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  1. He is very fast, one of the top ranked receivers coming out of high school. He has had injury problems the last few years. If he’s 100% he would definitely be worth a look.
  2. Not to take away from isu or Matt, he has done a great job there, but the big 12 is not even close to the same league the big 10 is. I do live watching the way they play though, no fear and tough
  3. I feel like you can actually see that on the field. It seems like when Luke is in everyone plays harder and faster, almost like they have more faith in him. Maybe I’m just seeing things, but I wonder if Adrian has lost the team. Frosts decision may be made for him unless Adrian can become brilliant before spring
  4. Frost will not be fired, nor should he be fired. These threads just need to be merged or locked. If after 4 or 5 years this same mess is happening, then it’s time for that discussion. This instant gratification attitude it what got us to this mess in the first place.
  5. I honestly don’t feel like I learn anything in these games anymore. I actually feel like I get more stupid.
  6. If he continues to be stubborn and not learn from his mistakes, it will be absolutely unbearable to stay here. Being a Nebraska boy can you imagine how he would feel if the sell it streak ended under his watch? Or if the media actually starts holding him accountable? Being accosted on the streets? Nebraska is not an easy place to hide, he will have to answer for everything he does more and more. At some point l, if he maintains his ways, it would be miserable to be him and he will leave
  7. Martinez looks slow and lost again, know where this game is headed already. Time for another turkey sandwich and some beer
  8. If Martinez played this way all year we would have had 2 or 3 more wins. Hopefully he is back
  9. Someone really needs to teach these players to tackle instead of going for the strip on every freaking play.
  10. I suffered through the game today, it was cold and windy. One of the things I noticed is that this team is very flat there is no emotion, no excitement for big plays, no anger at stupid plays. They just kind of go through the motions. So I am working on this theory. Maybe part of the problem is that the team realizes they are flat, but there is no real leadership on the team. So players are trying to hard to lead by example. Like Martinez seems to always want the big play, the long bomb down the field, so he can amp the team up. People on defense are missing. Tackles and not wrapping up because they all seem to be going for the full speed knock out hit every time. I saw so many defenders doing this today and it’s what got me thinking. Not a full blown thesis yet, just looking for an explanation of the baffling product on the field
  11. Are we playing man coverage? I’m really not sure, looks more like zone the way the receivers are always in holes. If we are playing man, we are failing hard
  12. No need for that anymore, so let’s see him
  13. Uh, yea? At least they aren’t scoring on every play. Unfortunately. On third down we let them do whatever they want
  14. Where is the juco guy, green (I think) wasn’t he touted as nfl talent. Put him in
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