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  1. That’s a characteristic I always admired about you....self control
  2. Give credit to Moos

    The moos got me loose!
  3. ** Scott Frost megathread all things SF***

    And the Best Mod of the Year Award goes to....

    I’d recruit this guy....he would have us in the playoffs by next year
  5. Kalu Appears to Spit at Fan

    Kalu is more mature than the person who taped/posted the video...noway that spit was intentional...that person is just being soft
  6. Brown with another saving tackle...best tackler on the team this year
  7. RUN the fing ball...quit throwing every down. Langsdorf shouldn’t be allowed to call plays for middle school team. Idk how he has a job
  8. Choo chooo....our D gets ran over every running play
  9. The commentator just called this a “stats game” for Penn St.. (he’s right too). Oh, how the mighty have fallen.
  10. Tackling? That stuff is for the birds
  11. “Mr. Diaco, do you believe there is any possibility that you could be the reincarnation of former DC, Mr. Banker...besides the difference in overall defensive alignment, both defenses allow the DBs to play 10 yards off the ball and give up a ton of points? Maybe, you too aren’t so different as you thought.”
  12. “Why don’t you ever substitute the OL....are you literally trying to get fired because you hate Nebraska so much?”