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  1. Simple transition from eSports to RB coach, think of the hit stick possibilities.
  2. That’s not even true, he was a special teams coach for three years at Boston College.
  3. This is awesome Mav! Thank you so much for sharing. Jamin Graham is still on your list.
  4. Everybody is having a meltdown for no reason, every other team that also fired their offensive coordinator hasn’t made a hire yet either. Of course other coaches are still out recruiting for their current teams, they are doing the jobs they are under contract and paid to do.
  5. Serious question: When has he ever recruited to show he’s good at it? He’s been scouting/coaching in the NFL for 11 of the past 14 years and then was an analyst at Alabama for 2 and couldn’t recruit.
  6. missed illegal formation on Nebraska’s first TD missed offsides on Michigan interception took 2 Michigan TDs off the board overturned a fumble didn't allow Michigan to sub on TD run 21 Nebraska points came off ref errors in fairness they agreed PI call was bad…
  7. Michigan fans were convinced the refs were trying to give the game to Nebraska…
  8. I agree, that was the point. I think our defense will be fine next year and offense should be better.
  9. and they showed him clapping the next play without a call with the official looking right at him!!
  10. I literally said the same thing!!! And I was an official!!!
  11. 934 yards rushing with 16 TDs on the season thru 6 games.
  12. Over 14 minutes!?!? And he shaved and smiled, good things happening this week.
  13. This guy officiates for 27 years and gets no respect.
  14. I think that’s why the ‘post when drunk’ thread was created.
  15. 35 rushes for 358 yards and four touchdowns against a tough team this week. 651 yards on 64 rushes through 3 games.
  16. I plan on getting into Champaign around 8 and getting nice and hydrated before kickoff.
  17. Quite the Nebraska/Frost hit piece with the way the article jumps around between these allegations and the Oklahoma stuff.
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