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  1. I guess that's not up for me to judge. So, maybe.
  2. No, I don't understand football at all.
  3. they absolutely need nash but that strength hasn’t done anything for his football abilities. The dude plays with cement blocks for cleats.
  4. I was told by someone who goes to practice. Some guys are just not progressing or have such bad habits that they cannot coach them out of. This team is in a weird situation. There are things to be optimistic about and then aspects where it is obvious that Nebraska sorely lacks. The middle LB's have been exposed a little bit and appear to have maxed out. Ty Robinson is too heavy, and they might slide him at Nose. Myles Farmer has maxed out. Braxton Clark is doing everything to not take the opposite CB spot despite him being the guy the staff wants out there for this year. Omar Manning isn't event top 3 at WR. The young TE's are actually good. Size is the issue. The RBs are good. Grimes kicked it into gear but is still behind. Marquis Black flashes but is inconsistent. Mossai isn't very strong. Haussman is better than Kpai. Alante is good and should play a lot. Palmer is the best WR. Weaver and Buckley aren't ready. Kolarevic doesn't have a position. Javin Wright same thing. O-line needs guys back to evaluate, but they have been a somewhat pleasant surprise, attitude wise.
  5. They're contemplating putting Ty at Nose full time. That should tell you enough.
  6. Hear me out, Nash isn't a good football player. Banks never developed into anything. Piper is shell shocked, and miller isn't good.
  7. Hardy, Neville, Malcolm, Lynn, Wilderman, Conn, Nash, Tyreke, Mauga Clements, Stepp, Piper, Ezra Miller, and Banks need to go.
  8. He works the aquarium on the weekend.
  9. I know a guy. He said he sucks at Nose. Even went as far as to say that he shouldn't have a schollie on that side. Also said that there are 20 other guys who need to go.
  10. Zavier Betts is a gift to UNL and Scott, and I believe that will come to fruition in 2022. The same would go for Malachi if he stays home. He's an obvious pro prospect with Mickey coaching him. If he goes to Michigan, he will still be really good and is a guy you cannot lose.
  11. I imagine Dylan is up for a ratings bump in the near future. Incredibly fluid runner with very good acceleration and body control. He looks like such a natural out there. There is something in the water in Kansas.
  12. I forget how good of a player Asa is. I hope we get him. He could be really good on the outside and inside. Perfect LB body and frame.
  13. Please do not allow this board to become like the 247 board. That place sucks.
  14. A good coach who belongs on the West Coast. He could never get any traction to bring guys to Lincoln, but I did like how the guys progressed under him. Chins should go back to outside LBs to free up a spot for RB and ST.
  15. If he is a difference maker on special teams and earns himself into the two deep, I think that would be a major win.
  16. Is it though? For twenty years it’s been Nick or Urban and I’m leaving Dabo out because I do not think he’s on their level. He’d have to coach somewhere else and win. Those two no matter what are guaranteed playoffs, and they would achieve that at a lot of places. Urban at Utah, and Saban at MSU would be in the playoffs by year two. We can’t say that about anybody else.
  17. It definitely is, but more coaches need to stop going after the money and keep their happy asses where they are and develop themselves. A young guy like Chinander would benefit by remaining a DC for another 5-8 years before he thinks about becoming a HC (I am using him as an example, not that I think he is actually looking to be a HC). Master your position before you make leaps and it will make you more money in the long run. Brent Venables did it the right way.
  18. Let me tell you... lol. The truth is, a lot of coaches suck. It starts from the top. So many want to only teach scheme because they have figured out ways to get by without being fundamentally sound. Then they can just focus on recruiting and never having to care too much about who they do or do not hire as assistants. This trickles down immensely, and when you tie this in with the buddy system of college football, you get a lot of poorly coached teams. There is only one elite coach in college football and has been for two decades and that's Saban. The rest of them are position coaches and at most coordinators who are not equipped to be head coaches.
  19. Just to add, I think the main issue for this is that practice did not reveal what the coaches needed to see or know going into the game. Once they saw what the other team was doing, they did a pretty damn good job adjusting, but they need to develop and practice in a way where the truth reveals itself well before Dublin. We can't waste a half figuring who the starting Wr's, Rb's, or OT's are.
  20. Man even when Nebraska is down, they still find a way to prove they can recruit. It has to frustrate the BIG West.
  21. I would love the hire of Mark Whipple though.
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