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  1. Compared to the rest of our schedule, how tough of an opponent do think Colorado was?

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    2. swmohusker


      1. Osu

      2. Wiscy 

      3. Iowa

      4. Mich

      5. Mich st

      6. Colorado

      7. NW 

      8. Minny

      9. Purdue 

      10. Troy

      11. Akron

      12. Illini

    3. wiuhusker


      I would argue that Colorado has the 2nd best QB we will see all season behind what Haskins has done vs. very pedestrian competition early. Team wise I would put them behind OSU, Wiscy, and Michigan for sure. After that it's most likely a toss up. 

    4. admo


      I would put Colorado tied with Northwestern, behind Wisconsin, Iowa and the Huskers in the West (alone).  If our QB doesn't go down we capitalize on the lead and finish them off with a sound victory.  They are an upcoming team, with some pretty good talent.  Overall, they are basically a 6-6 squad that now has momentum while fooling a bunch of people's opinions obviously. 


      Also, their secondary could have been picked on a lot more than it was and exposed for a few more touchdowns, but whatever.