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  1. That's the other thing. 15 years to plan this out and we're guna be playing...drumroll.....UTEP!!!!!!! SMH
  2. Nothing is more of a joke than college football scheduling. Let me ask my 2 year old if he wants to attend Neb vs. Ok St. when hes a senior in high school. Why does college basketball put together in the offseason and football needs 15 years to prep a schedule? The Olympics dont even get that much of heads up.
  3. I would say the new decade starts when the number in the tens column rolls over.
  4. This is a good reminder because I feel like we sometimes dont realize that we aren't the only team struggling in a given season. We often say "this is so embarrassing" and stuff like that but really most opposing fans probably dont care.
  5. The Huskers will probably be good again at some point in the future. There is also a very good chance that we will all be dead when that happens. Someone on a Cubs Message board posted a topic like this in the 1920s, but didnt make it to see his team escape from the hold of father time
  6. My only question is, does The Dredge need to be capitalized?
  7. Well at least we wont see anymore tweets from him about Nebraska until we make a bowl...
  8. Was this topic created for Thurston from Pender?
  9. True, but now that I think about it theres probably some people posting on here from places not in America
  10. "It started to look a little like football out there" -Mike Riley
  11. This is also assuming that the coaching staff is going to develop these players on a "normal" timeline. Putting a lot of eggs in the Greg Austin basket
  12. Herbie87


    Hard to be overly optimistic at this point as Nebraska has beat 4 teams with a combined win total of 5 wins.
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