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  1. He made one thug legitimate a month ago - he'll do the same wt Putin. There is no good reason for him to meet wt Putin. It only gives Putin a bigger stage.
  2. Putin likes me. Of course, not only childish, but also cowardly as though it is an honor to be liked by a thug like Putin. Of course, Trump is a wantabe thug so he bows down to Putin and desires his approval. I thinking the noose has gotten a bit tighter. And if Cohen spills the beans - lookout this could cascade fairly quickly.
  3. It is an act of war. Not all war is on the battle field. Some strategically is played out by weakening the target country from within. This was an attack on our political system clearly and its affect, by electing Trump - apparently their puppet on a string, divide us internally, weaken our standing in the world, and increase the prestige of Russia and Putin - all of which have been accomplished.
  4. Best College Sports Programs

    Nothing a NC can't cure. I'm sure Mr Moos is looking at those #s and see a great opportunity to move up the ladder. It is up to him to make the right hires and he started well wt SF.
  5. Stormy Daniels vs. The Donald

    ^^^ Yes it was a set up, intimidation play for sure
  6. Both Sides

    I thought this thread was about a Joni Mitchell song. I guess I was wrong. The list shows are far apart the country is politically-- funny thing is - I found myself agreeing wt the Dem vote more times than not when I survey the issues being voted on. That wasn't true of me 3 years ago.
  7. Trump's America

    I'm reading a book about General/President Grant - and yes he proved he deserves to be on that car instead of Gen Lee.
  8. Trump's America

    So now Trump wants to change the design of Air Force 1 to project a more "American look". Seems to me that after 55 years the plane is pretty iconic and is already a bold symbol of America. Oh, and he wants a more comfortable bed too. Just some more narcissistic babble from the president. https://www.axios.com/donald-trump-new-air-force-one-paint-job-b3ff40b3-f8da-448e-9023-a1ea73067488.html
  9. Trump Foreign Policy

    Trump disagrees with the old uncle label: https://www.axios.com/donald-trump-nato-emergency-meeting-germany-merkel-a7d9d532-4458-457a-9a7e-1419476d1151.html
  10. Trump-endorsed news sources

    The cry of 'fake news' is rising world wide per this article. Trump has led the charge for obvious partisan reasons but he is not alone. I think the statement in bold is important describing the current age as a 'post-truth era - an age without a shared reality'. If that be the case, how can we communicate effectively, evaluate 'truth statements', understand evidences, and investigate crime - like maybe collusion or obstruction. https://www.afp.com/en/news/23/online-battle-truth-doc-17h6381
  11. Trump Foreign Policy

    This is a pretty 'damming article'. The evidence 'is hiding in plain sight'. Sometimes the answer is the obvious that we refuse to believe because it is totally set against our expectations, experience, or imagination. Flying airplanes into the Twin Towers was a shock primarily because it was outside the whelm of what we thought humans would consider or imagine in a way of terror. A car bomb -yes. We understood that as an act of terrorism and a possible on going activity of a terror group. In the same way, we would never in our imagination believe a presidential candidate to be so thoroughly compromised that he could and would become the Manchurian President. If this article is proves to be true, that is exactly what has happened. There are too many 'coincidences' for this to be a wild conspiracy theory. Trump's own actions in office and even actions today alone give this article strong credibility. Time will tell. I'm book marking this article and see where we are in 2 years. In the meantime, I hope Mueller has body guards. Who knows what Trump's friends may do to keep him in power. This is a very long article but worth the read. Below are just a few quotes of interest: From your posted article comes this section: The event this quote speak of is from 1987 - yet it sounds like literally today- Trump at NATO. It sure seems like he is the Manchurian candidate (President) doing the Russian bidding of driving a wedge between the USA and its allies. This section is particularly damming and increases the likelihood that Trump is a puppet on a string. His actions in office makes sense if this is true: Republican party isn't innocent either. More interested in winning than cooperation wt Obama against Russian hacking. The bold below is particularly enlightening and alarming.
  12. Smart move on their part - no playing time but they still get school paid for.
  13. Trump Foreign Policy

    Maybe you're on to something Kemosabe