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  1. Hopefully soon! But yes, not sponsored yet
  2. I can 100% confirm we have Power Lifting at the high school level in Nebraska. I would know as I'm a coach at my school
  3. Argument over. Pulled a random article from vice. End thread. Yikes
  4. Ah ok yeah were mostly on the same page haha. I just dont agree that we can have a top 10 defense with a Frost offense. I legitimately think we should be happy with a top 30 defense. I feel like if that happens were having a special season. Either way I can see your point and even argue for your main point, but just dont feel as strongly about it as you do. Your last paragraph I agree 100%. I know Chins has a uber aggressive defense but we have not seen it the last 2 years. Our D line isnt good enough (especially against wisconsin!) To only rush 3 or 4. Need exotic blitz like at UCF - but we dont see them) In fact, Frosts offense looks different too. I wonder why that is?
  5. Frost's offense is not a grind-it-out offense, so that won't happen. Although, I see him putting in more power plays so maybe he wants to have some of those aspects for the B1G which is a good idea. To your 2nd point, even with multiple first downs, this offense still isn't based on long, possession drives. Notice that whenever we want to play possession, we just sit at the line of scrimmage looking at the sideline until time winds down. When we're going at the speed he wants with the scheme down, we will more often than not be quick. This puts a lot of pressure on the defense after a couple quarters. Again, couple this with an aggressive defensive scheme we will get turnovers at the expense of yards being given up which limits the 3 and outs. Look, I know what you're saying and what you're argument is, but what I'm saying is that Frost wants an aggressive defensive scheme like Chin's and they have the chemistry for their schemes to play off each other. He won't fire Chins. Only way Chins leaves is if he takes a head coaching job which I don't see happening any time soon. Embrace the schemes and trust in Frost. You'll soon see how effective they are together. We're getting glimpses of it every now and then.
  6. Good research but you're twisting stats to back up your argument. You're basing all success based on total defense without looking at a bunch of other variables (offense, turnovers, points scored, offense, talent, etc.) Look up statistics on Time of Possession and total defense and see how they correlate - that's where Chin and Frosts' whole argument is based on. Also look up statistics on Frost's time at Oregon. With Frost calling the offense, they were like 63-2 when they scored over 30 points, hence the reason to base the success of our defense off of points scored and not total defense. Avg of 30 points scored against would be about a top 30-40 total defense. So yes, this is obviously successful. When a team ranks in the bottom half of T.O.P. they will have a average to below-average defense according to stats the majority of the time because the defense is on the field more. With Frost's offense, we will never be in the top half of teams in T.O.P. (history tells us this), couple this with the fact that this defensive scheme is not a bend-but-don't break style. It is very aggressive. It's aggressive because that leads to more turnovers to give the ball back to the offense. More aggression means more chunk plays that will be given up but that's OK given our offense. History shows these schemes are VERY successful together which is why it's unbelievable that people want to have staff changes and break up the schemes that go hand-in-hand. Frost and Chins have a chemistry that rivals any other Offensive play caller and defensive coordinator in the game today. Just because its taking longer to implement these schemes COHESIVELY does not mean we need to dismiss the history that's been built with Frost and his coaching.
  7. Agree with you that we need a few more recruiting classes to fit his scheme just a little better. We are well on our way. I wouldn't say this year was bad though regarding the defense. Chins has improved our defense quite a bit, from Diaco's final year, to last year, and then last year to this year has been steady improvement based on numbers. I'm actually quite pleased with the improvement. Wouldn't matter who we have as a defensive coordinator, a borderline top 30-40 defense is what we will always have with Frost's offense. Those that want to see Blackshirts of the past and a top 10 defense will be sorely disappointed, even once this thing gets rolling.
  8. And it's obviously always worked for us so let's keep doing it
  9. Failing to see the point in this thread other than trying to get attention. Get it from somewhere other than an online message board, this wont satisfy your needs
  10. I find it hilarious that some posters automatically dismiss martinez to ever get better and that he needs to leave or not be the starter next year. The offseason hasn't even started yet but I suppose I should trust the "eye test" of these posters over D1 football coaches
  11. Because McCaffrey isnt a good passer yet. Looks smoth because all it is is runs. Hell be really good but not yet
  12. Thank you for letting us know, I feel like my night is complete now with this information. Also I thank you for creating a whole topic dedicated to how you broke your tv. I'm not sure what this board would do if there wasn't a whole thread dedicated to you
  13. Wow unbelievable. I'm off this board for good. I literally have ads popping up in the middle of my phone screen with each page I visit on this site and NO WAY TO FING CLOSE THEM FOR 30-60 SECONDS. You really think I'm about to wait that long to read a fing forum? Who the hell is the new owner. Way to ruin a perfectly fine board that I've been apart of for 7+ years. See ya hope others follow
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