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  1. The Ulty family is moving back to Lincoln this summer. What are some of the best and worst changes to have occurred in Lincoln over the past 10 years?

    1. Moiraine


      I moved away

      (that's a worst change)

    2. VectorVictor


      Funny, our family is moving to Lincoln this summer too! 


      From visiting, the Haymarket and South Lincoln have been the best change. Lots of places to eat, shop, and do stuff in. Much more so than the 90s when I was up there for school. Also, the proliferation of microbreweries in Lincoln makes for a much more lively and spread out Friday and Saturday night. The Lincoln (and Omaha) Farmers' Markets on Saturdays are hands down better than anything in North Texass. 


      Also, it's not Lincoln, but Ashland has some cool stuff and is quickly becoming the next development hotspot for folks that are okay commuting to Lincoln/Omaha. Wouldn't be shocked to see them blow up in the next 5-10 years. 


      Worst change--Dunkin' Donuts has sprouted up everywhere and is running off the mom and pop donut shops. They're like a cancer--a tasty, jelly-filled cancer.


      That, and Shakers is now demolished.   

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