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  1. yes it did back in the Doc era and then a season or two into the Miles era. They used to never get it when Doc was coaching and the when Miles came in, they always got it. Then Runza quit doing it by points. So do you not need a ticket this year for the 75+ points? There’s nothing on the back of mine.
  2. Couldn’t the P5 just dump the NCAA and form their own governing body?
  3. Need to add a little John Tesh - Roundball Rock to that playlist.
  4. How do they determine the home team for this? Seems like we’ve been the away team three or four years in a row.
  5. this place has more ads than a porn website...
  6. I didn’t think two way contracts counted towards the 15 man roster.
  7. About time. Now they need to move the varsity high school basketball three point line to where the old college three point line was.
  8. Not a fan of the huskers script. Voted for 4. Didn’t particularly like any of them though.
  9. 4 seed against Butler with Creighton a 2 seed? Barf... At least a home game this year. I’ll take it
  10. I know those Minnesota/Maryland losses... gut feeling on where we end up in the NIT? Really hoping for a two seed and at least one possibly two home games. But thinking we end up a 4/5 seed.
  11. I can’t believe this statement even needed to be made
  12. Is there a precedence for this? As a season ticket holder Id just like to see these guys continue to play in any capacity regardless of the coach.
  13. Peace and love, peace and love but this whole thread was a waste of time
  14. Say what you want about Thor’s and truebloods althetiscm but their basketball iqs are high! Congrats boys!!!
  15. Why can’t we vote on who we think is going to win and by how much anymore? That’s the only reason why I created this god forsaken account. That and for posts that are so benine nobody responds to them.
  16. I always thought it was moot. But then again I’m always trying to stay out of arms way or lend someone my hear.
  17. The devil you know is always better...
  18. Thought I read somewhere he had an offer from McNeese State...
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