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  1. Middle sunshine = central florida. Keep up Which basically means frost isn't coming. Thanks sock, our hope is gone
  2. CB Brendan Radley-Hiles [Nebraska Commit]

    Hightower's uncle on Miami board saying Bookie isn't coming to Nebraska, just doesn't want to tell the coaches. Talks about how they were joking with him on the trip how he just needs to get it over with and tell them he's not coming.
  3. We may have our new AD...

    http://footballscoop.com/the-scoop/ Nebraska: There is chatter circulating that Nebraska has been kicking the tires on TCU AD Chris Del Conte. However, sources tell FootballScoop Del Conte is not expected to leave Fort Worth for Lincoln. We have been hearing of multiple sitting athletic directors, including in the SEC, who have signaled their interest in the position. Ole Miss AD Ross Bjork has publicly stated he is not a candidate. Will update as more is clear.
  4. Doesn't seem out of the realm of possibilities. Danny White (UCF AD) is the son of Kevin White who is currently the AD at Duke and was previously at Notre Dame. His name has been mentioned in consideration. He's made two pretty good looking hires for UCF's biggest sports (Frost - football, Johnny Dawkins - basketball)
  5. RUMOR--Trev Alberts for AD

    While this may be genuine for him to take his name out, anyone think it could be some small way to save face? Say we've contacted more qualified AD's who are actually interested and it was looking clear he would not be selected. Instead of looking like a candidate who was not the best choice, by taking his name out the decision looks like it was made by Trev.
  6. RUMOR--Trev Alberts for AD

    Very interesting that there is very little by the way of news regarding the AD hire. Being kept rather quiet
  7. Why I like Scott Frost

    Looking like Nebraska is going to have to spend a little more each time UCF plays. Scott’s price will just keep going up. We’re not getting him at a bargain
  8. MR surviving the season

    Did you hear his presser after practice this week? Guy sounds like someone taking in his last ride.
  9. Rutgers would rout Illinois
  10. MR surviving the season

    Yes, right at the start of the game. Direct quote.
  11. MR surviving the season

    I can see this administration having respect for Riley and letting him know this is his last season. Almost allowing him to enjoy every last along the way, rather than have it abruptly end and not know it was your last season coaching.
  12. Helfrich stayed that “the vibe of the coaching staff on the field before the game is not good.” In his press conference Wednesday he came off very reflective, almost like this is his last go around.
  13. MR surviving the season

    The more and more I hear it seems to me Mike Riley’s fate has already been sealed. He was very reflective in his press conference this week. Bruce Feldman talking on Fox that he’s hearing even 8-4 doesn’t save his job. Then Mark Helfrich said he was just on the field with Mike and the staff and “the vibe was not good.” All signs are pointing to a new direction next year.
  14. Why I like Scott Frost

    Oh yeah...and TO is going to be involved. He flew all the way down to Orlando to meet with UCF. He will go to bat for Frost no doubt. Almost like Bounds and Green are giving TO a do-over to make amends for how he was forced out of the AD position.
  15. Why I like Scott Frost

    The more you step back and look at this the more it looks like it’s Scott’s job if he wants it. 1.) Firing Eichorst gets any hurdles to firing Riley out of the way. If this year goes as bad as it appears Bounds and Green will be justified with their decision and it’s on its way. This decision was made because of Riley and Riley alone. 2.) Bounds and Green are being influenced by the money behind the program, and that money has a high level of support to get Scott to Lincoln. 3.) Frost started the season on many up and coming coaching lists, Bounds and Green see that if they don’t act this year Nebraska may be too late to the party. His stock will only grow as they win more games, possibly end the year in a New Years 6 as the Group of 5 rep. Hence the, “We want to get started” quote in the presser. 4.) Not by mistake that they mentioned the mid 90’s in the presser. 5.) The word compete keeps coming up. You see Scott on the sideline, that dude competes. His team follows suit. The writing is on the wall, the only thing that is left is for the season to play out like most think it will. Money would think this means that the AD is Trev. I must say I am not crazy about that hire, but it seems the only plausible way we get someone who agrees to hire Frost. Unless someone like Joe Parker tells us in the search that Frost would be on the top of his list, then you hire that guy that will also hire the football coach the administration wants. Hiring Frost is a safe way to go with big upside. If he fails, not too many fans will be upset because he is a Husker legend and that route is worth the try to many. I believe that not only Scott gets Nebraska, understands the type of players it takes to win here, and the type of program it takes to win, but he is a good football coach that would be on the radar of major Power 5 jobs in the near future.