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  1. Ranking the Alternate Unis - Finals

  2. Is it me or do they look more ripped and in shape. Man young and stoltenberg look very in shape and brown still looks like a young buck lol
  3. 2017 Friday Night Lights

    Anymore up dates?
  4. Fightin' Erstads at the Big Ten Tournament

    What inning are we in?
  5. Fightin' Erstads at the Big Ten Tournament

    What's the score?
  6. Huskers vs. Colorado State in Kearney on April 22

    What time is the open practice Friday night?
  7. ***Official Music City Bowl Game Discussion Thread***

    4/11 on third downs not going to cut it
  8. ***Official Music City Bowl Game Discussion Thread***

    Pathetic! Just Pathetic!
  9. Riley eyeing Donte Williams

    I'm so stoked about this hire. This is huge for recruiting.
  10. Riley eyeing Donte Williams

    ^ love this gif
  11. ***Official Iowa Game Discussion Thread***

    Well it's going to be a long wait for the bowl game. Riley better think long and hard about his Offense cord and defense cord and let them both go and actually get some one in that knows what they are doing. Don't get me started on special teams. That cord should of been fired mid season
  12. ***Official Iowa Game Discussion Thread***

    I finally shut it off for the first time this year. Don't need to have a heart attack yelling at the tv.
  13. ***Official Iowa Game Discussion Thread***

    HOLDING!!!!! Damn blind refs!!!! Wow!
  14. ***Official Iowa Game Discussion Thread***

    I hate playing on Fridays it's a sh**ty day to play football
  15. ***Official Iowa Game Discussion Thread***

    Wow #5 just got ran over what a dumb ass