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  1. Can I say the whole team. Seems like the whole team (other than Brown as kicker & possibly WR) needed an upgrade. I hope the OL because it all starts there - they have to make the holes for the RBs and keep pressure away from the QB. I think we will see most visible change at LB and RB but some changes are only seen indirectly by the results of others. If the OL steps up big time, you will see it in the performance of the RBs, QBs and WR.
  2. Frost & the Auburn Bowl Game

    Confidence was high going into the game. I saw it as a good recruiting ad for NU so I was all for it. The results just made it all the more clear that we got the right coach at the right time for so many reasons. His whole staff showed what loyalty means - to players. to program and a school, and to each other. They kept their word/commitment to these players and that will pay dividends for us in recruiting battles down the road. It was a win/win for everyone except Auburn!
  3. DOJ Initial Russia Hearings

    Seriously - I got to imagine this caused the hair on the back of Trumps neck (the hairs he uses for his come over) to rise. This kind of support from these Russian individuals and companies cannot occur without the coordinated efforts of the Trump campaign in my opinion. This indictment is setting a strong foundation for collusion and conspiracy. What / who will be the next domino to fall? I wonder if Mike Flynn is spilling his guts and thus this happening today.
  4. DOJ Initial Russia Hearings

    No they aren't citizens - He had better find a way to 1. Pardon himself and family members 2. A easy way to leave office (suddenly sick??) before the impeachment hearings start 3. and then Move to Russia out of reach of Mueller's investigation
  5. DOJ Initial Russia Hearings

    Breaking news: Russians indicted in special counsel's probe for operations allegedly supporting Donald Trump in election https://www.cnbc.com/2018/02/16/russians-indicted-in-special-counsel-robert-muellers-probe.html
  6. Trump Domestic Policy - Budgets, etc

    And the rise of the gas tax will affect the poor who need to drive to work the most. I'm surprised he hasn't pushed the idea of privatizing the roads and making them all toll roads. (Opps better not give him that idea - I'm sure he reads HB )
  7. Trump Domestic Policy - Budgets, etc

    This article shows the striking contradiction that is Trump and his policies vs his rhetoric. He laments run a way spending but submits a budget that will add $8trillion to the public debt over the next 10 years. So what does he do Ad Feedback Thanks Obama indeed I suspect Trump to outspend his predecessor while blaming Obama for the need to do so. https://www.cnsnews.com/news/article/terence-p-jeffrey/trump-says-fiscal-path-unsustainable-proposes-87-trillion-new-debt
  8. DOJ Initial Russia Hearings

    We got a Trojan horse (a..) in the WH.
  9. Trump Domestic Policy - Budgets, etc

    Yes this group has drank deeply of the well of big spending and have become drunk on it giving up any pretense of being conservative.
  10. Trump Domestic Policy - Budgets, etc

    This is an amazing statement from the article 'header': This guy claims to be a conservative . All driven by Trump's budget director who 'was against the budget, before he was for the budget' as reflected in his contradictory statement in the previous post by BRB above.
  11. Trump Domestic Policy - Budgets, etc

    How stupid is that!! Then what the h... does he propose it. This admin is so full of fake conservatives starting at the top. Non-believers but deceivers. They got elected on a pretense and live out their true core values while in office and it shows everywhere. You know the Biblical parable of a House Built on Sand - it applies to this group. No core foundational principles except ones that drive power to them.
  12. Wt Scott Frost coming back home, I suspect we can rest assured that our attendance won't fall and that the sell out streak will continue for some time.
  13. Blackshirts: More than a Slogan

    More from Ralph Brown from the article above:
  14. Blackshirts: More than a Slogan

    Ralph Brown has a thing or two to say about the topic. http://www.eightlaces.com/nebraska-football-head-coach-scott-frost-checks-boxes-former-blackshirt/