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  1. The systemic yo-yo of Nebraska football since 2003

    While the thread is about systemic, here are a few thoughts about cyclical action that came to my mind last night: 20 years Ago: NU was in the hunt for a national title 20 years Ago: Mr. Nice announces his retirement - Tom announces hs retirement after 25 years in Nov 1997 20 years Ago: A brash talking QB, name Scott Frost gives a passionate speech as to why NU should be #1 10 years ago - OSU trounced NU on I believe the same weekend. Ok State that is 10 years ago - the AD was fired and Tom was hired 10 years Ago: AD Tom hired someone previously associated with the program - Bo This year: OSU trounced NU - Ohio State that is This year: Ad was fired and the new AD hired This year: Mr Nice appears to be on the road to retire or be fired in Nov of 2017- Mike Riley This year: The brash QB of 1997, now HC Scott Frost, could get his team into the NC college playoffs if all goes right This Year: Will the new AD hire someone once associated wt the program - Scott Frost
  2. CFB Week 8 Bold Predictions Thread!

    The gold heavenly chariot comes out of the sky. Picks up SF after his team hangs 50 on Navy in a 17 point win. The heavenly chariot had a GBR license plate and a HuskerPower bumper sticker (God is a Husker fan you know- as one of His traits is being 'long suffering"). The GPS in the chariot had Lincoln, Ne as its destination. After NU starters lose the bye week scrimmage to Lincoln East HS, HC MR announces that he will retire at the end of the season Other news: Bill Synder announces he will retire after the season after his MildCats get trounced by OU. Immediate speculation was that Brent Venables from Clemson would return to his old college school and become KSU's next coach. MSU, HC Dan Mullen, rumored to be a favorite of some NU fans, is placed on the official hot seat. Mullen fires his DC after another blowout loss.
  3. ** Scott Frost megathread all things SF***

    ^^ appears Frost has a good staff. Perhaps he can repeat what Tom did - keep assistants for many, many years. That longivity helps to develop players and brings consistency that our team needs. MR has canned a DC and 3 assistant coaches after 2 years. That is a prescription for failure- as we are seeing this year
  4. A man you can bait with a Tweet

    http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4991292/Trump-slammed-insensitive-phone-call-Niger-widow.html Story regarding what Trump said to the wife of the soldier killed in Niger. If this is true (several people in the car say so), it is 'deplorable'. The guy needs to have his head examined. If he stated "he knew what he was signing up for... but it still hurts". It shows me that he is deflecting blame from him and his administration back to the soldier - when there may not have been a reason to blame anyone at all. But his statement is clearly a 'blame diversion' statement. We cannot tarnish the image of dear leader.
  5. Wow, thanks for the trip down memory lane ... I think. I do remember reading that post. It has turned out to be prophetic.
  6. LOL yes - it needed that strategic correction. Because there is no glory in what is happening now
  7. Realistic Coaching Hires with the AD

    Yes, Bo's D was stocked full of good players. Wasn't one of the Ruud brothers on the D also?
  8. As I posted in another thread, I thought Diaco would bring several aggressive blitz packages when I heard that the line was to just 'take up space'. I thought it would be like the way Bo had the D play when he was our DC under Frank - blitz from every angle. Either we don't have the players for the blitz package or the Diaco D scheme is as anemic and misguided as it appears. And can you imagine telling top DE and DT recruits - come to NU where you will just take up space while everyone else gets the glory and have fun. Playing tag with OL and never getting to the QB makes for a dull existence.
  9. Realistic Coaching Hires with the AD

    Yes, I when I heard that concept - I expect much more in blitz packages involving our linebackers or corners or a safety. I remember Bo's year as our DC and he had D Williams constantly blitzing from outside linebacker spot. He was hard to stop. Unfortunately we don't have a LB wt that speed and ability now.
  10. Realistic Coaching Hires with the AD

    I wonder if Parella would be held over by the new HC if that is SF or will he take the blame wt the DC for our poor D. It seems like he got the line fired up and improved but it is kind of to tell overall due to the D line play getting mired in the overall D play. Pass rush hasn't been what I expected but I expected the 3-4 to be more of the attacking version (which I believe SF's DC runs). So the lack of pass rush may be tied to the overall bend and break (yes I said break intentionally) scheme.
  11. Realistic Coaching Hires with the AD

    Our ROI on our DC would put us in Chapter 11 - or should I say Chapter 7 But to your point, our DC had a reputation built on one primary year at ND - which was also built around one great linebacker - kind of how our 2009 D was built on and succeed with SUH.
  12. What other fan-bases are saying about Nebraska

    One good coach hire can make the difference. We've had poor HC - time to put out the money and make this one right.
  13. The systemic yo-yo of Nebraska football since 2003

    I would say Bohl has learned a lot and proved a lot since those days.