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  1. Can this stat be correct?

    Nebraska has been penalized for holding 10 times through 5 games and 341 offensive snaps. Our opponents? Exactly zero (0) holding penalties on 377 defensive snaps.


    Somebody posted this elsewhere. Unbelievable if true.

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    2. Moiraine


      @JJ Husker I wouldn't go as far as to say it's intentional. I would say there is a lot of bias involved. a) "Nebraska is bad so they need to hold" or "Nebraska is bad so that play would have gotten a lot of yards regardless" may be going through the referees' subconscious. b) There are probably more people that dislike Nebraska than dislike the other bad teams, since Nebraska was great once. If I had to guess I bet you Northwestern doesn't get called for holding as much because they're the cute underdog team. So there is more potential for subconscious bias there.

    3. BigRedBuster


      I wonder what kind of conversations go on behind the scenes with the officials when something like this comes out in the media.

    4. C N Red
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