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  1. "It started to look a little like football out there" -Mike Riley
  2. This is also assuming that the coaching staff is going to develop these players on a "normal" timeline. Putting a lot of eggs in the Greg Austin basket
  3. Herbie87


    Hard to be overly optimistic at this point as Nebraska has beat 4 teams with a combined win total of 5 wins.
  4. I don't see any 13-0 power 5 team getting left out of the playoff. The question should be ...would a 12-1 conf champion Nebraska get in?
  5. Friday before they game you should definitely hit up Misty's in Havelock. The food is great and you will find a slightly older crowd, and if you want a place for friendly football banter this would be it. Also, the band will come through the place at (I might have times slightly wrong) 6:00pm and 8:00pm. Get there early if you want a table they will be hard to come by. Enjoy your time in Lincoln!
  6. Here I've been quietly praying for black shoes
  7. I thought he was trying to get POB injured so the next coach is limited at QB thus making a dramatic turn-around less likely
  8. Doesn't this thread pop up every Veteran's Day?
  9. It would be awesome if we could get the NU-OU game back on thanksgiving day.
  10. That spielman hit was a boy vs man situation. Then you got Nick Gates with his muffin top and noodle arms running over to tell him he's sorry
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