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  1. What we are doming looks nothing like what chip is doing. Hell, I’ve seen high school teams run this offense better
  2. It’s hard to hear, but true. A lot of people aren’t old enough, or just plain don’t remember, that it took Osborne over 20 years to win a national title. The fact that he made a family, stable atmosphere at Nebraska helped build the program over the years. We can’t instantly recruit a bunch of local talent to turn the program around overnight, it has to be built with patience.
  3. I think we need to give him more than 1.5 years to make that determination. A lot of people wanted Osborne gone after a few years too. There is something to be said for continuity, especially at a place like Nebraska that is already in a recruiting deficit
  4. I think he is too, but he is going to have to make some adult decisions. Are the people on his staff really the best he can do? He may need to sever relationships in order to get this team where it needs to go. Is he willing to do that? Only time will tell. And it could be the difference between him being the coach here for the next 20 years, or the next 5.
  5. The offense isn’t outdated, we just aren’t good at it
  6. I live in Michigan, and let me tell you, nobody gives us a second thought. We are a Passover game. Nobody talks about us, we are completely irrelevant. It’s a hard truth, but it is true. We actually get more respect from espn as being a storied program than we do from any team in the big ten. We are like playing Illinois or Maryland to the rest of the big ten. We may have some plucky games, but no real serious threat.
  7. In a super intense, physical, big boy football game, LSU just got their 2nd penalty in the 4th quarter. Let that sink in a bit
  8. Especially since they weren’t even tackling
  9. I don’t buy this entirely. A team just needs to be consistently good at something. We are good at nothing, no identity, osu passes a lot, so does psu. We just are not good at anything
  10. Nope, but still cashing checks and getting other jobs
  11. Not true, a guy named mike Riley has been a nice guy forever and he keeps getting jobs......too soon?
  12. I’m pretty sure they have been playing with an extra player all night, at least it seems that way
  13. Meaning they better make sure their 2nd string is stretching because they are going to get some action
  14. I live in Kalamazoo, saw up close what fleck did at wmu. I was saying years ago we should have given him a look. He’s a little annoying, but a damn good coach and his players love him. Long term, I think frost is a better fit, but a lot of people scoffed at fleck back then
  15. We know they are going to run up the middle, they know they are going to run up the middle, hell they are probably telling us before they do it. And yet, we cannot stop them......sound familiar? Why can’t we just get back to what we once did so well?
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