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  1. Really like this kid. Kinda looks like Russel Wilson. If he was 2 inches taller the offers would be bigger. Keep mining that Kansas talent.
  2. 3 years eligibility! Is he a 2014 recruit or a 2015 3 to play 2 guy?
  3. 10 and 8 could get into the dance. 8 and 10 probably gets into NIT, which would be a good season.
  4. Here on HB we get all excited about almost anyone NU is recruiting, and just glow about the potential in a recruit like A.J. Bush when this recruit is not highly rated by any of the 4 services. This is seeing these recruits through the rose colored glasses, which is what fans will do. I don't mean to put down any of NU's recruits, I like them all. I am a fan. It just sucks to see NU ranked 25-40 with these services. The facilities at NU would be ranked 10-15 and our recruiting classes should be better. Signing day specials on ESPN just put me in a bad mood seeing NU ranked behind MSU, Wisconsin, Oklahoma St, Baylor, UCLA, Missouri. NU should be better than them.
  5. I read in the OWH he said he would be the only RB we would take in this class. I would find it hard to believe NU is giving up on Carlos Strong this soon. Carlos...hmmmmm Calvin Strong. That was bad, minus 1.
  6. Is anyone else disappointed with a ESPN rated 40 class with 23 commits?
  7. Am I crazy or should the count on JR be 20 not 19? If that's the case and mcclain being gone puts this yrs class at 22 plus 2 JUCO's that is 85 on the nose. Does it leave anymore room to take a bigger class next year? 13 is the number now, let's assume 2 from the class don't make it, that makes 15 and some attrition next year (as always happens at every school), I can't see next yr being bigger than 17 or so, think that's about right? I would expect Alex Lewis to be on scholarship.
  8. I read in the OWH he said he would be the only RB we would take in this class. I would find it hard to believe NU is giving up on Carlos Strong this soon.
  9. Sounds like, in time, we could use him similar to RG44. http://nebraska.riva...asp?CID=1602660 I read this in the paper and it got me thinking this kid could be more of an OLB in base coverage and move to DE in a nickel or dime set.
  10. Really? I'd be ok with Kansas, but if your last 4 additions to a conference are Maryland, Rutgers, Kansas, and Virgina then you failed.... OU has to be a target for the B1G. Even if the likelihood of them coming isn't high....Why not Tennessee? UVA, MD, RU, GT, BC doesn't do anything for me, or the B1G conference..... If Delany's plan is to continue to water down the conference then just leave it at 14. Just thinking about the additions of Maryland, and Rutgers makes me a little sick to my stomach.... Tennessee doesn't fit the Academic profile of the Big Ten. Then there is a the fact that they are a struggling former power in a mediocre recruiting state. Right now they are 4th most powerful program in their own DIVISION not conference. They are also an original member of the SEC and will never leave their rivals Georgia,Florida and Alabama. OU would be in the Big Ten already if not for Okie Lite, probably. I hesitate to say that is possible with what people have said about the OK politics and T Boone. Adding UVA and KU would keep us from realigning divisions AGAIN and would bring in GREAT recruiting base in Virginia along with an old Nebraska friend to West that would feel like natural rivals with Iowa, Minnesota and Illinois. UVA recruits better than almost every Big Ten team already so the potential is there.They are easy to hate with their elitist fanbase and the area brings the Big Ten influence in the South while keeping it a cohesive group. Kansas brings great bball, good tv market and natural rivalries like mentioned. UVA would also have natural rivalries in UMD and PSU(longtime foes) If we can't get into Florida(FSU),Texas(UT) or Georgia(GIT) for recruiting then I think Illinois, Ohio, Pennsylvania,Maryland,Virginia, New Jersey along with some top players in m1ch1g@n and Indiana is a good recruiting base. If your argument for expansion is to expand the recruiting base, then it is an argument to expand for expansion. It would be hard to bring in 2 schools from different conferences unless the GOR's would expire in the same year. Conference realingment would consist of Indiana or Purdue moving to a different division. Don't think it will make much of a fuss. We have enough half-full football stadiums in the B1G currently thanks to the Rutgers Maryland additions. I would only be in favor of KU if it brought OU.
  11. Wouldnt Dickerson be in the 2014 class? Meaning he will sign somewhere in 2014 and probably be on a roster somewhere for the 2014-2015 season.
  12. I expect to see Johnny Stanton at some point in the season. TA seems injury prone.
  13. BIG12's GOR run until 2025 and ACC's GOR run until 2026. We have a long time to discuss this topic unless a UConn, Memphis combo is too much to pass up. UConn would make the B1G a Bristol darling so there's that.
  14. In terms of Kansas, their football stadium has a track around it. Football does not have much support. I listen to a bit of KC sports talk radio and KU basketball dominates the KC market. The radio shows consider KU basketball to be KC's NBA team, and KU has no academic issues. Oklahoma has the national football brand that the B1G needs in the next round of expansion, academics asside. I think the BIG12's GOR run until 2018, about 2 years before the ACC's. I could be wrong about that. Those are the 2 I would next on the radar.
  15. Wouldn't suprise me if this guy dosen't get to campus in Manhattan either.
  16. Being a DC would give him the ability to organize the special teams. Does he have any experience as a special teams cordinator? I realize that is often an unofficial title.
  17. I get frustrated with being a year away. I see a young team that is going to get better. Pettaway has been great. Webster has been awafull, but seems to be improving. Biggs has been good and deserves more minnutes. Smith has been good. Pitchford has not impressed me. Gallegos is what he is. Shields could be more consistent, and to a lesser extent is what he is. A young, inexperienced team with greater talent than NU has had it quite a while. Struggling to find a way to finish games.
  18. This is a bit hyperbolic don't you think? Scrapped the whole thing? Pretty sure I saw quick WR flat bubble routes with Taylor and Tommy/Ronnie. Pretty sure I saw a lot of zone read with Taylor and Tommy/Ronnie. Pretty sure I saw a good amount of option with Taylor and Tommy/Ronnie. Pretty sure I saw heavy use of play action off the zone read with Taylor and Tommy/Ronnie. Pretty sure I saw plenty of stretch handoffs, pistol iso's and power sweeps to Ameer with Taylor and Tommy/Ronnie. Pretty sure I saw diamond formation in the same down and distance situations with Taylor and Tommy/Ronnie. But yeah. He scrapped the whole thing. speed it up, yeah he scrapped it. That's Oregon spread-spead. Moved to spread-power with TA and RKIII. Beck needs to have a system and when the QB gets hurt the system isnt scrapped. To a further point the offensive system is reliant on what the defensive system will be, The O must practice against a practice D, and that D will become a spread D if practicing vs a spread O.
  19. Messageboards were made to create messageboard fodder. If there were no messageboards there would be no messageboard fodder. I want to see our o huddle. Is that messageboard fodder which creates a straw man? I can fit a lot of teams into a category that describes their offense. Alabama is pro, MSU is pro, OSU is power-spread, Oregon is speed-spread, NU is speed-spread until the QB gets hurt then they become power-spread and the change seems like a problem to me. It seems to me Beck got all excited after visiting with Oregon and decided that TM could do it, then spent 2 years working on that style of offense, and as soon as TM got hurt scrapped the whole thing. That is not having a style of offense, that is not having a system.
  20. Tell me how it is a direct competitor when the BTN gets the stupid leftovers that no one wants to watch? Indiana vs Purdue etc... ESPN can laugh at BTN. Espn has a direct competitor in Fox Sports but not a regional network like BTN. Fox Sports currently has 2nd tier Big12 and 2nd teir PAC12 rights as its most valuable football assets. BTN currently has 3rd teir B1G rights as its most valuable assets. So to this day you have a point. If BTN in the future chose to retain it's 2nd teir rights and make it further expand BTN coverage making this move profitable it would change the value of every conferences 2nd teir rights. ESPN no want this.
  21. I find it interesting that this is coming from national media vs local media. A lot of people on this board like to bash Dirk and the local media who speculate on Bo's job. This little jab comes from the national media.
  22. After making a wild acusation, I did research. 230 at USU and 236 in Omaha. I am sure no one has done steroids at OSU, ever.
  23. No. I did spend about 5 minutes trying to figure out what working out had to do with a wireless connection I'm not a know it all, I just dislike when people see someone with muscles and instantly equates it to steroids. Mostly because of the amount of dedication I put in the gym, I don't want people to think I took an "easy" way out. Clarett as an Omaha Nighthawk didn't look like the same guy physically as he did at OSU. Roids? I don't know, but feel it is a fair question to ask.
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