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  1. wow. is it going to be another long day for the defense?
  2. So let me get this straight. i am in Denial, have a Mental Illness, Lack true Husker born and bred passion, or my priorities are out of whack if i don't punch holes in the wall or the nearest bystander if the huskers lose? hell...take away my husker club membership if that is what it takes to be a husker fan. guess i've spent 50 years cheering for the wrong team by your standards.
  3. and there it is! How original... sorry. didnt realize you were serious. guess i should go eat a bullet since the huskers lost.
  4. hopefully you are as good on offense as you looked tonight. i really don't want to believe our defense is THAT bad. lol
  5. not so sure about that. UCLA looks to actually be that good.
  6. got to give ucla credit. they came out ready to play and are not going to let up
  7. i thought nebraska was suppose to have some speed. ucla looks to have a much faster team than we do.
  8. do you think the Big 10 will let us oversign like alabama? that is a very big part of the Alabama prototype
  9. bang! bang! bang! bang! those shoes needed to be shot full of holes.
  10. if we could just stop shooting ourselfs in the foot we could actually win this game. but with the mistakes continuing to pile up i am sure that nebraska has no real chance to win this game.
  11. i think ohio state would disagree with you
  12. Why is that funny? Do know him or something? Here's his site http://jakebogus.com/ i saw "Bogus" and i figured it was a joke.
  13. lol...did anyone see who wrote the story? Story by Jake Bogus
  14. at least your team played a good game....wish we had played half as well as your guys did.
  15. no matter the situation...there is no way our reserves are going to get any playtime.
  16. time to throw in the reserves...they can't possibly play any worse than the starters are.
  17. looks like no emotion in the huskers today. last week must have been more draining than we thought it would be.
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