way stronger than in the past. That is really the difference between a good team and great teams. All the traditionally great basketball programs have a strong team. They may have a couple of really good player/scorers but they have a great supporting cast. Next year Nebraska probably will struggle they won't have the players. So I guess fire Miles at the end of the year.
  2. Just looked it up, it was in 2001. So I wasn't too far off.
  3. Yeah, that one was done probably 20 years ago. AM Hall played Mutt Lange, he was the only semi name actor in the movie. It was OK nothing great.
  4. NUinID

    Big announcement coming?

    I am all for having great facilities for athletes, but when I saw this the first time when they were showing it on ESPN, I thought this was dumb and a little over the top.
  5. NUinID

    What did we learn: Illinois

    I don’t know about as good as Osu, but they have run the real well all year. Some fans need to look at what teams have done in the past before they have a melt down Illinois had moved the ball and scored on most teams this year. They just can’t stop anyone.
  6. NUinID

    What did we learn: Illinois

    That is actually a pretty good analysis. If you are waiting for Michigan’s defense it is not going to happen, it will get better though. One more thing give Illinois some credit they have actually moved the ball and scored on most teams this year, they just can’t stop anyone. The RB that got hurt is a 1000 yard guy. He has ran all over teams this year: It is not like Illinois is scoring 10 against other teams. They are averaging in the mid 20’s
  7. NUinID

    Keith Williams

    There is so many things that went wrong with Mike Riley and his HC stint at Nebraska it is hard to count them all, but lets try. 1. He was the wrong fit for the job. He had spent his whole coaching career on the west coast. I would equate it to the hire of Howard Schnellenberger at Oklahoma in the 90's. He only lasted 1 year though. 2. He was past his prime. I knew who Mike Riley was unlike a lot of Nebraska fans. I watch a lot of PAC 12 football. I actually thought he might be a good hire in 2007 when BP was hired. He was in his prime at Oregon St and winning a lot. By 2015 he was not getting things done like he was 5-6 years earlier. I really think he looked at the Nebraska job as a way to breath life back into his desire to coach. 3. Truly great coaches all have one thing in common. They all hate to lose. Everyone likes to win, great coaches can't stand to lose. It didn't bother MR nearly enough when he lost. 4. Sean Eicherst micromanaging everything. I am sure there are other things. With all that being said, he still knows more about coaching football and the x's and o's of the game than anyone on this board.
  8. NUinID

    OT Bryce Benhart [Nebraska Commit]

    That really wasn't my point if only one was to commit to Nebraska I want the 4* tackle.
  9. NUinID

    OT Bryce Benhart [Nebraska Commit]

    I would be much more excited if they got this kid than the WR that just committed. Darian Chase is a great get, but this team needs offensive tackles badly and this kid can come in and compete for playing time right away. Ideally if they did get him would be to have him come in and play in 4 games and RS for the season.
  10. NUinID

    Husker Road Games Attended

    Planning on getting to Chicago and NW in the near future. The wife says we can't go until the youngest graduates that is in 2022. 1978 Kansas I think Craig Johnson had a great day toting the rock. 1983 Orange Bowl vs. Clemson 1985 OSU I think good game like 45 to 10 1989 OB vs Miami 1998 OSU in Arrowhead Took a tour bus on a whim with my wife and another couple. Were 2 miles from the stadium 3 hours before the game started the traffic was funneling from 6 lanes down to 1. We had tickets to a pregame tailgate for drinks and food. I walked into the stadium with 6 minutes left in the first quarter. I was very pissed and immediately started drinking a lot of beer. 1999 Iowa St. Sat hillside. 2013 UCLA Went with my wife and brother and SIL. Started tailgating at like 1 for a 7 kickoff my SIL got so drunk she got kicked out of the stadium. My brother wasn't happy. I wasn't happy because Pelini couldn't figure out how to stop the crossing routes and gave up a bazillion yards and lost the game. 2017 Oregon the game sucked but it was kind of a family reunion, spent the weekend on the Oregon coast. Also been to BSU games and went to a Wisconsin at Iowa game in 1984 with friends who went to Iowa. That was Chuck Long, Ronnie Harman era. The game was boring as hell it ended in a 10-10 tie. This is back when Wisconsin was no good. The did have Al Toon on the team.
  11. NUinID

    tOSU Gametime

    That is the best time you can have for this game. OSU is going to be out to prove something and has 2 weeks to prepare and stew on that loss. They don't need the added noise of a drunken mob at the stadium at 6 pm. The fans will at least still be asleep. Hopefully the buckeyes are too.
  12. Tommie Frazier was a great great football player and exactly what the team needed to get over the hump at the time and go on their run. I can appreciate all he did for Nebraska football as a football player. Tommie Frazier, from all I have seen since his playing days is not a great human being. Even when he played his teammates said he wasn't always the most likable guy, but they respected him. He is still living his glory days and seems to be a little angry with his life in general.
  13. NUinID

    Stealing Nebraska's identity

    Yeah, I understand what you are saying. You want to be OSU. In order to be OSU Nebraska has to be Wisconsin and Iowa first. That doesn't mean they have to play the exact same brand of football, but they do need to be a solid disciplined hard nosed football team that gets the most out of its players. They need to be able to consistently be 9-3 or 10-2 before they can be 12-0.
  14. NUinID

    Defensive Issues - Who's more at fault?

    Very good listen, I really like Rob Z perspective on what is going on. If you listen to the pod cast regularly he is pretty positive about what is going on down in Lincoln. He also gave Thorson a lot of credit for the come back. He also talked about the penalties and basically said what I have been saying. Nebraska is a known high penalty team so they tend to get a couple of really ticky tack calls every game. He thought the roughing call against the Davis twin in the end zone was very ticky tack. He also said they were holding the d-line terribly and there should have been at least a couple of holdings called against NW.
  15. NUinID

    Officiating Bias Against Frost?

    Number 2 on your list is what I have been saying all along. When you got the rep of being a sloppy penalty prone team the refs tend to look a little harder for penalties. It is human nature. That is why Nebraska probably gets 2-3 calls a game that are borderline. When you are known for playing clean you get the benefit of the doubt. Northwestern plays clean, but no one plays 64 passes in 1 game no holding calls clean. Ohio St is known as a penalty prone team also, they just are good enough to overcome the penalties.