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  1. Not quite two weeks in, so maybe it improves, but this Severe/Benning combo is pretty terrible.

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    2. teachercd


      I have only heard 6-7 so far and it is sort of blah.

    3. Decoy73


      I agree from 6-7 they are babbling too much about a bunch of random crap.  This move by KOZN was sort of a head-scratcher to me.  They kept advertising Sharp and Benning as one of the top 25 sports talk shows in the nation so why in the hell would you change up something that's working?  Is T. Beck now running KOZN?   I was a big fan off S&B, but I too have been a little disappointed with the new arrangement.  I'll give it more time though.

    4. Enhance


      @Decoy73 hits the nail on the head. The problem they're having right now is the same problem I had with the first iteration of the show, except now they've discovered a different combination of people to make it happen - they get way too off topic too often and too quickly. I understand their excitement and all of that but I believe they desperately need to improve their flow and function.


      I've been listening to a few segment podcasts. I downloaded one 11 minute segment titled something to do with Nebraska football, but when I actually listened to the segment, they maybe spent two minutes talking about that 'thing' and then the rest of it was off-topic conversation. It's like a real life conversation plinko board. I find myself just tapping the 'skip ahead 15 seconds' button waaaaaay too often in the hopes that they'll finally talk about something they're supposed to be talking about rather than what kind of food they like to serve at their house or what vehicle they drive.


      Like, I get that it's radio and I also think it needs to be a bit loose. But, it's too loose right now.

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