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  1. So what was the story with all  those drones from months ago? I don’t recall/remember ever hearing  the explanation.

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    2. teachercd


      Were the drones made in China?  If so...you are not allowed to mention that!  hahaha

    3. Decoy73


      I'm betting the ones who would be giving an explanation were instructed to more or less "sweep it under the rug" and don't worry about it.  They probably need to test the new secret tech in places other than the Nevada desert.  Just my theory.  When something like that happens and gets pub for a while and then just "disappears".  It's probably in some way military related.

    4. BigRedBuster


      @Decoy73 That's my theory. And, they are probably about the only people in America to be happy to see the media start to concentrate on Corona Virus.

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