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  1. HuskerJax

    Tony Tuioti Hired as New DL Coach

    Yup, that’s who I was thinking of. Wasn’t he at Cal at one point too? Or was it Washington? He was kind of a hot pick for d cordinator or something if I remember correctly, which I often don’t these days...
  2. HuskerJax

    Tony Tuioti Hired as New DL Coach

    Sounds like a great hire! Hasn’t his name popped up in some of our past searches? Or am I thinking of someone with a similar name?
  3. HuskerJax

    Maurice Washington Faces Charges

    I believe they can still be charged with distributing child porn, even if both are minors. I know a couple of students where I teach were charged for sending naked pics on their phones. Similar situation
  4. HuskerJax

    WR Charles Njoku [UCLA - Signed LOI]

    Owa and Devin fuller broke my heart by picking UCLA, this one doesn’t move the needle the same way. Would have been a good pick up, but just as happy with Houston. Speed kills and we are loading up with it!
  5. HuskerJax

    DT Matthew Pola-Mao [Kansas State - Signed LOI]

    Thanks, I went back and rewatched it. Skipped forward before
  6. HuskerJax

    DT Matthew Pola-Mao [Kansas State - Signed LOI]

    Who is the other kid in the video? Never mind, got it.
  7. HuskerJax

    JUCO DT Tony Fair [UAB Commit]

    So, should I assume we have totally moved on from him at this point?
  8. HuskerJax

    JUCO CB Tony Wallace [TCU - Signed LOI]

    Couldn’t we use them both? Seems we lack a little depth in the secondary, or am I wrong?
  9. HuskerJax

    What did we learn: Iowa edition?

    As we scored our last touchdown and two point conversion, the camera panned over the Iowa crowd. I could actually see the fear on their faces and sense their realization that this was their last gasp against the Huskers for a while. Iowa is what they always are, and always will be, they are mediocre. They have physical lines, and decent players, however, they always seem stuck in the same place, not elite, not a pushover. Now Nebraska will overtake them again and they will fall in our rear view mirror. I hope they relish this win and all get selfies with that stupid trophy, they won’t see it again for a long time.
  10. HuskerJax

    What Did We Learn? - Michigan State

    After watching the last few games, and currently watching the UCF game, it is very obvious that Frost creates a winning culture. I am so excited for the future!
  11. HuskerJax

    *** Official Illinois Game Thread ***

    I think ziggy may have earned himself a spot on an nfl roster with the way he’s played this year. What a pleasant surprise he has been
  12. HuskerJax

    *** Official Illinois Game Thread ***

    Ok, now put the 2nd string in! Great game boys!
  13. HuskerJax

    *** Official Illinois Game Thread ***

    I really think we should have scored once more before putting in the 2nd string, still Little faith in defense
  14. HuskerJax

    *** Official Illinois Game Thread ***

    Love the aggression! Killer instinct we haven’t seen in a while
  15. HuskerJax

    *** Official Illinois Game Thread ***

    Having northwestern flashbacks.....