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  1. "All their colleagues agree..." it is unfounded generalizations like that which drive me crazy. You list 5 physicians (I, unlike others, won't question the truth of that statement regarding them being physicians)...and to you that give you the unfounded confidence to say that "ALL their colleagues agree". So if I find one infectious disease expert that says masks for healthy people are not advised, you'd be proven wrong. Just one. But I have no interest in proving you or anyone else wrong. Your logic is flawed no doubt, but you have every right to your opinion. I fought to help you maintain that right. Express your opinions and wear a mask and good on you. I'll express my opinion and not wear one.
  2. You assume much, and everyone knows what assuming leads to. I understand that you have one belief, and I have another, and we both have myriads of experts that agree with each side. Live long and prosper, as I already have.
  3. Post your contact info, I'll have them contact you. Fair enough? By the way, unless you just totally read onlny one set of news sources, there are a huge number of highly respected and experienced communicative disease specialists who have also said that masks are for the sick, not the healthy and can introduce different health risks if worn by those that are healthy. But that would require open minded research on your part and would go against your view of the world. And NO, I won't post links. You have the internet, look it up.
  4. I don't come on often, so I must have missed the part where Cdog was made hallway monitor. Post your contact info and I'll have them contact you. Fair enough?
  5. My original post was directly tied to the exact topic of this thread. You chose to take it in the direction it has taken. So you stick to the topic in the future. Alright?!
  6. My brother and cousin are both physicians. They and their colleagues all advise against healthy people wearing masks. I'll go with thos I know that have zero political incentives. I'll go my way, and you can...stay out of it. :-)
  7. My brother, and cousin are both physicians and advise against wearing a mask if you are not ill. I trust them. I'll do me, you do you. OK?
  8. Fake News Fauci today said he doubted the NFL season would be able to proceed. Now, I take him with a grain of salt in terms of his accuracy. But does he really have the steam to tell the NFL they can't play? Or can he just say they shouldn't play? More closely related to something I actually care about, does his announcement today have an effect on college play? It seems like the last few weeks have been moving toward some form of college football season happening. I'm hoping for a full, no restrictions to capacity season. I'm in the 'at risk' group and would still attend every game. To me, it's all about living, not dying.
  9. I can see just letting the students and band in. The band would all be seated together as they normally are, and the students would also cluster in what ever they feel are the best seats....with 90% of the stadium remaining empty! LOL
  10. Is that the Bivens from Bell, Biv, Devoe? If so, I don't see a comeback. Haven't had a hit for years.
  11. Can we just schedule a 90,000 person protest against Purdue?
  12. Excellent explanation. Thanks! I don't watch TV except for live Husker games at a bar or somewhere, so I don't get a lot of the current trends. Way, way back in the day a friend of mine had a Sports Illustrated football game. Dice and cards with a cardboard football field, with packs representing 13 major teams from the years prior. 71 Huskers, a Notre Dame team, a Georgia team and such. You'd pick your offensive play card, then roll the dice to determine your outcome. Same for the defense. We actually had a draft of teams, then played a full schedule including season end playoffs and a championship game. Way before internet and computers. It was a great time. If I remember, Georgia had a running play that was almost unstoppable.
  13. I am 100%, completely, totally out of the loop on this.....have no idea who BigCat or Coach Duggs is, or why this set of tweets is a thing. Can someone help an old guy out and 'splain what this is all about?
  14. There was a very, very vocal mother of one of my son's classmates. She would ALWAYS be standing up yelling at the refs or coach or somebody. Every single game. Once, during a Jr High basketball game she was standing up screaming at the referee about something or other. (This is in a small town, so probably 30 people there for an afternoon basketball game). Her son (who was a pretty nice guy and very good athlete) got the out of bound pass, dribbled toward the sideline where she was seated and yelled "Mom! Sit the f! down and shut up!!!" She did. The rest of us roared with laughter.
  15. Purdue, simply because it is the first game and there is still doubt as to whether or not we actually have a season.
  16. We will never "be back", if being back means being dominant for 30+ years. The Devaney/Osborne era was a lightning in a bottle phenomenon that relied on facets of college football that are no longer unique to the Huskers. We may get better, and we may contend for and/or win championships, but we will never be "that" team again.
  17. I'm not entirely clear on the annual recruiting calendar, but would this create some issues? A decent player (not a superstar) declares for the draft. Based on that declaration an offer is made to a recruit for the same position. The player falls out of the draft and wants to come back, but we've committed a scholly to another player to fill his spot. Also, would the University have the option to say "thanks, no thank" to that undrafted player? That player would still be free to go to another school that wants him, but I think that option should be an open door for both the player and the University at that time.
  18. Nope. No season this fall. College team sports will be reduced to Football, basketball and baseball. Other sports will become extinct. The second round of COVID 19 will hit this fall. Schools will remain closed. No football will be played for 3-5 years, during which, Iowa will claim 3 championships. It is a bleak, bleak time indeed.
  19. I'm not that well versed in these matters. Does this have a negative trickle down effect on graduating high school seniors? Will scholarshipped players staying for an extra season reduce opportunities for the next class of potential recruits? Does this waiver include any changes to the scholarship number limits?
  20. I"m confused...are these the odd of the game actually happening?
  21. I'm lazy and didn't read all six pages. Is there any concern or comment regarding the OL players that get no recognition (so no $$$) yet are the ones that allow the 'stars' to be famous and recognizable?
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