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  1. TGHusker

    *** Official Michigan Game Thread ***

    I left the Okla Cornhusker Club at half time to do something more productive. I couldn't take it anymore. Patience - we need a lot of patience. So much for my preseason idea that this group could be coached up.
  2. TGHusker

    Trump Domestic Policy - Budgets, etc

    Govt efficiencies at work. Welfare of any kind (corporate or individual) - I think we often would be better off handing out the money then creating a program that is self perpetuating, ineffective, etc. The idea of just paying people a living wage makes more and more sense with information like this. I'm not advocating that (too many other issues wt it) but good grief - the things our govt does makes me wonder if there is any common sense in DC.
  3. TGHusker

    The Courts under Trump - Mega Thread

    Only when it 'suits our purposes and enhances our argument!"
  4. TGHusker

    The Courts under Trump - Mega Thread

    I agree 100% - I was clarifying my post as you sent yours. Too big of a decision to be made in the rush to get it done before the Nov elections. If they tried to pin this on someone else - how utterly despicable is that - try to ruin another man's reputation - it is just about beyond comprehension - because most of us don't think in that kind of EVIL way. That is what it is. Maybe Hillary was correct to use the word 'deplorable' after all - she just needed to narrow her focus.
  5. TGHusker

    The Courts under Trump - Mega Thread

    It falls under the "Is that all you got?" category. Personally, I don't have a horse in the race outside of justice. It has become a he said, she said and that is not getting us anywhere. Let me add: If Kav participated in a scheme to defect attention from him to some other classmate - that is an immediate dis-qualifier. This is starting to look very bad on the repubs as a whole and Grassley and Trump in particular. Trump's tweet today are beyond rationality in light of the seriousness of the situation. My hope is that Truth will prevail and justice served. How we get there? - we probably won't wt Grassley and Trump placing the process over justice.
  6. TGHusker

    Nebraska vs. Michigan ..... in 1997

    Frost should use that video in teaching his current players how to block!! Today they might call it an illegal block!
  7. TGHusker

    The Courts under Trump - Mega Thread

    In other words - how can we get rid of the polarizing 2 party system? We've de-evolved into a dysfunctional mess that cannot clean up messes like this nomination very well and where party loyalty comes before ethics, integrity, honesty, and doing what is best for the nation. Again we have 2 issues at play in this type of situation: 1. The accuser doesn't get her day in court to get a wrong corrected and 2. The judge is being tried in the court of public opinion. An honest investigation would meet both of their needs for fairness. If the judge makes it to the SC (most likely) there will always be a 'stain' on his reputation from this type of half baked confirmation hearing. Shame on Feinstein for holding the info back until this late hour and shame on Grassley for ignoring it. If I were the judge, I'd prefer that my name be cleared rather than rushing the nomination. (Unless I know I was guilty as charged)
  8. TGHusker

    Nebraska vs. Michigan ..... in 1997

    Winners find a way to win. How many of us were frustrated with Bama's out of the blue winning TD pass in last year's championship game? I would bet most of us were pulling for the "anyone but Bama' team which happened to be Georgia. Back in 97, we were the Bama (or should I say, Bama became the new Nebraska) and if Tom had not retired, who knows how long it would have continued. But the 97 team found a way. It wasn't just the fleakicker - it was the whole last drive - I believe without timeouts wt little time on the clock. We were winners, we expected to win and we found a way. Frost's new challenge is to make this current team believers - in themselves and in winning. Once they start believing, they will start winning and winning will become not just a habit that builds confidence but an expectation despite the challenge before them.
  9. TGHusker

    Nebraska vs. Michigan ..... in 1997

    Read the article in that link. Close the book, the case is settled. NU should have been voted #1 in both polls without question. The Eye Test also needs to be stated: Watch the Big 12 championship game - We looked like the 95 Huskers in that game. Texas A&M looked like a HS and not a 20th ranked college team in comparison to NU. Take the Eye test: Bowl games - No comparison of what we did to Tenn vs their 'lucky the game stopped when it did' win over WSU. As the article noted, The Big 10 and Mich were the Media darling that year. Think of how ESPN fawns over Bama and the SEC now - there was the same bias towards the Big 10 then- esp after PSU got frozen out of sharing the NC in 94 and since Mich had no NC since 1948 - NU was having a long run and the media wanted someone new on top. The media seemed to be all too happy to drop us from # 1 to # 3 after the Missouri miracle fleakicker as we had been #1 for much of the season.
  10. TGHusker


    ^^^^^ What ?? Would you like to elaborate?
  11. TGHusker

    Michigan Week Pressers

    Coach says he won't throw any one guy under the buss when asked about what T Lindsey needs to do to improve. He won't talk about what is wrong with any individual player. Says all need to improve. I like that he isn't going to tear down a player but is pushing all to improve. Basically they fail as a team and they succeed as a team.
  12. TGHusker

    The Courts under Trump - Mega Thread

    I see that she has now deleted her post according to this article- stating that it accomplished what she desired --- and she doesn't want the continual media attention. https://www.mediaite.com/online/ford-classmate-claims-kavanaugh-incident-happened-then-deletes-facebook-post/
  13. TGHusker

    Trump - The Women Thread

    Yes it does involve him.
  14. TGHusker

    Trump - The Women Thread

    Boy this thread went down hill fast
  15. TGHusker

    The Courts under Trump - Mega Thread

    I haven't seen any thing substantial on it at all in regards to follow up interviews, etc. My first thought in seeing that list was - who knows 65 women intimately enough that they would sign their name to the document? It may all be good and fine and sound. I guess he did teach - so you can know plenty of people that way. But I would be somewhat concern if he was that 'intimate' with so many women that they would risk their integrity by singing the document. (Maybe I'm being prudish here- a bit Mike Pence like) I'd like to know if a reporter has talk to the other 17 year old 'boy' who was in the room wt Kav at the time of the alleged incident? He could & should verify the story.