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  1. Good point. I know I would still be with him. But its true, I mean you even have people now on social media that are calling for his head I think he would get the time though. I think our admin understands its going to be a longer process. At least I hope anyway
  2. Huskr25

    Good bye Greg Bell

    You know, this season has definitely not gone the way we wanted it to - even if we did have low expectations. But we have to keep the faith with frost. One quote from an interview with Held, he says this: because they see it, and they see, I’m not playing, I’m going to play the guy that does it the right way, and you’re going to have to earn it. You’re going to hear me say it over and over again, but that’s how it’s going to be in my room. That right there is the epitome of the culture they want. This is completely opposite of Riley. They want players that will work for a spot, not feel entitled to a spot. Even players Frost recruits will transfer because of entitlement beliefs. It is what it is today. That being said, Bell flat out said in an interview that he felt he earned the # 1 spot and still didnt get purdue week. Regardless of how good some of you think he is, we just cant have that type of player on our team - its not what they want. I holeheartedly believe Frost told him this wasnt the place for him. Frost has a vision. This team isnt it. But he will get there. Have to keep the faith and believe in the coaches and vision.
  3. Huskr25

    Good bye Greg Bell

    Did you read my first post? It's because he was faced with ADVERSITY by by being DEMOTED on the depth chart this week. Held himself said he was butthurt about it. Consequently his true colors showed, showing he wasn't team oriented. Thus going against Frost's culture, thus being off the team now. Do you want a player that quits on his team because he isn't 1st string now? Think Frost wants that?
  4. Huskr25

    Good bye Greg Bell

    Great point. Almost made me change my mind
  5. Huskr25

    Good bye Greg Bell

    Yes, because he goes against the culture Frost is setting up
  6. Huskr25

    Good bye Greg Bell

    lol you act like there are dozens of transfers going on. So let's play this out: Frost comes in here and obviously needs to change the culture. People are not "team" oriented. SO, Frost needs to flip the roster around, and bring in new recruits including JUCO players in a very short amount of time in order to begin the task of flipping to the culture he wants. He does this, begins practicing and playing games and finally some of the true personalities come out in some of the players (because, you know, you're true colors show when faced with adversity - you either man the f up or you lay down) Those that have transferred AFTER being demoted on the depth chart have pussed out. You want those kids on our team when trying to change the culture? Automatically assuming the sky is falling down because Frost can't get everyone to buy in. NO COACH can get every person to buy in. Frankly, I'm happy about these transfers because it shows Frost is actually doing SOMETHING about changing our culture. Get rid of these kids that can't handle adversity and man up when they obviously need to work harder to move up the depth chart. Ridiculous that people are arguing this is a bad situation based solely on the fact he was a Frost recruit.
  7. Cant help it. Its like one of those things where you just cant look away
  8. These threads are getting annoying.
  9. Huskr25

    Scott Frost Lightning

    38 true freshmen, 12 new transfers, complete culture change. Pilsbury doughboys everywhere. Nuff said. I think his play calling was hamstrung at troy. His game plan at colorado was very good. Great play calling imo. Michigan was in our backfield literally 100% of the time. I dont care what plays you run that will make anyone look bad.
  10. Huskr25

    Where does Frost go from here

    Why in the actual F would he change his schemes after 3 games in year one with a freshman quarterback and a walk on backup with 50 players that werent on the team last year. Are you actually being serious?
  11. Huskr25

    Akron Game Weather

    See we will still play even if the green and yellow blobs are on us. Its the lightening that we cant play in. So the radar shows some pretty gross stuff but after this last bout of lightening i dont think there will be more for a little while. Itll be a pretty moist game though
  12. Huskr25

    Akron Game Weather

    Yeah this game should have been pushed back. So in the event we cant play it...which i still think we do...do we reschedule? How will that all work
  13. Huskr25

    Akron Game Weather

    Not looking good until 8, yes. After we will get it played. Keep the faith
  14. Huskr25

    Akron Game Weather

    Definitely not zero percent chance. Well start back up around 8. We'll get it played!
  15. Huskr25

    No Smoking on UNL campus

    Cant believe no one has brought this up yet, but how will this affect Frost?! I swear he has a giant hog in at practice