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  1. Dang, Severe's show on the OWH is coming to an end.  I"m not surprised, given some cryptic tweets he has sent out recently, but I have enjoyed listening to him.  It sucks the show won't be around for football season.

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    2. Cdog923


      I don't doubt that Benning is a good dude, he can just get on the nerves from time to time, especially when he doesn't have someone to help ferry him through a conversation. I kind of feel like he's going to have to be the traffic cop on his new show. 

    3. Minnesota_husker


      @ColoradoHusk Up here in MN, they have 1 show that talks a lot of sports. The morning show does some sports but they are across the board it has made them VERY successful. I found myself getting fairly bored at times with 1620 because the same 4 stories are talked about by all the shows. I get Husker football has to be the driving factor but I think a good mix of shows helps break it up. Have one show that is heavy sports/heavy guests. One show that is more goofy(think Schick and Nick) and one that maybe goes more serious topics(cant get too political). KFAN up here in MN does that and they have some of the most successful shows in every timeslot.

      1620 was at its beak when it had schick/nick and Kugler/Severe. They were very different shows in some aspects but were able to capture their audience. 

    4. B.B. Hemingway

      B.B. Hemingway

      @Minnesota_husker @ColoradoHusk


      Being different is exactly what I appreciate about Josh/John compared to the other two. There show is much more wide ranging, and as I said earlier, though he's not my favorite kind of host, Josh is very good.

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