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  1. Here's the full press release: Warren Joins Nebraska Coaching Staff Nebraska Head Coach Bo Pelini has filled the opening on his coaching staff with the hiring of Charlton Warren as the Huskers’ secondary coach. Warren joins the Nebraska staff after nine years on the defensive staff at the Air Force Academy, including the past two seasons as associate head coach and defensive coordinator. Warren was also a standout defensive back for the Falcons in the late 1990s. “Charlton Warren will be an excellent addition to our coaching staff,” Pelini said. “He is well respected in the coaching profession and he has been a part of several successful defenses at Air Force. Charlton has great energy and will be an outstanding teacher and mentor for our defensive backs. We look forward to him hitting the ground running, both in working with the young men in our program and on the recruiting trail.” Warren said he is eager to get to work at a program with a rich tradition like Nebraska. "Joining the Nebraska program is a tremendous opportunity for my family and me, and we are extremely excited to be here,” Warren said. “I want to thank all the great folks at Air Force who have helped me over the past nine seasons especially Coach Troy Calhoun. “Nebraska football has a rich tradition and history and I can't wait to have a chance to lead and work with the current group of players on this team. I am also big-time excited to hit the recruiting trail and start closing in and meeting the future players who want to join this program and do tremendous things in Lincoln. I appreciate the opportunity, and the faith Coach Pelini and his staff have shown by adding me to the staff and now it's time to get to work." Warren will inherit a Nebraska secondary that returns a pair of starters in 2014 seniors Corey Cooper at safety and Josh Mitchell at cornerback. Nebraska has a history of ranking among the nation’s top pass defenses and led the Big Ten in passing yards allowed and opponent pass completion percentage during conference games in 2013. Warren, who turns 37 on Friday, has spent the past nine seasons coaching at Air Force, working directly with the defensive backs all nine years with the Falcons. Warren has also earned a reputation as the Falcons’ top recruiter and coordinated Air Force’s recruiting efforts for six seasons from 2006 to 2011. Air Force’s secondary was a strong point for the Falcon defense during Warren’s time in Colorado Springs. The Air Force pass defense often ranked among the best in the country, helping the Falcons to six bowl games in Warren’s nine seasons as an assistant coach. In 2011, the Air Force pass defense ranked third in passing yards allowed per game at 166.8 yards per game and sixth in the country in pass efficiency defense. In 2010, the Falcon secondary was even better, ranking second nationally by allowing just 147.8 passing yards per game. The play of the defensive backfield helped Air Force to a 9-4 record, capped by a victory over Georgia Tech in the Independence Bowl. The 2009 defense also excelled against the pass under Warren’s direction, helping the team to a trip to the Armed Forces Bowl. Air Force ranked seventh nationally with 20 interceptions, helping the team lead the nation in turnover margin. The 2009 Falcons also ranked in the top 20 nationally in passing yards allowed (fifth), total defense (11th) and pass efficiency defense (17th). Warren was also a member of the Air Force staff for 2007 and 2008 trips to the Armed Forces Bowl, when the Falcons posted 9-4 and 8-5 records, respectively. Individually, several Falcon defenders excelled under Warren’s direction. Air Force produced a first-team All-Mountain West defensive back for three straight years from 2009 to 2011. In 2010, Reggie Rembert capped an outstanding career, earning first-team All-America honors from the American Football Coaches Association and third-team All-America honors from the Associated Press. Rembert was also a two-time first-team all-conference pick and was selected as the NFLPA Service Academy Player of the Year in 2010. Anthony Wright was a second-team all-conference pick in 2011 and finished his career with 12 interceptions to rank fourth in Air Force history. Chris Thomas also excelled under Warren’s coaching, earning all-conference honors three times and ranking among the school’s all-time leaders in tackles and interceptions. Warren also coached Carson Bird to first-team all-conference and All-America honors in 2007. In addition to his nine seasons of experience at Air Force, Warren was selected by the Houston Texans to participate in the NFL’s minority internship program in 2007. Warren spent time in training camp with the Texans, and took part in defensive and special teams sessions. Warren graduated from the Air Force Academy in 1999 with a bachelor’s degree in human factors engineering. He was a standout defensive back for the Falcons earning three letters. Warren won the team’s Mr. Intensity Award as a senior, and helped the program to consecutive 10-win seasons in 1997 and 1998, including a 12-1 record and outright conference title in 1998. Following his college career, Warren performed his active service as a systems acquisitions program manager at both Warner Robbins AFB in Georgia and Elgin Air Force Base in Florida. Warren earned his MBA from Georgia College and State University in 2003. An Atlanta native, Warren and his wife Jocelyn, have two daughters, Jayree and Teya, and a son, Chase. Warren Coaching Career 2014—Nebraska, Assistant Coach, Secondary 2012-13—Air Force, Associate Head Coach, Defensive Coordinator, Secondary 2008-11—Air Force, Co-Defensive Coordinator, Secondary, Recruiting Coordinator 2005-07—Air Force, Assistant Coach, Secondary, Recruiting Coordinator
  2. This thing on?

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      Hey GMoose!!! Welcome back!!! Great to see that Suh avatar again!!!

  3. It's about about time I revealed my identity to this board. I'm actually two-time Heisman Trophy winner Archie Griffin. I'm pictured here at the Horseshoe next to this handsome devil.
  4. Spoke to Charlie McBride this morning. He hadn't yet heard about the players turning down the blackshirts. He liked it a lot. He told me he likes Bo's way of making the players earn the blackshirts.

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      Ditto. I've said I'd rather see them handed out at the beginning of the season, but after last week's surprisingly suffocating performance, I'm keeping my mouth shut about it.

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      That's awesome btw, GMoose! Nice work man!

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      Count 'Bility

      Funny thing-I was just starting to flip my view on the way it was handled. Never had a problem with it, but was starting too. Then the players refuse, so obviously theyre doing the right thing.

  5. My story in for next's week's Huskers Illustrated mag is about the offense. I made it as technical as they let me, for you x's and o's people. Check it out

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      Link it, man. And keep coming back to us with these updates. You're most welcome here!

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      You're living the dream, man. Well, until you say something mildly controversial and you get a bushel of hate mail. lol

  6. Where are they now...aside from Swift, who's everyone curious about?
  7. I believe this was McKewon's story, the one with a huge spread in the OWH. My story on Josh Mitchell in this week's Huskers Illustrated mag is similar, I spoke with his father and got some really interesting details about their family and lives. I hope to do more of those. Da skers and Huskers from Kansas, those sound interesting...potential there. Thanks for the input. I didn't know so many people were interested in supplements and diet. Do others care about that stuff? Good stuff everyone, thank you! Keep em coming!
  8. Yeah I'd really like to do something like this, and I wouldn't be the first. But the availability of players is well...limited. The only people who go near the film room are athletes and coaches, unfortunately
  9. Hello again, HB. I've recently become a football beat writer for Huskers Illustrated Magazine. Since the magazine is a unique, strictly Husker platform, I feel totally comfortable using you guys as a resource to get at what fans want to know. A lot of times us media types get so consumed on what we want to know that we forget that it's you we're writing for. That said, let me hear what you want to know that you feel you don't know about already. I always want to deliver the best and most informative stories. Post or PM me with ideas and stuff you think more light should be shed on. And of course, subscribe to the magazine Check out the story in this week's issue about CB Josh Mitchell and his father, who played against UCLA and Troy Aikman the week before the Huskers did in 1988.
  10. So what's everyone's thought on USC putting players' twitter handle on their bio page?

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      Just asking for trouble.

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      USC is probably going to be able to say whatever they want and back it up this year. Still not the best idea, though. I'd put it right up there with playing russian roulette or crossing downtown streets in L.A. during rush hour.

  11. Yo Huskerboard, I'm happy to announce I've joined Huskers Illustrated Magazine to cover football in the fall!

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      So I'm expecting a free subscription for life, right?

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      So I'm expecting a free subscription for life, right?

    4. Hoosker
  12. The correlation between star rankings and st's not perfect...and you couldn't possibly expect it ever to be. There will always be outliers (props to whoever brought up the comparison between Boise St and Notre Dame). In the end I've found the best way to gauge a recruit (since I am not a scout, and aware of that) is by the schools that offer him. I'll trust the judgement of a CFB coach over a rivals scout 99 times out of 100. If these scouts were really that good, they'd be working for a football team. I think that debunks the regional bias theory a little bit. (Again. there's always outliers). The rankings have a threshold, as Nexus' number crunch show. (Kudos, HAL9000) Once more, you can't possibly ever expect it to be perfect, but it seems once you crack that average of a top-15ish class, you can totally expect to be a championship contender. Judge by the offers, not by the stars.
  13. It's even more glorious in person. However, I think Tood's beard may have been the best facial hair of the group. Very well put together. He's as smooth as you'd think from reading his posts. darkhorse is someone who's going to have to post more. Had a good time talking to him before everyone else arrived. Stop lurking! I want to read what you have to say! Crewe was as cool as I thought he'd be. Had a great time talking journalism with Enhance and GMoose. I secretly think we have a chance at getting GMoose to come back. He loves HB. Can't quit us.
  14. I wanted to post this before this board completely boycotts the media. I've been posting here for some time now, and I can say without a doubt it's been insightful, informative, fun, engaging and even humbling. Sure there's dumb posts and dumb posters, but most of this board makes a lot of good info and insight flow around Husker nation. As a few know, I'm studying to be a sportswriter at UNL and I'll be graduating into the real world of journalism in a years (god willing). As we all know, the objective of a journalist is to be objective and present the facts. And I won't lie, I was raised a Husker fan. But I've also been very competitive, and for that reason I've always been more critical and analytical. Since deciding to study sports writing, I like to think I've bolstered that, making more objective and thinking based on facts. That being the case, it could look slightly biased of me to be posting on husker fan message board, so I've got to hang it up. I will however always be lurking, so don't hate on me too much. Especially if one day I do have the privilege of covering Husker football. I want to assure you guys and girls that if I do become a writer covering the Huskers, it will always be my objective to present the facts and tell the story for what it is. I have no desire to engage in rumor-mongering and sensationalism. Good stories speak for themselves. Unfortunately they won't always be positive, but again my objective is to tell the story rather than make the story. That's my personal message to you guys, who have been awesome. Again, it's been great and I'll be watching. The next few paragraphs are my own message to you guys about the media. Pretty different topic than the first, feel free to let it go. What I want to say in parting is I (as a media member who's covered the Huskers in multiple outlets) that understand why you get angered with writers. I'm not saying change your mind, but just remember that these writers in the end are just people like you and I. They have wives and kids and personal lives. Very few writers actually hold ill will toward the Huskers. Sure Bo can be frustrating to us because he doesn't really give us much to work with, but we don't scheme about getting him fired. Just my opinion (biases as a sports writer) but someone who makes 2 million bucks (that's 40% of the athletic department's yearly budget for football) could afford to be a bit more thoughtful. The fans deserve it I think. But I don't want him fired. I think his teams have shown the capacity to do great things, they just need to put it all together at one time and fix a few things between the ears. And it's a lot more fun to cover a team that's good than a team that sucks. Believe me, I covered the Chiefs this year. Again, just hoping to personalize sports writers as people. Hopefully I'll have the chance to be the kind of writer that you guys - some of the best fans - like to read. Thanks for the memories.
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