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  1. ESPN: Can Riley Fix Nebraska?

    I understand the passion, but the hyperbole has been piled on pretty thick. Let the season play out, and things will be resolved one way or another.
  2. ESPN: Can Riley Fix Nebraska?

    I'm not out to argue with you about it. KRC either forgot or didn't realize something. Now he does. Let's move on.
  3. ESPN: Can Riley Fix Nebraska?

    Crazy talk. Haven't you heard? Two birds in the bush are worth way more than the one in your hand.
  4. ESPN: Can Riley Fix Nebraska?

    Dude... a little humility and grace would serve you well.
  5. ESPN: Can Riley Fix Nebraska?

    The solution is right in front of us - we should bring in somebody cutthroat like Trump. THEN we would know what it's like to have a winner instead of all these losers we've surrounded ourselves with since vaulted days of Osborne and his troop of golden dinosaurs. We obviously need somebody like Trump to Make Nebraska Great Again! The wins, the money, and the recruits would come pouring in, let me tell you. Nobody knows how to win like Trump. The days of crooked Eichorst would be over. We could build a wall around the endzone and make Iowa pay for it. Make Nebraska Great Again! Make Nebraska Great Again! Make Nebraska...
  6. ESPN: Can Riley Fix Nebraska?

    Bo was a cancer to the program. I'd take Riley over him any day.
  7. Mandel's Mailbag: The State Of Nebraska

    I've been in the "I want Mike Riley to succeed at Nebraska" camp, because I like how he does things. I still find myself in that camp and because of that I'd like to see this staff be given more time. However, I also want Nebraska to succeed. The question for me boils down to whether we can have both, and if not, what is the cost to each? While I desire a return to relevancy for this football program, and want this program to compete for championships, I do not want it to come at the expense of sacrificing doing things the right way.
  8. Mavric's Musings - Northern Illinois

    Thank you for doing this, Mavric. It really helps to have things analyzed this way.
  9. Forde: Hot Seats in Lincoln

    I don't remember for sure, but that '76 game was bad enough it is one of my first memories as a husker fan. Sometimes everything just works against you.
  10. Forde: Hot Seats in Lincoln

    A little bit of hyperbole there. I seem to remember a few times last year that they found ways to win games.
  11. Forde: Hot Seats in Lincoln

    But it is still the case that Tom lost to them. 8 fumbles in the '76 game of which they lost 6. Horrible day against an unranked Iowa State team. A fluke. Kindof like having 2 pick-sixes in the first quarter.
  12. Forde: Hot Seats in Lincoln

    I don't necessarily disagree with you. Last weekend was a fiasco.
  13. Forde: Hot Seats in Lincoln

    Look, I'm just sayin pump the brakes on the firing talk. Revisit it next month.